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Hillary Clinton Joins Forces With Harry Belafonte

Washed-out singer turned leftwing activist Harry Belafonte made news last week for calling President George W. Bush “the greatest terrorist in the world” during a rally led by Venezuela’s socialist leader, Hugo Chavez. Today Belafonte, the self-professed leader of the American socialist revolution, will join forces with his longtime

60-Day Sentence For Child Rapist May Get Judge Impeached

A Vermont judge known for being soft on crime went too far by issuing a 60-day sentence to a man who confessed to raping a 6-year-old girl repeatedly over four years and state legislators are finally calling for his impeachment. One state senator, Wendy Wilton, said in a television appearance…

“It’s a Matter of Crooks Versus the Rest of Us!”

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton was interviewed for a segment that will be appearing tonight at 10 p.m. ET on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360.” The segment is a report on what Americans think about their congressman’s ethics. Here is an excerpt from a CNN.com article about the current ethical situation…

First Tier of Lawmakers Revealed in Abramoff Scandal

Yesterday during the Alito confirmation hearings, Senator Graham (R-SC), speaking after Senator Feingold’s tough questioning regarding the Vanguard case in which Alito initially didn’t recuse himself, made a joke about the Abramoff scandal: That was an interesting exchange. I guess there’s no rule against beating a dead horse, or

Hillary Clinton’s Vindictive Streak Alive And Kicking

For Hillary Clinton, repeatedly denying her many wrongdoings (and those of her husband) is the norm and rarely do her pals in the media challenge her version of the facts. This week, however, several publications are questioning her continued denial of placing a hold on President George W. Bush’s nomination…

Cuban Spies at Major U.S. University

It’s no secret that most academic institutions in this country lean far to the left and now the case of a longtime South Florida college professor turned Cuban spy helps support that fact. For decades, the Florida International University (FIU) psychology professor, Carlos Alvarez, and his wife, an FIU psychology…

IRS Withholds Public Information

The Internal Revenue Service is one of the nation’s largest and most powerful agencies and both Democrat and Republican administrations have been accused of using it as a political tool. Now a veteran college professor, who has tracked the IRS for 30 years, is suing the agency for illegally withholding…

Lobbyists Thrive On Congress’s Laziness

Today on Slate, John Dickerson theorizes that one of the reasons lobbyists thrive in Washington is because of the laziness of members of Congress and their staffers. It’s a point not as obvious as greed for campaign contributions and free golfing, which makes it a bit more interesting to discuss.…

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