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U.S. City Gives Illegal Immigrants Official ID

A Connecticut city will become the first in the United States next week to offer official identification cards to illegal immigrants so that they can enjoy public services and integrate into the community. The controversial measure was overwhelmingly passed by the New Haven Board of Alderman last month and, although…

Million-Dollar Earmark To Nonexistent Organization

In yet another example of the rampant waste and abuse with Congressional earmarks, a well-known Democratic lawmaker allocated $1 million taxpayer dollars to an organization that doesn’t even exist. Even after fellow legislators questioned the money’s listed recipient, the earmark remained attached to a bill–sponsored by a separate Democratic

Middle Easterners Smuggled Into U.S. Through Mexico

Illustrating the national security threat created by failing to protect the southern border, a Mexican human smuggling operation has helped Iraqis and other Middle Eastern individuals sneak into the United States through the Rio Grande for more than a year. Based in Chaparral New Mexico, the lucrative smuggling ring initially…

N.J. Has Two Indicted State Senators

Two veteran Democrat New Jersey legislators federally charged with fraud and corruption have refused to resign from the state’s senate amid public calls to do so from their own party chairman. The two indicted lawmakers – Wayne Bryant and Sharpe James – are accused of illegally using their public office…

Senate Committee on the Judiciary Holds Hearing on Ramos and Compean Prosecution

Today, Judicial Watch attended the Senate Committee on the Judiciary “Hearing to Examine the Prosecution of Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean.” The hearing follows months of public and political outcry against the incarceration of the Border Patrol agents and refusal of the Bush Administration to issue a pardon. (Ramos and…

D.C. Day Laborer Center To Open This Month

The District of Columbia councilman who secured half a million taxpayer dollars for a day laborer center to provide illegal immigrants with employment services says a temporary center will open by the end of this month while city officials contemplate two possible sites for the permanent location. When frustrated residents…

Journalist Sacrifices Transparency in the Hunt for Ethics

In the aftermath of the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal, it seems that even media ethics have hit a new low. In a recent article in Harper’s Magazine, Washington editor Ken Silverstein went “undercover” to expose D.C. lobbying firms taking foreign clients globally known as “dictatorial regimes.” The Harper’s article

S.C. Treasurer Ravenel Indicted For Cocaine Possession

Federally indicted for cocaine possession, South Carolina’s embattled state treasurer spent most of his publicly financed time fielding requests for favors and working as campaign chair for Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani. Rather than work on his official duties, the public official (Thomas Ravenel) got paid to snort cocaine, do…

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