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N.Y. Judge Sent To Prison In Bribery Scandal

A disgraced New York Supreme Court Justice previously suspended by the state’s administrative judge was whisked away in handcuffs to serve a prison sentence for accepting bribes from a shady lawyer to fix cases in his favor. Judge Gerald Garson, whose law-breaking antics were captured on surveillance videos over five…

Connecticut Becomes Illegal Immigrant Haven

Days after Connecticut lawmakers adopted a law to give illegal immigrants reduced college tuition rates, legislators in the state’s second-largest city overwhelmingly approved official identification cards to help illegal immigrants assimilate. The New Haven board of aldermen passed a law that will allow the city to issue official identification

Hillary Co Chair Fabian Nuñez Avoids Cash Rules

A California legislator who is national co chair of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign has secretly exceeded contribution limits by having special interests – with laws before him – donate hefty sums to a ballot measure that will keep him in office longer. Assembly Speaker Fabian Nuñez, a Democrat and well-known…

William Jefferson Indicted In Bribery Scandal

The veteran Louisiana congressman caught with a $90,000 cash bribe in his freezer is finally being charged for starring in a mega corruption scandal involving a company seeking contracts in the Nigerian telecommunications market. Federal authorities have announced a massive indictment against Democrat Representative William Jefferson that details his

Military Weapons Display Stolen From U.S. Contractor

The advanced technology company that designs most of the equipment for the Department of Defense has such dismal security that petty burglars easily stole a sophisticated control display for a military helicopter weapons system. The valuable device resembles a portable video game apparatus and controls the weapons targeting for the…

Hillary Campaign Gets Influential Chicano Mayor

Hillary Clinton’s endorsement from Los Angeles’ self-proclaimed Chicano mayor officially gives her campaign the Three Musketeers of the radical Mexican La Raza movement as well as the nation’s most influential illegal immigration advocates. With two renowned and controversial pro illegal immigration figures recently named to co chair her

Illegal Immigrant Uses Fake ID To Join Police

Demonstrating a need for more efficient background checks of law enforcement officers, an illegal immigrant who used the fake identity of an American citizen has served on a major city’s police force for five years. Even scarier is that it took an anonymous tip for officials in the Milwaukee Police…

Jordanian Terrorism Suspect To Go Free

An imprisoned Middle Eastern man convicted in Jordan of plotting to bomb an American school and later ordered deported from the U.S. will instead be freed because immigration officials could not find a country that would take him. Majed Talat Hajbeh has been in prison since being arrested in an…

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