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No More Licenses For Illegal Aliens In Michigan

One of the few states in the nation that still grants driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants will finally stop doing so now that its attorney general reversed a policy stating that it’s unconstitutional to deny licenses to those in the country illegally. Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox wrote in a…

More Convictions In El Paso Corruption Case

Two investment bankers who were financial advisers to nearly all government agencies in a major Texas county have pleaded guilty to fraud and bribery for their role in an ongoing public corruption scheme that has already led to the convictions of several public officials. A year-long FBI investigation focusing on…

Record No. Of Immigration Laws Passed In 2007

Frustrated lawmakers in every U.S. state expressed serious concern about the lack of federal immigration enforcement and the evidence lies in the unprecedented amount of legislation—designed to curb illegal immigration–introduced in 2007. Fueling the fire is this week’s year-end projection from the United States Census Bureau that international migration

Judge Dismisses Charges For Gifts

A South Florida judge who will star in an upcoming syndicated court television show cut a deal with criminals and the prosecutor handling their cases to drop charges against those who donated Christmas gifts to her favorite charity. Miami-Dade County Judge Karen Mills Francis, well-known for becoming only the second…

Democrats’ Promise To Cut Pork Spending Fails

When Democrats took over the majority in Congress, they promised to drastically cut the amount of taxpayer dollars that annually go to pet projects in the form of earmarks yet 11,000 such allocations were attached to a pair of recently approved bills. Lawmakers from both parties managed to get millions…

Clintons Use Foundation To Violate Donation Laws

Using her husband’s foundation to avoid federal campaign finance laws, Hillary Clinton is raising huge sums for her presidential campaign from the same donors who gave the former president millions in exchange for his help in policy changes and intervention during federal probes. While foreign contributions to presidential campaigns are…

Clinton Judge Blocks Florida Voter ID Law

Just six weeks before the state’s presidential primary, a federal judge has blocked enforcement of a two-year-old Florida law that requires voters’ names to match their driver’s license or Social Security card. In blocking the law, designed to prevent election fraud, Judge Steve Mickle agreed with civil rights groups that…

Giuliani’s Ties To Jailed Felon Exposed

A jailed felon has provided boxes of incriminating evidence against Rudy Giuliani’s indicted trusted lieutenant that could also implicate the Republican presidential candidate. Guilty of organized crime securities fraud, the convict (Lawrence Ray) has given federal authorities documents, electronic mail, memos, faxes, photos and financial statements that prove

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