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Weekly Update: Judicial Watch Sues VA Again for Docs About Misuse of a Veterans’ Facility

Judicial Watch Sues VA Again for Docs About Misuse of a Veterans’ Facility Judicial Watch Sues for Info on Obama’s War on Coal EPA Breaks Law on Taxpayer-Funded Propaganda? Judicial Watch to Trump Administration:  End Congress’s Obamacare Exemption! Judicial Watch Sues VA Again for Docs About Misuse of a Veterans’…


Judicial Watch Asks Trump Administration to End Congressional Obamacare Exemption

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch requested the Trump administration stop members of Congress and their staff from unlawfully purchasing, with taxpayer subsidies, health insurance through the District of Columbia’s small business exchange.  The Judicial Watch request was made on June 14, 2017, to the Centers for Medicare Medicaid Services (CMS) as…


Judicial Watch: HHS Documents Reveal Serious Behind-the-Scenes Security Concerns about

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch today released 944 pages of Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) records showing that the Obamacare website was launched despite serious concerns by its security testing contractor, Mitre Corporation, as well as internal executive-level apprehension about security. Judicial Watch obtained the HHS documents in


Judicial Watch Sues Education Department over Cover up Of Increasing Student Loan Failures

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced that it today filed a Freedom of Information (FOIA) lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia against the U.S. Department of Education seeking records relating to then Obama administration’s “coding error” that resulted in masking that most borrowers are failing…


Ethics Panel Decides Senate’s A Small Business Under Obamacare, Gets Premium Subsidies

From The Daily Caller: “The committee carefully evaluated the allegations in the complaint and, based on all the information before it, the committee concluded that there has been no violation of Senate rules,” a Sept. 21, 2016 letter by Chief Counsel and Staff Director Deborah Sue Mayer said. “Accordingly, the…


D.C. appeals court grapples with Congress’ ‘Obamacare exemption’

D.C. appeals court judges struggled Wednesday to see how a city resident could claim to have been harmed by Congress’s decision to label itself a small business for purposes of Obamacare.


David Vitter holds OPM nominee as part of Obamacare probe

Sen. David Vitter followed through Thursday on his threat to hold up President Obama’s pick to lead the government’s personnel office, saying he still doesn’t understand why Congress was granted small-business status that “exempted” it from Obamacare, even though it employs thousands.


Obama Golfs On Your Dime

Barack Obama – $10 Million Travel Man Healthcare.Gov Fail Barack Obama – $10 Million Travel Man Imagine being able to jet off to golf weekend getaways on a whim. I don’t even golf but of course it would be nice to be able get out of dodge to avoid the…


Judicial Watch: New HHS Documents Reveal Security Concerns, Had No ‘Authorization to Operate’

Lack of ‘ATO’ Was ‘High Risk to Agency’ (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch today released over 1,000 pages of new documents that show federal health care officials knew that the Obamacare website, when it launched in 2013, did not have the required “authorization to operate” (ATO) from agency information security…


Vitter Legislation Would End Congress’ Obamacare Exemption

Senator David Vitter, following Judicial Watch’s lead, is still pushing for common sense in the House of Representatives and Senate. He recently introduced legislation that would require the president, vice president, political appointees, and members of Congress to purchase health insurance through the exchanges established by Obamacare. Vitter’s


Complaint: Congressional Staffers Committed Fraud When Applying for Obamacare

Judicial Watch is one of several conservative organizations that have filed a joint complaint with the Senate Select Committee on Ethics challenging Congress’ use of the Small Business Exchange to qualify for taxpayer subsidies for medical insurance. Judicial Watch obtained documents including applications completed by congressional staff which fraudulently


Does Congress write our laws or not?

It seems that the idea of the separation of powers is a foreign concept to many in the federal government. The King v. Burwell debate is an undeniable example.


Judicial Watch Statement on Supreme Court’s Ruling in King v. Burwell

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton made the following statement in response to the Supreme Court’s ruling today in King v. Burwell, in which it held that the federal government was authorized to provide subsidies for individuals whose states did not establish healthcare exchanges under the terms of…


Vast data warehouse raises privacy concerns

Obamacare is in the news yet again. This time, the warehouse that stores individuals’ private personal and health information for up to 10 years is the subject of interest.


The Obama Presidency – A Cacophony of Corruption

Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton counters the narrative by David Brooks that the Obama administration has been “scandal-free.” Clearly, he writes, basic examination of the administration’s actions makes clear that it has been all too familiar with scandal.

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