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Maryland Governor’s Attorney Investigated

Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich’s personal attorney and good friend may have violated state lobbying laws and a government watchdog group is asking the state’s ethics commission to launch an investigation. It turns out that the governor’s lawyer, David Hamilton, has not registered with the Maryland Ethics Commission as a lobbyist…

Delay In Exposing Government Spending

A plan to create a public database listing how government spends billions of dollars annually, had strong bipartisan support until many politicians figured that the lucrative contracts they help secure with well-connected companies would also be accessible. Frustrated with his party’s failure to cut government spending, Oklahoma Republican Senator

Former NY Top Cop Finally Comes Clean

When New York’s former police commissioner withdrew his nomination for secretary of Homeland Security in 2004, his ethics were heavily questioned though he repeatedly denied wrongdoing and instead blamed the sudden discovery of having hired an illegal immigrant nanny for the withdraw. Now Bernard Kerik is admitting his corrupt past…

Travel Security Measure Delayed Again

A crucial Homeland Security initiative created to strengthen northern and southern border security after the 2001 terrorist attacks has missed its implementation deadline twice and continues to get blocked by powerful senators from both parties. The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, which will require all travelers within the Americas, the Caribbean…

Feds Silence Another Whistleblower

A U.S. government whistleblower fired for trying to subpoena a politically connected Wall Street executive during an insider trading investigation was muzzled by his former agency during Congressional testimony this week. The former Securities and Exchange Commission attorney was warned by agency officials to comply with his “ethical obligations,”

Pandering With Taxpayer Money

Several left-leaning cities have enjoyed going through the motion of approving symbolic resolutions calling for the impeachment of President George W. Bush, but one famously liberal Northern California city is actually spending thousands of taxpayer dollars to put a worthless measure on the ballot. It wasn’t enough for the Berkeley…

Indecent Exposure From The Bench

An Oklahoma district judge charged with four felony counts of indecent exposure while presiding over trials has testified that a sexual device he kept under the bench was a joke gift from a friend. Creek County Judge Donald Thomson is accused of repeatedly exposing his genitals, masturbating and using a…

Promotion, Pay Raise For Defrauding Gov’t

A high-ranking federal official responsible for securing multi-million dollar government contracts actually got a promotion and hefty pay raise while he was being investigated for taking bribes from a company that he schemed with to overcharge the government. The official, William Mitten, eventually lost his job after pleading guilty to…

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