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Anchor Babies Sue U.S. Government

The U.S. Constitution grants automatic citizenship and a plethora of benefits to the children of illegal aliens born in this country and now those anchor babies are suing the government to prevent their undocumented parents from being deported. A coalition of immigrant advocacy groups has filed a federal lawsuit in…

Government Computers For Pleasure

Employees at the Department of the Interior regularly spend work hours viewing sexually explicit and gambling web sites on their government-issued computers even though federal regulation expressly prohibits it. A 15-page report published by the department’s Office of Inspector General and appropriately titled “Excessive Indulgences,” details the

Muslim Prayer In Public Schools

In a case that illustrates how separation of church and state applies only to Christianity, various courts have given a public school district permission to continue teaching Islamic indoctrination that includes reciting prayers and adopting roles as Muslims. By rejecting an appeal this week, the Supreme Court has let stand…

Imprisoned Terrorists Still Active

The Federal Bureau of Prisons is failing miserably to prevent terrorists and other high-risk inmates from using mail to continue criminal behavior or compromise national security. A scathing report released by Department of Justice Inspector General details the failure to effectively monitor the nation’s most lethal federal prisoners as they…

Criminals Help Run U.S. Ports

A new bill designed to increase security at U.S. ports was stripped of a crucial provision that bans serious felons from working in sensitive dock jobs at the request of a powerful union notorious for its crime infestation. Before the Senate unanimously approved the Port Security Act over the weekend,…

Mark Foley’s Congressional Enablers

Former Representative Mark Foley checked himself into a rehabilitation treatment facility for alcoholism today. Foley, who served as co-chairman of the Congressional Missing and Exploited Children’s Caucus, has been accused of sexually explicit communications with an underage congressional page. House Speaker Dennis Hastert called for an investigation of

Alcohol Defense For Bribed Mayor

A New Jersey mayor who took a $3,000 bribe from the owner of a demolition company in exchange for a city contract claims he was impaired by alcohol when he accepted the cash and that authorities took advantage of his drinking problem. The corrupt former mayor of Hazlet, Paul Coughlin,…

Hurricane Corruption Prosecuted

A national fraud task force has delivered a scathing report to the U.S. Attorney General detailing the widespread corruption among government and charity workers during the aftermath of last year’s three devastating hurricanes. As a result, the Department of Justice has charged more than 400 people – many of them…

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