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ACORN Behind Occupy Wall Street Protest


$30 Mil To Train Next Generation Of Energy Efficiency Experts

In its continuing effort to make the U.S. environmentally friendly, the Obama Administration is dedicating tens of millions of dollars to train the “next generation of industrial energy efficiency experts.”It marks the latest of many costly, taxpayer-funded projects required to transform the country into a leader in “green” technology. At least that’s what…


U.S. Spends $2.5 Bil On “Social Equity” Program

The Obama Administration is celebrating the second anniversary of its imaginative program to bring “social equity” to underserved communities by bragging that three federal agencies have doled out more than $2.5 billion in “assistance.”The taxpayer dollars help low-income communities improve access to affordable housing, increase transportation options and lower


Labor Dept. Protects Central American Migrants

A year after launching a nationwide campaign to protect illegal immigrant workers in the U.S., the Obama Labor Department has entered formal agreements with two foreign countries vowing to preserve the rights of their migrants.Signed this week by the U.S., Guatemala and Nicaragua, the declaration will make it easier to protect the rights of migrants from…


Top Barack Obama donors net government jobs


Obama Donors Get Top DOJ Jobs

In a scandal ignored by the mainstream media, President Obama quietly stacked the Department of Justice with campaign donors, issuing key posts to supporters who raised big bucks for his 2008 presidential campaign and are expected to collect more cash for his reelection.Additionally, the commander-in-chief rewarded dozens of big donors…


Obama Creates White House Rural Council

In his never-ending expansion of government, President Barack Obama has created the first-ever White House Rural Council to promote economic prosperity and qualify of life for the poor.Created by executive order this month, the new council will help low-income residents in rural communities access public funds for “economic growth” and will “promote…


President Obama’s phony accounting on the auto industry bailout


$10 Mil To Bring Farmers Markets To Urban Areas

Reportedly strapped for cash, the U.S. government is on a full-throttle spending frenzy to transform the inner-city diet by providing “low-income” neighborhoods with healthy foods prevalent in more affluent suburban tracts.The Obama Administration has dedicated tens of millions of dollars to the cause in the last few weeks alone and this month…


Obama skirts rule of law to reward pals, punish foes


Tax Cheats That Owe Millions Get Obama Stimulus Cash

In the latest outrage involving President Obama’s disastrous stimulus, a federal probe has determined that thousands of companies that got cash under the fraud-infested program have cheated the government out of hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes.At least 3,700 recipients of stimulus money owe Uncle Sam more than $750…


Mosque With Terrorist Ties Raided With Cultural Sensitivity

In the Obama Administration’s shameless effort to appease Muslims, a federal raid on a southFlorida mosque with terrorist ties was conducted under new rules of engagement to assure cultural sensitivity towards Islam.The culturally sensitive raid led to the arrest of a Pakistani imam (Hafiz Muhammed Sher Ali Khan) at a Miami mosque and…


$2 Mil To Track What Minority Kids Eat For Lunch

The government agency that’s wasting tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to study how global warming effects crops, recruit more food-stamp recipients and bring healthy cuisine to the inner city has dropped a couple million on a device that tracks what minority public school children eat for lunch.It marks the…


WH Poetry Event Stars Rapper Who Praises Cop Killer

A Chicago gangster rapper who dedicated a love song to a convicted cop murderer from a radical black revolutionary group will headline the Obama’s White House “celebration of American poetry and prose.”The event is part of the First Lady’s two-year-old effort to promote music and arts education by celebrating diverse forms, including…


Mexican Border Crime Underreported

The Obama Administration is deceiving Americans by underreporting serious crime along the Mexican border, according to the Texas lawmaker who chairs a congressional Homeland Security committee.Federal, state and local law enforcement officials who deal firsthand with violent Mexican drug cartels will deliver testimony to prove it at a special committee hearing


For Obama team, transparency means sneaking off to a coffee …

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