Judicial Watch • Benghazi 4-7-14

Benghazi 4-7-14

Benghazi 4-7-14

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  • Bob Nordberg

    And Canada Free Press!

  • treebird

    Operation American Spring, May 16th! Americans are standing up to this administration, just don’t expect any news outlet to cover the story!

  • bc1952mt

    It is interesting that none of the “intel reports” from the intelligence community have been shown that attribute even a possible cause of the Benghazi attack on the video, nor have any persons been identified that pushed the video as the cause of the attack, yet the video was given credit for being the cause of the “demonstrations” that “evolved” into the “spontaneous attack”.
    It is also interesting that in formulating the “talking points” the Intelligence Community chose to disregard all information from outside the Beltway as to the sequence of the attack, the underlying causality, and in establishing our response. Why have people “on the ground” if their information is disregarded?

  • whataboutbob7

    Obama’s The DeserterInChief! This man is dead inside! No Honor! He Does Not Have The Military’s Back! He’s Proved That! This man has no Roots in America! NO American would do the things he does, but he is surrounded by some like minded people that cover for him & I don’t know why? Their all Traitors!

  • barbarakelly

    Something else that is burning my rear end is, what the imposter is doing to our military, this is wrong from the start. I read that he is even shutting down fast food places on base for them. I’m really pissed about him. I’m a X-Army brat and this doesn’t sit well with me at all. It is time people that we stand up for them and tell the imposter that we won’t tolerate you stomping on our men and women. If we don’t take a stand for them, how can you blame them for not standing for us. I want to see them be able to carry guns on base to be able to fight back since now we have had 2 episodes of them being gun downed on base. No More.!! we already know that there is Al-quada in this country already. All of us have to be armed. That is why this bimbo wants us disarmed. Get the picture now.!!!!

  • rebapiper

    Judicial watch has been on the job and doing one heck of a job, I remember the struggle during the clinton years, to get information, to cover ups, and there was always some thing to distract you from what was really going on. clinton would make plans to get out of the country every time the heat was on, obama doing the same thing. the only problem her is, obama is a radical muslim and doesn’t seem to about this country and the American people, he seems to have a certain hated for this country and it’s people, nothing phases him, he’s in you face with lie after lie and the lies are serous, criminal, down right Treason. Where does it end.
    When you look at all he’s done to hurt this country, makes you wonder what’s next and just how safe our we. He’s deals Putin and the stopping of the missile defense for Poland was in my opinion grounds for impeachment. hillary had to be in on the Ukraine crises, clinton stopped us from having a missile defense, Albright went to Russia and signed and Old Russian Treaty stopping us from a missile defense. Thank God for Pres.Geo.Bush, he said no way were we going to be without a missile defense and got it up and running in much less time then planned. Thank God. we were very vulnerable and could have been attach at any time. another thing clinton did. closing military bases to save money, a lie, a scam an act of Treason, as he closed the bases nobody would guess he was leasing on of the bases to China. even Congress asleep and unaware. clinton was doing what he does best, land grabs or diversions from what he was really doing. The Ca.Naval Bases, was to be leased by China and China didn’t need long range missile to attack us. The demorats also passed a bill that we could not fire a missile or try and defend ourselves unless a missile landed on our soil first.
    and if that wasn’t bad enough, there was no missile or missile launcher together at any given base. so we couldn’t defend ourselves even if we were allow to. Thank God for Pres.Bush.
    I think some time in the future Pres.Geo.Bush will go down as one of our greater Presidents or the greatest President. They threw every thing but the kitchen sink at him.
    They block him from getting into the WH, they had to open up shop and taking over in another building. He did what ever he could to get his administration together, If you stop and think about the 9/11 attack on this country and how the democrats tried to keep Pres.Bush from taking over, Thank God he got it together or there is no telling just how much more damage there could have been, millions of Americans could have died instead of thousands.
    obama is cut from the same cloth, color means nothing, their both evil people and so is hillary.
    obama should not be allowed out of the country, he can’t be trusted, Ukraine proves that.
    There is also 7 billion dollar going to Africa, for what? waiting form him when he leaves office. I hope congress is paying attention, what congress we do have. The democrats are progressives, communist, socialist and can’t be trusted. I hope we take over the Senate.
    obama I’m sure knows what Harry Reid and his son are up to, just like the clintons, leasing our land to china. Nevada land to China is why they are going after the rancher. they already cleared out other ranchers.
    This country must call for the removal of obama. every one must try and get thru to their Senators and Representatives, call for obama to step down or be removed. not like they did with clinton. this man is Evil and Dangerous. h
    my opinion, the greed for money and power is what make Banghazi happen. Hollywood I’m convinced was the reason for the stand down and not allowing our military in to help.
    If these people can sit back and watch the attack on 4 Americans knowing they had no chance, what do you think they will do to us. They don’t want to give up their power,
    Please I beg of you help, lets call for the removal or start the impeachment.
    J Kerry is another dangerous person, obama knows it, there was no better a person to fill the job after hillary than Kerry. Kerry has been out to destroy America and it’s military for most of his live. Holder must be brought to justice as well. the more criminals they put on the streets the worse it will be, the country on drugs and criminal running free, the local police will not be able to handle it.
    please I beg everyone get the news media to call for obama’s removal

