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Bioterror Threat Eminent Without More Security

If urgent security measures aren’t immediately applied the U.S. will likely suffer a nuclear or biological terrorist attack because the current administration has not devoted sufficient resources to such threats. A bipartisan congressional commission created after the 2001 terrorist attacks warns that nuclear and biological terrorism threats are growing

Bush Fails To Pardon Border Agents

A rapper serving a lengthy prison sentence for smuggling cocaine, an embezzler and a tax evader are among those thankful for presidential pardons and commutations this week while a pair of U.S. Border Patrol agents spend another Thanksgiving in prison for intercepting an illegal immigrant drug smuggler.  Once again President…

Top Obama Counsel Unlawfully Blocked Judge’s Confirmation

The new director of the White House Domestic Policy Council was a top congressional aide who unlawfully obstructed a federal judge’s confirmation in order to influence a high-profile affirmative action case. Barack Obama’s pick (Melody Barnes) to head the highly influential office masterminded the scandalous scheme while she served as…

Drunk Judge Caught On Police Video

A Connecticut judge charged with drunken driving was taped in an epithet-laced rage during her arrest and authorities have refused a newspaper’s public records request of the official police video recording.  The Hartford judge, E. Curtissa Cofield, was arrested last month when her fancy imported sports car struck the patrol…

Bailed Out Banks Gave Clinton Millions

Four of the ailing financial institutions that received taxpayer bailout money—including a giant bank that got $300 billion this week—paid Bill Clinton millions of dollars to deliver his coveted speeches. A news agency reports that Hillary Clinton’s Senate financial disclosure statements reveal that Bill got $2.1 million from major banks…

Second Detroit Mayor In Trouble For Perjury

Less than a month after the notoriously corrupt mayor of Michigan’s largest city went to jail for perjury, the politician who replaced him faces the same serious charge.  New Detroit Mayor Ken Cockrel, who replaced convicted felon Kwame Kilpatrick, lied on a sworn statement that he had no unpaid campaign…

New Atty Gen. To Stop Immigration Crackdowns

Under Barack Obama’s new attorney general the Justice Department will likely halt an Arizona sheriff’s crackdown on illegal immigration by claiming it constitutes racial profiling, according to legal experts and a mayor who offers illegal aliens sanctuary. The high-profile arrests by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department were actually requested by…

Fla. Open Records Law Often Ignored

Local governments and school districts throughout a state that prides itself on having among the nation’s best open records laws often violate public requests even though its Constitution requires access with minimal restrictions. Cities, counties, school districts and sheriff departments throughout Florida regularly fail comply with the state’s renowned

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