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Does Court Ruling Forbid Student Deportations?

The deportation of a high school student discovered to be in the country illegally after getting caught driving without a license has ignited accusations that the arresting officer violated a Supreme Court ruling that makes public schools safe havens for illegal aliens. The 18-year-old pregnant student at Roswell High in…

Govt. Fraud Rule Exempts Overseas Work

A much-needed plan to curb government contract fraud that annually costs U.S. taxpayers millions of dollars features a mind-boggling, multibillion-dollar loophole that exempts the companies doing the core of the work. The Bush Administration’s new rules for well-connected companies that get lucrative government contracts were inspired by rampant fraud that…

Mayor Gets Mistress Discounted City Land

The longtime mayor of New Jersey’s largest city is being federally tried this week for orchestrating a scheme in which he steered discounted city property to his young mistress who then sold the land for large profits. Newark’s 72-year-old married mayor, Sharpe James, arranged for the sale of the city-owned…

Illegal Immigrants Register U.S. Voters

Confidently asserting that they no longer need to live in the shadows, illegal immigrant students at a major public university have launched a grass-roots campaign to register voters who can speak for them at the polls since they are not eligible to cast ballots. The student group at California’s San…

What Does Obama Really Think About NAFTA?

As the federal corruption trial of Barak Obama’s good friend and top fundraiser got going this week, a national media outlet exposed a damaging government memo stating that the Democratic presidential candidate’s campaign promise to rework an international trade pact is rhetoric to appease constituents in key primary states that…

U.S. Border Region Devastated By Immigration

An in-depth assessment of the economic, political and social conditions of the 24 U.S. counties that border Mexico exposes the devastating impact that illegal immigration has had on those communities. Failed federal immigration policies have crippled their justice system, allowed a record number of deadly diseases—tuberculosis and hepatitis among

Missing Mayor Traveling With Clinton On City Hall Dime

The mayor of the nation’s second largest city has been missing in action lately, using a great deal of his taxpayer-funded time to travel around the country campaigning for Hillary Clinton accompanied by a City Hall staffer and his police security detail. Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is a national…

Clinton Opened Doors For Bribed Congressman

The Louisiana congressman indicted for accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes to broker telecommunications deals in Africa made his initial connections during an African trip with then President Bill Clinton aboard Air Force One. Representative William Jefferson was charged last year with bribery, racketeering, money laundering and

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