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Judicial Watch • Benson Everett Legg Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Benson Everett Legg Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Benson Everett Legg Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Page 1: Benson Everett Legg Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Category:Financial Disclosure

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Date Created:November 7, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

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Report Required b_i.: the Ethics Governmem Ac! lf/78 
Rev 112010 
FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 USC app. _;i /lil-11 Pen:on Reporting (last name, firt. middle initial) Legg, Benson Court Organization United States Distrkt Court, Maryland  tiS/O.:tive ai:nior :s:wcus: nrngis1n.1te judge::> indicate full-or p.ul-time) U.S. District ltldgc (/ctivc) 5u. Ucport Type (:het.:k :.ippropriate type) Numinati1Jtt. Date 1niti'1: [{] Armual SL. Ami!rnll.!d Rl..'.'pnC 
(add'!) Donated 
A-'Si.10(inrk;-;s '-0.SI .mll -2.5)1  C=:$2,9i -S'.'.U(Jt1  D"5,i.JlJl ..:5.)r)  
Sl."c Colutin:.. :md sso.uo 100.000 -$10(>}..J.f)l -::il.OVii,O!J:.) =$1,0i(}.UCil -S5.tlll{l,O(l(l  It?. Mu,c ttu..n $5,01)1),(IUO V::i!u-:Cl).(j;:s '"$)5.000m ks.s "'.}IS lhil -$-'..(1.(10{1 =550,001  S!(J.JOU >$100.001 S.250,0()0  
(Sw Ct!lumrL.' and 1)3) "SO.VUl -$500,(IOQ :S500,00  ,(i!iO.UOD ""Sl,(11)0.001  $.S..000.000 -,,.ss.omj/.lOI -s2s,ooo,ooo "'25,000.001  S.S0,000,0UO  /?4 ;;:for'n1e during Gros valu t!nd reporting period
(including t.iust assets) '.-.;porting penoJ 
Jdcntit: Plac2.500 s:: .so -ss .rJov =$5,001 -$L5.l)OC  f:. -":i-15,001  $50,000  
{Sec Coh.unn.:> ;md 04) -S50,00J. St0-0.000 ""s100.uo1. ::;1.uoo.uou .,,$l,OOU,UOi  S5.0U0,000 ""Mme than S5,000,01}0 Vuh.u: Co(.ks "'Sl5,000oc less -=S 15,01.11  !)'50,000 =S50,(X}l -SIOO.UOU !OOJ)Ol  S250,000  
(St:c Columa. hire than SS,000,0UO ,ilue Cocks ,-S5 ,000 :.-.$ ,OU  SO,Jl}O c:.$50,:j(Jl. SJ(IQ,'JOO .,.SlOO,OOl -$250.001in1,1ti:tl  

aml' Ptrson Reportiug 
Date Report 
Legg, Benson 
Part VIII. lnvcstmnts and Trusts: 
Smith Barney cbnged their name from Smith Barney Morgan Stanley Smith Barney 10U9. 
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney (Bank Deposit) IRA# (item -P:eviously dosed 2008. 
Morgan St,111ley Smith Barney (Cell Gcncsys) -JND (item 18) Cell Gcncsys was acquired ihrough all stock mcrgc:r Biosanlc Pharmaceuticals 2009 (item 19). 
The Biosantc Pharmaceuticals shares ere received exchange for the Cdl Gencsys slmres {item 8). (item 18) wilJ longer inclmh;d future report::;. 
DcL:tschi.:-Bank Optiuns {Lgg Milson) {item 23)-Prcvkn1sly dosed 2GOS. 
tv1orga.n StanlLy Smith Barney UTN1A {itcrn 37) Previously dosed and wcrl: 1.;IToneously rcportc.:.d 2008., Stonlcy Smith Barney UTMA (item 3X.1-Prcviosly closed and were erroneously reported 2008. 
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney GRAT (Legg lvlason) (item 39) P1cviously closed 2008 
i1organ Stanley Srmth UarnL"y GRAT. (Bunk Deposit) (item 40) Vas dos.::d '.2009 ;,md funds ;vcrc trnnsfrrrd into Morgan Stanley Snuth Bamry (Bank 
Dcp,i>i1) INDW2 (itcm 22). 
(item 40) WJll n(J lunger bt: iududed ti..1tur reports. 
LMCv! Income Upp Fur.d (ite:n 44) newly established account. 

LMCt Sma!i Cop Fund LLC (item 45) newly cstablishc