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Task Force Targets Immigration Document Fraud

It has taken U.S. government officials nearly five years since the brutal terrorist attacks to finally create a task force to crack down on fraudulent immigration documents, which have caused widespread security lapses in the nation’s immigration system. Fraudulent documents have enabled illegal immigrants and even terrorists to remain in…

Trouble In Homeland Security Background Checks

Already in hot water for conducting inadequate employee background checks, the Department of Homeland Security had its second high-ranking official in only a few months arrested for illegal sexual conduct with a minor. The agency’s deputy press secretary, 55-year-old Brian Doyle, was arrested this week on charges of trying to…

Maritime Protection At Risk

A power struggle and miscommunication between two of the agencies responsible for protecting U.S. seaports from terrorist attacks could leave the ports vulnerable and lead to confused and disastrous responses in the event of an attack. A 117-page report released by the U.S. Department of Justice Office of the Inspector…

Desperate Congresswoman Cries Racism

The so-called race defense has been used by law-breaking Hall of Fame football stars, various Hollywood celebrities and numerous politicians so why not a sitting congresswoman notorious for racial politics? Since violently assaulting a U.S. Capitol Police officer simply because he asked her (three times) to walk though the metal…

Americans Pay For Illegal Aliens’ Health Care

An accident in Arizona involving a horse trailer packed with illegal immigrants served as a reminder of the tremendous burden that undocumented aliens are having on America’s health care system. The horse trailer crashed into a light pole over the weekend in Tucson and most of the 42 illegal immigrants…

NASA Raided In Child Porn Probe

Federal agents raided the Washington headquarters of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in a child pornography probe involving a high-ranking executive with the tax-funded government agency. The Smoking Gun has posted the 10-page affidavit that was filed in U.S. District Court and offers the horrid and graphic details…

Billion Dollar Airport Security Waste

The U.S. Government has spent nearly $1 billion dollars on airport security equipment that doesn’t work, therefore preventing Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents from doing their job of protecting the country. Examples include radios that lack enough frequency to cover the entire airport and malfunctioning closed-circuit televisions and

Federal Election Commission In Trouble

A judge blasted the Federal Election Commission for refusing to regulate so-called nonprofit political groups that spent millions in the 2004 presidential election by ignoring contribution limits that apply to federal political committees. The groups and wealthy business basically alluded campaign reform laws banning unlimited soft money by creating

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