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Double Dipping Govt. Researchers

Scientists at the taxpayer-funded National Institutes of Health whose integrity has been corrupted by financial conflicts of interest continue to escape punishment while still collecting their hefty government paychecks. Most of the 103 federal scientists investigated in the last year for improperly accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars from drug…

Bucks For Bills In Golden State

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has raised millions of dollars for his reelection campaign from big time contributors with pending legislation that he will soon veto or sign into law. The former Hollywood actor has raised $26.4 million from a variety of industries that clearly hope to receive favorable legislation in…

Cruising Lawmakers To Stop

Motivated by recent Washington lobbying scandals, a powerful trade association has discontinued a controversial program that schmoozed lawmakers on luxury yachts though one New York Congressman remains under fire for introducing legislation that benefits the group, which has donated thousands to his campaigns. The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA),

Secret Courts In Florida

Judges in Florida have for years created secret dockets to hide the court cases of the rich and famous and now the state’s Supreme Court Chief Justice wants to end the unorthodox practice that he calls un-American. Several counties throughout the state have a so-called secret judiciary, but Broward County…

Bill Clinton Demands Censorship Of 9/11 Movie

Of the many powerful friends Bill Clinton has in Hollywood, none is willing to help the former president in his drive to censor an upcoming miniseries about the September 11 terrorist attacks that portrays Clinton as the negligent Commander-in-Chief who let it happen. Clinton has demanded that the television network…

Waiving Visas Risks National Security

Officials in the Department of Homeland Security admit that an unknown amount of ”inadmissible aliens” have entered the United States using a stolen or lost passport from a country whose citizens are allowed to travel here without a visa. Introduced in 1986, the Visa Waiver Program allows millions of citizens…

Marching Without A Vote

The nationwide pro-illegal immigration rallies that threatened lawmakers with the infamous “today we march, tomorrow we vote” chant has failed to materialize with no record of a historic new voter boom that could sway any election. A major news organization’s review of voter registration figures from major cities that hosted…

Expensive Government Secrecy

The U.S. Federal Government continues to restrict public access to information at unprecedented levels, using assertions of executive power and national security “state secrets” privilege successfully in court. In 2005 alone, the government spent $7.7 billion to prevent information from going public by marking 14.2 million documents either top

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