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Obama Linked To Federal Corruption Trial

The upcoming federal corruption trial of presidential candidate Barack Obama’s longtime friend and financial supporter is sure to undermine the Illinois senator’s self-promoted, squeaky-clean image of exceptionally high ethical standards and claims of never being influenced by special interests. In fact, timing couldn’t be worst for the Democratic presidential

Public University Cheats For Governor’s Daughter

Officials at a major public university in the northeast actually rewrote records to award the governor’s daughter a graduate degree when in fact she never finished the courses required to obtain it. When the daughter of West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin was promoted to chief operating officer of a major…

Clinton White House “Lost” Emails Too

The vast mainstream media coverage and outrage over the Bush White House losing millions of emails implies that it’s an unprecedented Oval Office occurrence instead of an old rerun of the Clinton Administration, which “lost” its fair share of electronic mail. The president, vice president and other White House officials…

Politics Trump Justice In Texas Judge Case

Arson-related charges against a Texas Supreme Court Justice will be dropped, even though a grand jury indicted him, because the prosecutor handling the case is a friend and political ally of the indicted judge. Outraged members of the grand jury say politics have clearly trumped justice. The day after the…

Judge Cleared For Opposing Illegal Immigration

The Pennsylvania Judicial Conduct Board has dismissed an ethics complaint filed against a state court judge for publicly stating that local authorities need more power to deal with illegal immigrants. The Superior Court judge, Correale Stevens, also said that county judges should be given deportation authority. Judge Stevens made the…

Rep. Jefferson Asks Judge To Exclude Incriminating Evidence

The Louisiana congressman charged with taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes has asked a judge to suppress incriminating testimony he made to the FBI because he was not advised by agents of his right to remain silent and right to speak with an attorney. The federal agents did…

Texas Town Ordered To Allow Border Fence

A Texas town that refused to let federal workers access its land to build a congressionally approved fence along the U.S.-Mexico border was ordered by a judge to temporarily turn over the property so the Department of Homeland Security can finally begin the project. It marks the first defeat for…

Publicly Funded Programs For Illegal Immigrants Killed

Fearful of legal action from groups like Judicial Watch, lawmakers in different parts of the country have abruptly rescinded support for measures that would have benefited illegal immigrants and violated laws in the process. This week Maryland’s governor withdrew his costly plan to issue separate driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants…

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