Judicial Watch • Taxpayers fronting amnesty program?

Taxpayers fronting amnesty program?

Taxpayers fronting amnesty program?

APRIL 23, 2013

La Raza President Janet Murguia testified on April 22, 2013 before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee that the 11 million illegal immigrants  in the United States would like to learn English.  However, she said the cost of filing for amnesty is prohibitive.  That said, if illegals must spend all their time scrimping to apply, she concluded, it leaves them no time to assimilate.

As for scrimping to apply for status adjustment, documents uncovered from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) show that the Obama administration’s Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program contains a complex system for DHS to follow in the case of an application that is unpaid due to Non Sufficient Funds. DHS and ICE are famous for saying that all amnesty programs are self-funded by the applicants. But that is obviously not possible where no payment was collected and the deficit is exacerbated when the agency bends over backward to keep unpaid cases alive.

The problem is that legal taxpayers have already fronted the cost of processing an application that is abandoned.  Moreover, time, energy, and resources spent attempting to prod applicants into compliance is never offset, even if an applicant ultimately pays because the cost of applications is based on payment in the first instance.  So, American taxpayers not only front the cost for abandoned applications but in fact wind up subsidizing the applications of late payers.

This initial release of DACA policy documents came in response to an October 26, 2012 request for records filed with several law enforcement agencies pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), 5 U.S.C. 552.  Judicial Watch launched this investigation based on an anonymous tip that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had been ordered not to conduct background checks on DACA applicants.

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  • Ed1C

    I lived and worked in minority neighborhoods fully half my life. I was born in one. Early on, the minorities were German, Italian, Armenian, Jewish, Irish, Polish, etc. All immigrants, and therefore minorities. Many of the Jewish folks had numbers tattooed on the inside of the left forearm. I remember it vividly. And as was the custom, the children of these immigrants assimilated, moved on, and were largely prosperous. The American way, if you will. The change that I saw first hand with newer waves of immigrants stands in very stark contrast to the immigrants I grew up with, particularly with regard to Hispanics. Many of these people have no desire to assimilate. I’ve known Hispanics who have been here 20, maybe 30 years and do not speak the language. Many of them don’t care to. This is where I take umbrage with this laRaza head. A lot of the illegals that I’ve come into contact with are here simply to earn a living. Many of them send money to mexico on pay-day. They work here for a few years, send money home, and go back after 3-5 years, and build a house. I give them credit for understanding that they have to work in exchange for an income, but we shouldn’t confuse that with wanting to be an American. These illegals are actually parasitic on the economy; money is flowing out rather than around or in. These people aren’t doing work that Americans won’t do; rather, they’re doing work for cut-rate wages. In the warmer months I’ve seen 10-15 of them living on job-sites under tarps right next to a building being built. In the winter several of them pitch-in and get an apartment and split the expenses. No taxes; no workmens comp; no FICA or SS fees of any kind. Fake Id’s and fake or stolen SS numbers are commonplace.
    But it’s not just LaRaza ( the race) pushing for all of this. large corporations want it also, because it will inflate their bottom line, again through cut-rate wages. I personally will not use any tradesmen who appear to employ illegals. it’s a matter of principle for me.