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Democrats To Block Federal Election Commission Nominee

Top Democrats have threatened to block an election commission (FEC) nominee because they claim minorities were hurt by legislation he endorsed to combat voter fraud as a Justice Department attorney. Leading the chorus of opposition is California Senator Dianne Feinstein, the Rules Committee Chairwoman, who says it’s a “real problem”…

Immigrant Security Check Backlog Threatens Nation

Mismanagement and poor coordination between two U.S. government agencies has led to a major backlog of immigrant background security checks that poses a tremendous threat to the country’s safety. The agency in charge of conducting the security checks of residents living in the U.S. and seeking citizenship, the Federal Bureau…

D.C. Day Laborer Crisis Out Of Control

Months after half a million taxpayer dollars were earmarked for a District of Columbia day laborer center, frustrated residents complain that the unruly illegal immigrants continue littering their neighborhoods, urinating on walls and sleeping under their porches. The day laborer situation spiraled out of control last year in the northeast…

Another Nuclear Lab Security Breach

The U.S. government’s failure to adequately protect a major nuclear weapons laboratory with a long history of serious security breaches has led to yet another major violation in which highly classified information was compromised. Located in northern New Mexico, the Los Alamos National Laboratory has been plagued by an array…

Clintons Go From Rags To Riches

Thanks in part to her husband’s $10 million speech income Hillary Clinton’s latest Congressional disclosure report illustrates an astonishing financial transformation since the couple left the White House in 2001 burdened with millions of dollars in legal fees. The disclosures (posted on Judicial Watch’s website) reveal how the former

Public Corruption Scandal In El Paso County

A federal investigation into widespread public corruption in a Texas county has implicated numerous elected officials and led to the bribery conviction of a senior judge’s chief of staff as well as charges of manipulating the judicial system. El Paso County operations have recently been shaken up by federal searches…

Bribed Congressman’s Supporters Denounce Indictment

The New Orleans, Louisiana, chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) has denounced the recent bribery indictment of corrupt Louisiana Congressmen William Jefferson as the work of a Republican White House and Justice Department scheming to target black Democratic leaders. The veteran lawmaker, who was…

Airport Security Lapses On The Rise

Although the federal agency responsible for protecting the nation’s transportation system recently announced a much-needed plan to screen airport workers and vendors, the security threat lingers because most still go unchecked. An array of serious airport security lapses finally pushed the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the 43,000-member

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