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While Obama’s Justice Department dismissed a critical voter intimidation case against a radical black revolutionary group, it’s going after a pro life advocate the agency calls one of “the most vocal and aggressive anti-abortion protestors.”Ironically, the administration claims that the pro life advocate, a Maryland man named Richard Retta, intimidated and interfered with women seeking abortions in Washington D.C.-area clinics much like members of the New Black Panther Party did to white voters during the 2008 presidential election. The difference is that the Black Panthers, clad in military attire, used weapons, racial insults and profanity to deter voters.Judicial Watch obtained records that show political appointees at the DOJ ordered the Black Panther case dismissed after the administration colluded with leftwing groups. JW’s investigation also revealed that the official Obama appointed to head the DOJ’s civil rights division, Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez, lied under oath to cover up the Black Panther voter intimidation scandal.Now Perez is pursuing a pro lifer for violating a Clinton-era law (Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act) that prohibits any sort of interference with a woman seeking an abortion. Retta physically obstructed a patient and volunteer escorts attempting to enter the Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, according to a DOJ complaint filed a few days ago. He also “frequently walks very closely beside patients as they walk to the clinic” and he follows them into the street and oncoming traffic. Sometimes he yells at them, the feds claim.In announcing the lawsuit, Perez vowed to pursue similar cases, saying that “individuals who seek to obtain or provide reproductive health services have the right to do so without encountering hazardous physical obstructions.” If one unarmed guy is considered such a threat, then a barrier of big, muscular, armed men intimidating voters during a presidential election certainly merits attention from the agency charged with enforcing the law and defending the interests of the United States. Yet that case got dismissed.

Obama’s Department of Justice has ordered Colorado to protect the interests of “language minority populations” by strengthening a Court Interpreter Oversight Committee that assures immigrants who don’t speak English get free translators.The new DOJ mandate also applies to civil cases, which means that U.S. taxpayers will fund interpreting services for foreigners who may stand to make settlement money. Under the agreement, announced this week, the Colorado Judicial Department will also develop “state and local language access plans” that address “both oral interpretation and the translation of vital written documents.”A revitalized state Court Interpreter Oversight Committee will be expanded to include an attorney, prosecutor, public defender and an “advocate” representing the interests of the “language minority populations,” according to the DOJ’s order.Interpreters have always been provided in criminal cases and in civil cases in which litigants were indigent. The new DOJ accord mandates free access to “timely and competent language assistance” for all “limited English proficient individuals” in all cases. This won’t come cheap. Colorado’s court system already spends nearly $4 million on 25 full-time interpreters and 300 contractors who provide services in 75 different languages.The assistant attorney general that President Obama appointed to run the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division (Thomas Perez) says it’s essential because “justice cannot be served without access and effective communication.” Perez is a known open-borders advocate who served on the board of a controversial, taxpayer-funded day laborer center (Casa de Maryland) that assists illegal immigrants.Last year Perez lied to the U.S. Civil Rights Commission to cover up that political leadership was involved in the dismissal of the voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party. Judicial Watch obtained recordsthat prove top political appointees were intimately involved in the decision to drop charges against the radical black revolutionary group for bullying voters with racial insults, profanity and weapons during the 2008 presidential election.A former Maryland Labor Secretary, Perez has made a number of controversial moves at the DOJ to protect illegal immigrants and minorities in general. Last fall he sued a public college system for discrimination because it requires job applicants to furnish proof of residency before getting hired and earlier this year he launched an initiative to eliminate written tests that discriminate against minorities in the workplace.

The Department of Justice distorts figures to hide from Congress pervasive corruption in the nation’s immigration court system, which allows deportable aliens to evade hearings without consequences and more than 1 million removal orders to be ignored.Adding insult to injury, U.S. taxpayers finance the drove of appeals filed by illegal immigrants deported for criminal convictions and fraudulent marriages. From 2000 to 2007, Americans doled out $30 million for aliens’ court costs, according to a new report authored by a former immigration court judge (Mark H. Metcalf) in south Florida, considered a hotbed in the system.The veteran jurist says the nation’s immigration courts, which are operated by the DOJ, areruled by deception and disorder and are at the heart of a system that nurtures scandal. About 250 overwhelmed judges preside over hundreds of thousands of cases annually and rarely are their deportation orders enforced.Even after the 2001 terrorist attacks, 50% of all aliens who were free pending trial disappeared, according to figures provided in the judge’s report. Between 2005 and 2006 the number of aliens who failed to appear at their court hearing grew to 59%.The DOJ deceptively reported the figure as “only” 39% by combining aliens who were free pending trial with those in custody who were forced by authorities to appear in court. That allowed the so-called bail-jumpers to appear as a smaller part of a bigger overall figure.The agency also told Congress that immigration courts rule in favor of aliens only 20% of the time when in fact its 60% and that aliens appeal deportation orders in only 8% of cases when the figure is actually 98%. Many more examples are included in the judge’s report, which refers to the DOJ’s findings as a sham.“Accuracy, credibility, relevance, and timeliness elude this agency and the flow of believable statistics to the public,” it says. The judge suggests that Congress order its investigative arm, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to conduct an in-depth probe.

