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Clinton Replaces Latina Queen With Cover-up Queen

Hillary Clinton’s frazzled presidential campaign has replaced its manager, a self-described “Latina Queen” and renowned open-borders activist, with a loyal confidant who covered up a suspicious death and orchestrated a fundraising scandal during the Clinton White House years. Jolted by unexpected losses in key primary states, the New York senator…

Convicted Official Stripped Of State Pension

Corrupt politicians who collect their taxpayer-financed pensions should take note of a convicted elected official recently stripped of his hefty state pension for breaching the public’s trust. Florida officials have decided that Broward County’s imprisoned sheriff, once a rising star in the state’s Democratic Party, should be deprived of his…

Arizona Immigration Law Wins Court Battle

In a much-needed victory for immigration enforcement, a federal judge has upheld a landmark Arizona law that severely punishes businesses caught hiring illegal aliens. Violators will face stiff fines and license revocation under the controversial measure, which was enacted by the state legislature last year and approved by Democrat Governor…

Bill’s Lincoln Bedroom Guests Keep Giving To Hillary

Indicating what lies ahead if another Clinton occupies the White House, many of Hillary’s big donors participated in the 1990s fundraising scandal in which her husband sold Lincoln Bedroom sleepovers and other White House perks for millions of dollars. The unprecedented White House-for-cash stays were part of Bill Clinton’s brilliant…

Serious Backslide In National Security

Nearly seven years after the worst terrorist attacks in U.S. history, national security is unbelievably lax and the evidence lies in crucial areas such as weak border controls and the risk of chemical bombs. The alarming assessment was made this week by none other than Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff,…

More Desperate Tactics From Rep. Jefferson

A federal judge has rejected yet another desperate defense argument from a corrupt lawmaker who claims that his multiple-count bribery indictment unconstitutionally infringed on his privileges as a congressman. Louisiana Democrat William Jefferson, appropriately nicknamed “Dollar Bill” for stashing a $90,000 cash bribe in his freezer, has turned to

U.S. Taxpayers Fund Immigrant Assimilation Program

The United States government has launched a massive assimilation campaign for immigrants—legal and illegal—that offers all “newcomers” a variety of free programs financed by American taxpayers. Initiated in 2006 by the Bush Administration, the costly federal immigrant assimilation program continues to expand, offering free English classes and a new

Americans Kidnapped In Mexican Border Towns

Violent Mexican kidnapping operations that federal agents say are similar to terrorist cells are targeting a growing number of United States citizens visiting towns popular among residents of border states such as California. The sophisticated cells are well-financed and organized, with a boss and clear divisions of labor. Usually one…

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