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Criminal Illegal Aliens Smuggled Through Airport

Proving once again that the nation’s airports are vulnerable to serious security breaches, a longtime public employee at one of the world’s busiest airports has been charged with smuggling foreigners—including previously deported aliens with criminal records—into the country by helping them out of the terminal before mandatory customs inspections. The…

Public University Prof. Guilty Of Giving China Military Secrets

A professor emeritus at a public university in Tennessee has been convicted of passing sensitive U.S. military secrets to the communist government of China through graduate research assistants and wire transmissions. A federal jury in Knoxville deliberated only six hours before convicting the veteran electrical and computer engineering professor (J.…

Atty. Gen. Mishandled Classified Terrorism Documents

Before resigning under fire last year, embattled Bush Attorney General Alberto Gonzales violated Justice Department regulations by removing classified documents from a special secure facility without proper authorization. According to the Justice Department’s inspector general Gonzalez, the nation’s top law enforcement officer for 31 months, stored the documents

State Commission Protects Illegal Immigrants

A Connecticut state agency that ensures citizens’ access to public records has ruled that its second-largest city doesn’t have to disclose information relating to controversial identification cards designed to help illegal immigrants integrate into city life. About 6,000 New Haven residents—mostly illegal immigrants—have obtained the city’s official municipal

Bribes Disguised As Campaign Contributions

A veteran public school board member in a large Texas district has been arrested and charged with accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes as part of a broader public corruption scheme that has already led to the guilty pleas of several officials. According to an eight-count federal indictment,…

Obama’s Beloved Reverend Strikes Again

The longtime Barack Obama pastor and presidential campaign advisor who blames the U.S. for causing the 2001 terrorist attacks and damns America for treating blacks less than human has made headlines again with yet another inflammatory sermon featuring a crude reference about race and sex in the White House. In…

Detroit Mayor Sues To Block His Removal

In a desperate effort to halt his inevitable removal from office, an embattled big-city mayor charged with multiple felonies has asked a judge to stop an upcoming hearing with the governor that will likely lead to his ouster. Charged with more than a dozen serious crimes, Detroit’s disgraced mayor (Kwame…

Federal Judge Indicted For Sexual Abuse

A federal judge in Texas, under investigation for inappropriate drinking and socializing with attorneys that argue before him, became the nation’s first federal judge to be indicted for sexual abuse this week. The embattled jurist, U.S. District Judge Samuel Kent, has served on the federal bench in Galveston since George…

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