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More Trouble For Harry Reid

A Democrat Congressional leader who earlier this year accepted gifts from a state agency trying to influence him, has again violated Senate rules by concealing a seven-figure payoff on a suspicious land deal orchestrated by a longtime friend known for political bribery and mob ties. With the help of a…

Forcing Radicalism On U.S. Students

The public school professor who claims the 2001 terrorist attacks were committed by U.S. Government operatives is profiting by forcing students to purchase his essay comparing President George W. Bush to Adolf Hitler. It’s bad enough that the taxpayer-funded University of Wisconsin Madison hired Kevin Barrett to teach his radical…

Federal Reserve Helps Illegal Immigrants

As the immigration debate heats up, the U.S. Government agency that serves as the nation’s central bank has quietly created a program that provides low-cost banking services to illegal immigrants. To facilitate the process for immigrants sending money home, the Federal Reserve graciously created “Directo a Mexico,” which enables

Mexico’s Criminal Cops Patrol Border

When Mexican officials demanded cooperation between law enforcement agencies rather than a “shameful and offensive” border fence, they failed to mention that the entire police force of a Mexican city on the California border is being investigated for drug trafficking and organized crime. Tijuana – on the San Diego border–has…

Another FEMA Crisis

Millions of taxpayer dollars targeted for hurricane victim “crisis counseling” were spent on ridiculous things like puppet shows, bingo and yoga classes because the government let a state agency notorious for mismanagement handle the program. The scandal-plagued Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) gave the equally problematic Florida Department

Hillary Worse Than Nuclear Attacks

Instead of running for president, Hillary Clinton should be serving time in a federal prison for unlawful manipulation of the commodities market, shady legal practices, misuse of FBI files for partisan political purposes and conspiracy to violate federal election laws. So says a new report published by the Conservative Party…

Politician Uses Kid To Cash In

A Democrat governor already in trouble for bungling government programs and awarding his cronies with state jobs and contracts is under fire for accepting a $1,500 check from a friend who he helped get a state job. Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich actually came up with a creative explanation for the…

Anchor Babies Sue U.S. Government

The U.S. Constitution grants automatic citizenship and a plethora of benefits to the children of illegal aliens born in this country and now those anchor babies are suing the government to prevent their undocumented parents from being deported. A coalition of immigrant advocacy groups has filed a federal lawsuit in…

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