The Obama Justice Department has created a secret group within the bloated civil rights division to monitor laws passed by states and local municipalities to control illegal immigration.Because the measures are viewed as discriminatory and anti-immigrant by the administration, the Justice Department is spending valuable taxpayer dollars to track them and legally challenge them as it did in Arizona. The mission is being carried out by an undercover “National Origin Working Group” set up by Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez, a renowned illegal immigrant advocate who once ran a taxpayer-funded day laborer center inMaryland.This week the “National Origin Working Group” will hold a special training session at the agency’s Washington D.C. headquarters. Perez, who lied under oath to cover up the Black Panther voter intimidation scandal, will headline the workshop to discuss the division’s “monitoring of anti-immigrant laws,” according to inside information obtained by a Justice Department whistleblower. Laws prohibiting national origin discrimination will also be addressed at the powwow and so will discrimination against Muslims in the ever-so-hostile, post 9/11 era.The most “transparent” administration in history doesn’t want the public to know about this special taskforce so Americans must depend on leaked information. In this case, a special thanks to J. Christian Adams, a former Justice Department lawyer who worked on the Black Panther case and denounced the “corrupt nature of the dismissal” by Obama political appointees.Adams has exposed the administration’s racial double standard in which DOJ attorneys are instructed to ignore cases that involve black defendants and white victims.A career DOJ attorney, Adams resigned over the administration’s handling of the voter intimidation case against members of the radical black revolutionary group known as the New Black Panther Party. Clad in military fatigues and armed with batons, Black Panther thugs were captured on video bullying voters in Philadelphia during the 2008 presidential election. Career government attorneys determined that they should be prosecuted, but were ordered to drop the complaint by Obama political appointees.Those same officials are masterminding this campaign against measures to curb illegal immigration. Adams points out that no law empowers the federal government to monitor this imaginary, anti-immigrant legislative movement. That’s why the administration is doing it “behind closed doors, in secret, where nobody is paying attention.”

With a military officer from a terrorist-sponsoring nation and a washed out journalist as key witnesses, the Obama Justice Department has suffered an embarrassing defeat after dedicating infinite resources to prosecute an elderly CIA operative who fought communism.The 83-year-old, Luis Posada Carriles, once worked to destabilize communist governments throughout Latin America and the Obama Administration was determined to convict him for something. So the Justice Department mounted quite a performance during a 13-week trial inEl Paso Texas, flying in a lieutenant colonel from Cuba, which for years has appeared on the U.S. State Department’s list of terrorist-sponsoring nations, to testify against him.The government’s other star witness was a notoriously leftwing author, Ann Louise Bardach, who once worked for the New York Times and has written several favorable books about Cuba’s oppressive communist regime. Bardach testified that more than a decade agoCarriles bragged about his anti-Castro militancy, which supposedly included organizing bombings in Havana to scare tourists and blowing up a jetliner in the 1970s.Frail and somewhat decrepit, Carriles had been charged by the feds with nearly a dozen counts of perjury, obstruction of justice and immigration fraud. The case was such a stretch that jurors took about three hours to acquit him after hearing testimony from dozens of witnesses over several months. One media report said federal prosecutors sat “dejectedly”upon hearing the verdict after “painstakingly” building their case by calling 23 witnesses.Another news story said the short deliberations surprised many as did the across-the-board acquittals. Though jurors left without commenting, defense attorneys suggested their quick verdict indicated that they felt the government framed Carriles and exaggerated the evidence. The Cuban government quickly denounced the acquittal as a “farce” and “mafia justice.”The bottom line for U.S. taxpayers is that the Obama Administration dedicated endless resources to this case only to get its rear kicked in a big way. The big question is why? One blog dedicated to covering Cuban issues sarcastically wrote that Obama’s Department of Justice is considering charging Luis Posada Carriles with jaywalking. Maybe it’s not a joke.

