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Clinton Ignored Warning About Hsu’s Dirty Cash

Despite being warned months ago that a shady Chinese fundraiser ran an illegal enterprise, Hillary Clinton gladly accepted his hefty donations and now federal authorities have launched an investigation into his businesses. The New York senator disregarded valuable information about Norman Hsu’s questionable business dealings and proudly crowned him a…

Democrats Charged In N.J. Corruption Ring

Nearly a dozen public officials have been arrested and federally charged in a widespread New Jersey political corruption ring featuring prominent state and city lawmakers as well as top school board officials. The accused, all Democrats, have been charged with extortion and bribery for taking hefty cash bribes to influence…

Law To Give Illegal Immigrants Government ID

A notoriously liberal California city that boasts about its illegal immigrant sanctuary status will become the nationâ??s first large municipality to document the undocumented by offering them government identification cards. San Francisco was officially proclaimed an illegal immigrant â??Sanctuary Cityâ? by its board of supervisors in 1989 and now

Homeland Security Gets Bad Progress Report

The massive federal agency created to protect the nation from another terrorist attack is poorly managed and has failed to adequately protect the U.S. border as well as remove dangerous criminal aliens from the country. On the fourth anniversary of the Department of Homeland Security, the blanket agency in charge…

Hillary Donor Flees Like “Chinagate” Culprits

Reminiscent of a decades-old Clinton fundraising scandal in which guilty parties fled U.S. justice, Hillaryâ??s shady Chinese mega donor, Norman Hsu, has jumped bail and his attorney has no idea where he is. The New York businessman made headlines last week for being a millionaire fugitive and big time Democratic…

World Bank Hides Incriminating Corruption Report

Months after its president was forced out for getting his girlfriend promotions and hefty pay raises, officials at the scandal-plagued World Bank are working to kill a scathing report on the rampant fraud in a major bank-supported health care project in India. After a thorough investigation, the World Bankâ??s Department…

State Money Goes To Political Campaign Work

Taxpayer funds have been illegally used by Democratic Pennsylvania legislators to compensate state employees for work on their political campaigns. Incumbent Democrats in Pennsylvaniaâ??s House of Representative spent nearly $2 million on hefty salary bonuses for staff members who spent most of their taxpayer-funded time working on campaigns instead of…

Federal Court Favors Illegal Immigrant Tuition Break

A federal appeals court has ruled against a group of American college students challenging a Kansas law that grants cheaper in-state tuition to illegal immigrants because they attended high school in the state. Kansas began offering lower in-state tuition to illegal immigrants in 2004 and a year later a group…

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