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Convicted Texas Mayor Gets Indicted Again

A south Texas town mayor already convicted of sexual crimes against children has been arrested and charged with three additional felonies involving kids yet continues to hold his public office. The mayor of Poteet, a town of about 3,500 residents located 30 miles south of San Antonio, is actually a…

Loyal Clintonites Run Obama Economic Policy

Barack Obama’s famous change motto is tough to swallow considering his arsenal of economic policy advisers consists of Clinton Administration veterans, including a disgraced Treasury Deputy Secretary ousted for lying to Congress to cover up a record-keeping scandal. There’s a reason the Illinois senator and his one-time nemesis, the New…

Ohio Election Head Rejects Republican Ballots

The top election official in a key swing state that is sure to play a huge role in the upcoming presidential election has rejected absentee ballots for thousands of Republicans. Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, a Democrat, is hassling Republicans who want to vote for John McCain and two…

College Credits To Campaign For Obama

A taxpayer-financed university in Massachusetts was offering students college credits to work for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign before a national news organization began investigating the unethical arrangement this week. The University of Massachusetts Amherst, the flagship campus of the state’s public university system, was awarding students two college

Wall Street’s Big Bucks Influence Congress

The financial industries that will benefit from the massive bailout legislation being rushed through Congress are among the biggest campaign contributors to both political parties and lobbyists are pressing hard for favorable language in the emergency bill. Since 2002 the securities, banking and mortgage industries have contributed more than $1.1…

McCain Promises Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants

After avoiding the heated immigration issue for months, John McCain assured a Pennsylvania crowd this week that as commander in chief he will enact comprehensive immigration reform and touted his credentials as an immigrant advocate alienated from his own party for supporting the failed amnesty bill. The Republican presidential candidate…

State Legislatures Can Stop Sanctuary Cities

The attorney general in a border state invaded by illegal immigrants is investigating whether the legislature has the authority to prohibit local governments from serving as sanctuaries for undocumented persons. The answer, researched and obtained by Judicial Watch, is a resounding yes. Judicial Watch has joined forces with a pair…

Obama Gets Virginia City To Wave Election Law

Taking orders from Barack Obama’s campaign, election officials in a crucial battleground state are waving procedures for registering new voters even though doing so violates state election laws. The Democratic presidential candidate complained that college students—a demographic that he says ardently supports him—in Norfolk Virginia were discouraged from

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