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Lawmaker Faces Expulsion Over “Illiterate Peasant” Remark

A Colorado legislator faces a formal ethics complaint, possible suspension and expulsion over his comments opposing a bill to grant illegal immigrant farm workers—mostly Mexican— expedited federal visas. During a heated debate over the proposed law in the state House, Republican Representative Douglas Bruce said that Colorado doesn’t need “5,000…

McCain Helps Donor Get Lucrative Land Deals

Despite John McCain’s presidential campaign pledge forbidding official favors for top donors, the Arizona senator has introduced legislation and heavily intervened to acquire lucrative deals for a wealthy longtime friend who has raised a quarter of a million dollars for him so far. A major U.S. newspaper has documented in…

DOJ Official Charged In Abramoff Scandal

A high-ranking official at the Department of Justice has been charged with accepting bribes from jailed Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff, making him the second federal prosecutor involved in the biggest corruption scandal to rock Washington in modern time. As the Deputy Chief of Staff at the Justice Department’s criminal division,…

Illegal Immigration Costs U.S. Hundreds of Billions

Illegal immigration costs American taxpayers $346 billion annually and, besides the well-documented areas of education, jail and medical care, the money is being spent on manpower for overwhelmed government agencies charged with combating the crisis. A renowned economist, who has thoroughly researched the impact of illegal immigration and published

Public Corruption Higher Than Ever

The federal agency in charge of weeding out public corruption reports that incidents are on the rise, with an unprecedented surge in investigations in the last few years. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reveals that there has been an unheard of 50% increase in public corruption probes in the…

Ousted HUD Sec. Federally Investigated

A presidential cabinet member who was recently forced to resign is being federally investigated for enriching himself and his friends by giving them lucrative government contracts during his tenure as secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). President George W. Bush’s HUD secretary, Alphonso Jackson, has long been accused of…

Obama Forced To Address Terrorist Ties

Avoiding the topic like the plague for weeks, Barack Obama was finally forced to answer questions about his close ties to a domestic terrorist who planted bombs in the Capitol, Pentagon and other government buildings to protest U.S. policy. During this week’s nationally televised debate in Pennsylvania, Obama was cornered…

U.S. Diplomat Guilty Of Child Porn

A United States government diplomat who pressured foreign visa applicants to have sex with him during a South American mission has pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography in a Virginia federal court. Representing the State Department abroad, the 42-year-old diplomat (Gons Nachman) was arrested last month and charged with…

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