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President Trump’s $3 Million Mar-a-Lago Getaway


Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Getaway Offers Fodder for Critics

From U.S. News & World Report: Now it’s President Donald Trump’s turn to be the target of the vacation critics. In office for two weeks, he is planning to spend this weekend at his posh seaside resort, Mar-a-Lago in Florida. And the criticism has begun. Politico reports the trip could…


President Trump’s $3 Million Mar-a-Lago Getaway

Dear Editor/Broadcaster, According to Politico, President Donald Trump’s upcoming getaway to Mar-a-Lago could cost taxpayers upwards of $3 million. Judicial Watch led the way in exposing President Obama’s jaunts that cost taxpayers at least $96 million during his eight years in office. And JW President Tom Fitton is already making…

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