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State Dept. Skimps On Libya Security, Blows $5.6 Mil on Cultural Preservation Abroad


Is The Clinton Foundation Just An International Money Laundering Scheme?

Sean Davis at The Federalist asks the legitimate question — is the Clinton Foundation just an elaborate money laundering operation by another name? Looking at how donations were routed through the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership, so that any donations from other organizations or governments would not be noted, it’s certainly a reasonable


Clinton charity never provided foreign donor data

The Boston Globe reports that the Clinton Health Access Initiative, one of the charities of the Clinton Foundation, never submitted for review any foreign donations it received from 2009 to 2013. During this time, donations increased to the initiative by millions of dollars.


Clinton Foundation reportedly failed to disclose identities of 1,100 donors

Fox News reports on yet another development in the scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton and her use of her position as secretary of state to enrich the Clinton Foundation through various donations. Today we learn that the Clinton Foundation failed to disclose the identities of more than 1,100 donors to the foundation.


The Giustra File: “Sustainable Growth” & Huge Profits

We can’t say we weren’t warned. As revelations pour in about the sketchy ties between big business, big donors, the State Department and the Clinton Foundation, the founding documents of that relationship continue to surprise, sometimes for sheer audacity. Here are the Clintons, in a 2008 Memorandum of Understanding drafted…


Watchdog blasts State Dept., Clintons after four-year battle for documents

Malia Zimmerman of Fox News provides an in-depth look at Judicial Watch’s efforts to provide transparency and accountability on the issue of Hillary Clinton’s possible use of her influence as secretary of state to obtain donations for the Clinton Foundation and increase personal wealth.


Goldman Paid Bill Clinton $200,000 For Speech Before Bank Lobbied Hillary Clinton

Bill Clinton was paid $200,000 by Goldman Sachs for a speech in early 2011, just several months before the financial giant started lobbying the State Department led by Hillary Clinton.


Author Alleges Bill Clinton Just Quit Education Company Because of ‘Clinton Cash’

Joshua Green writes this weekend about yet another financial conflict of interest involving the Clintons. In this case, Bill Clinton recently resigned his position as “honorary chancellor” with Laureate International Universities, an educational organization which received significant funding from the State Department during Hillary’s tenure.


JW Exposes Clinton Cash Machine

JW Lawsuit Exposes ‘Clinton Cash Machine’ Foreign Nationals Stealing Our Elections? JW Lawsuit Exposes ‘Clinton Cash Machine’ Judicial Watch’s independent work resulted in exposé after exposé this week on how Hillary and Bill Clinton corrupted the State Department. How did this all begin?  From one Judicial Watch lawsuit. Our dogged…


Bill’s free Latin American jet rides put heat on Hillary’s trade deals

New evidence shows that former Pres. Clinton received perks from Canadian business magnate Frank Giustra, who also donated heavily to the Clinton Foundation, and subsequently was the beneficiary of favorable policy changes that were approved by Sec. Clinton that helped Giustra expand his business operations.


Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation as Russians Pressed for Control of Uranium Company

The New York Times published a bombshell report today regarding Sec. Clinton’s possible involvement in using her position to approve uranium mining rights in the United States for Russian interests, in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation.


For Clintons, speech income shows how their wealth is intertwined with charity

The Washington Post reports that Bill Clinton, after leaving office, has been paid $26 million by companies and organizations that were also major contributors to the Clinton Foundation. The Post notes how “intertwined Bill and Hillary Clinton’s charitable work has become with their growing personal wealth.”


Bill Clinton Cashed In When Hillary Became Secretary of State

After Hillary Clinton became secretary of state, Bill Clinton began receiving double and triple the amounts for speeches and public appearances than he had before Clinton’s assumption of office. ABC News reports how recently released documents show this is just another piece of evidence proving that Sec. Clinton was using her position to enrich herself at


Hillary Clinton Was Asked About Email 2 Years Ago

The New York Times details how Congress questioned Hillary Clinton in 2012 regarding her secret email accounts, and how Clinton, just as she has this year, failed to be forthcoming, refusing to even respond to Congress’ questions.


Interactive graphic: Hillary Clinton’s insider network

Hillary Clinton’s decision to violate the Federal Records Act and hide her communications from the American people is now well-known. Just as important, if less well-known, however, is her network of insiders that have aided her every step of the way.


Now illegal immigration flights paid by taxpayers

World Net Daily reports on story first brought to light by Judicial Watch regarding the Obama administration’s use of taxpayer funds to bring the children of illegal immigrants to the United States.

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