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Judge Saves Corrupt Govt. Contractor

A federal judge’s decision to overturn a jury verdict against a military contractor that defrauded the U.S. Government out of millions of dollars is enraging, especially since the judge acknowledged ample evidence that the contractor submitted false and fraudulently inflated invoices. The Fairfax Virginia-based military contractor, Custer Battles, had

Former Alabama Governor Denied Acquittal in Corruption Case

Former Alabama governor, Don Siegelman, was recently found guilty in a wide-spread scandal. According to the Associated Press, “Siegelman was convicted of seven counts, which included charges of bribery, mail fraud, conspiracy, and obstruction of justice.” His defense filed a motion for acquittal but on August 18, courts denied the…

Small Southern Town Corruption

Scandal and public corruption have hit a quiet Alabama city best known for a national park with a legendary waterfall that overlooks a scenic mountain and lush ravine. After a lengthy federal investigation, two Gadsden councilmen and a political consultant have pleaded guilty to corruption charges in a bribery scheme…

Selling Out National Security?

Will President George W. Bush compromise national security by caving into pressure from the nation’s largest travel industry association, which is urging him to further delay a crucial law created to strengthen border security after the 2001 terrorist attacks? The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, which requires all travelers within the…

Texas FBI Head Convicted

The former chief of the FBI in El Paso Texas has been convicted in federal court for lying to investigators about his tight relationship with a Mexican racetrack owner who trafficked drugs and laundered money. It turns out that when Hardrick Crawford headed the El Paso FBI, he was quite…

Felon Officials Claim Dad Defense

Two longtime councilmen of a Southern California city charged with various felonies-including perjury and extortion-claim they committed the crimes because they wanted to be good fathers. Both men, one of them the city’s former mayor, are accused of violating numerous laws and ethic standards by voting for legislation that financially…

Forbes Flip Flops on Chinese Businessman Li Ka Shing

What a difference 7 years make… Steve Forbes, December 21, 1999, as quoted in “Clearly, President Clinton and Vice President Gore are not telling the American people the truth about their relationship with Communist China,” stressed Republican presidential candidate Steve Forbes, in an exclusive interview with WorldNetDaily.

Immigration Court Battles Begin

Fed up with the enormous burden of illegal immigration, cities nationwide have created legislation in an effort to curb it and now they face costly litigation battles with so-called civil rights groups that are challenging the new laws in court. Five municipalities have already passed ordinances to control illegal immigration…

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