  • Coll

    I personally believe that the ‘smoking gun’ is the fact that this administration never requested air space. According to Hicks who testified last year, the 1st step in the process of attempting any sort of rescue/intervention would have been for this administration to request that air space from the Libyan gov.. The fact that they never even took that 1st step clearly indicates that they had, for reasons yet to be revealed, absolutely NO INTENT to attempt any degree of rescue/intervention. THIS was reinforced yesterday when the testimony given indicated, once again, that NO attempt was made to help our soldiers. Herein lies the absolute failure of the Commander in Chief who had the responsibility to make sure ALL was being done to help our brave military and our Ambassador. Hicks had also testified to the fact that orders to ‘stand down’ in so many words was given. Those facts seem to have been overlooked by Beck, FOX, and many other medias.

  • barbarakelly

    I’m so glad that people are reading and yelling their head off, about all of this. Yes we are in deep do do. We are so close to getting hit it is not funny any more. People get your places ready as fast as you can. Then pray that you stand worthy. OUr children has got to have a better future then what we have now. Don’t let yourselves be brainwashed by the knuckle heads.!!!

  • thestormy

    “it”s islam people.” Right.I read that bho told a high ranking U.N. official that America will be a muslim nation by 2016. He is bringing in 12 million muslims from Russia.
    The Nazi’s used muslims to murder Jews.
    Skipping to another subject,3 witnesses at the Bundy ranch said that the BLM who warned them to stay in place had heavy Russian accents. They have been training Russians & Chinese troops in America to speak English & military training. Why? Our own troops take an oath not to fire on Americans.
    We are in great danger people.

  • barbarakelly

    There is nothing truthful about this adm. They can take their chuck and jive and stick it. I feel sorry that carney has to be the fall guy to this Bimbo in office . The imposter hides under the table and lets everyone else cover for him. Enough. Someone in that office needs to stand up and put the blame where it belongs and to he** STOP covering for him. Is everyone so blind that they can’t see what he is trying to push on the citizens of this country. Its Islam people. That is what he meant by hope and change. To change us from christians to islam with sharia and everything else that goes along with it. We heard the other day that Winston Churchill talked about the danger of Islam. Now we know why he sent back the bust of Winston Churchill to England. Colorado -kids to pray to Allah not to God. Fla. mayor or someone wants women under Sharia law. People wake up and yell no to all this. Get the Congress and Senate to stop this BS.

  • WakeUpAmerica

    Judicial Watch, are you paying attention?

  • http://athirdvoice.wordpress.com Jeff Neal

    So, they’re going to let a lowly former speech writer take the fall while they pretend to defend him.

  • stang289

    BUSTED Once And For All
    Montagraph·On you tube

  • CHHR

    tells me there’s still more to come out… man I hope I’m right

  • stang289

    the YT channel that doesnt exist . only in the wayback machine . NPN News Politics Now , Google Metabunk Innocence of muslims ther is a few example there . Even though its a left site I was able to post some info . Or go to
    Proof Positive – In My Opinion
    Montagraph channel On YT

  • Rowan Oath Keepers

    Which youtube channel are you referring to?

  • Bob Nordberg

    i did and your right…almost THE TRUTH WILL COME OUT…how and why Obama lied about a Coptic Christian caused the 9-11 (MUSLIM TERROR) attack in Libya ……….Obama is the first President to work with.. and vote in the UN with the OIC…. (57 Muslim Dictators who love to SQUASH FREE SPEECH (it’s how they stay in power)……………Knowing full well how Hillary worked with the OIC in the UN to implement resolution 1618 Istanbul agreement for starters …”Google Hillary Clinton ”We will pressure and shame Americans ” speech!. …..I AGREE WITH THIS…”Defense contractor Stanley Inc. uploaded the final manipulated version of “the video” to Youtube and Hillary forwarded it to Cairo cleric Sheikh Khalid Abdullah with orders to air it on Egyptian TV a few days before Sept. 11th.”… AND PUSHING 1618 IS WHY.

  • Khan


  • Acton 27

    Am I missing something? The first document begins on page 2, and pages 8 though 13 are completely missing.

  • Richard G


  • stang289

    You need to look into the YouTube channels pushing the video. Connection with CGI Stanley Inc.That is the smoking Gun. Google Metabunk Innocence of Muslims for some clues ,

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