The Obama appointee who lied under oath to cover up the Black Panther scandal and sued public colleges for requiring job applicants to prove legal residency announced the administration’s commitment to eliminating tests that discriminate against minorities in the workplace.Known as “disparate impact,” the racial discrimination created by written exams is especially rampant in the nation’s police and fire departments, according to Thomas Perez, the Assistant Attorney General Obama appointed to head the Justice Department’s civil rights division. That’s because the tests disproportionately screen out people of a particular race, even though they “present the appearance of objective, merit-based selection.”Not only is this discriminatory, Perez said in a written statement this month, employers sell themselves short when they exclude potential workers in this manner. As an example the former Maryland Labor Secretary, who has long fought for the rights of illegal immigrants, said that members of a baseball team should not be chosen by testing their knowledge of baseball history and statistics.Perez did acknowledge that “we have made great progress in breaking down barriers to equal opportunity,” but assures that “discrimination undeniably persists, in overt and subtle forms.” He guarantees that the Justice Department will continue to “combat such discrimination so that our nation can fulfill its greatest promise of equal opportunity and equal justice for all.”Touching words from a public servant who lied in sworn testimony to cover up a scandal for his boss and who has spent taxpayer resources to prevent states from enforcing immigration laws. Last fall Perez sued an Arizona public college system for discrimination because it requires job applicants to furnish proof of residency before getting hired. This is discriminatory because it treats authorized workers differently during the hiring process based on their citizenship status, according to Perez.Perez also told the U.S. Civil Rights Commission that no political leadership was involved in the decision to drop a voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party, even though a federal prosecutor who worked on the case blew the whistle on the racial bias inside the Justice Department that led to the “corrupt nature of the dismissal.” Judicial Watch obtained records that prove top political appointees were intimately involved in the decision to drop charges against the radical black revolutionary group for bullying voters with racial insults, profanity and weapons.Perez has a few other skeletons in his closet that caused the Senate to delay his confirmation to head a key area of the Justice Department. He served on the board of a controversial, taxpayer-funded day laborer center (Casa de Maryland) that helps illegal immigrants by operating employment facilities and offering free legal services and has ties to Venezuela’s America-bashing leader Hugo Chavez. The socialist strongman, a close ally of State Department terrorist nations like Iran, North Koreaand Cuba, donated $1.5 million to Casa de Maryland under Perez’s tenure.

The leftist civil rights group that serves as a de facto branch of Obama’s Justice Department is ordering California law enforcement agencies to stop arresting illegal immigrants and ignore federal detainers usually placed on those with criminal convictions or deportation orders.In an a brazen directive to local authorities throughout California, the state with the nation’s highest illegal immigrant population, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) offers “practical guidance” that will “minimize the fiscal and social costs” of immigration enforcement. Because most of the state’s police departments already have don’t-ask-don’t-tell immigration policies, the ACLU’s focus is on minimizing “incidental immigration enforcement” during routine traffic stops or emergency calls.Officers should limit their hand in this sort of incidental funneling of individuals into the immigration system by following a few simple policy recommendationsconveniently outlined by the ACLU in a separate document. Most importantly, every department in the Golden State should implement policies prohibiting all inquiries into immigration status, citizenship and country of birth.If federal immigration officials request access to illegal alien inmates, county or city officers should warn them not to talk and that they can decline to participate without legal representation, the ACLU says. Local authorities should also “exercise discretion not to enforce immigration detainers” issued by the feds, usually in cases where the suspect has been convicted of a crime or violated removal orders.Here’s another brilliant suggestion. Police should immediately stop conducting sobriety checkpoints because they subject individuals of all backgrounds to detention. If the checkpoints, which have been successful in ridding communities of dangerous drivers, must continue they should not “disproportionately impact particular communities of color.” Authorities should also publish advance notification of the checkpoints in “multilingual press sources” to warn illegal aliens.This audacious move to dictate law enforcement in a major U.S. state certainly indicates that the ACLU has been empowered by its tight-knit relationship with the Obama Administration. Last month Judicial Watch obtained public records that show the notoriously leftist group worked hand-in-hand with the Justice Department to legally challenge Arizona’s immigration control law.

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