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Date Created:January 6, 2014

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PHONE 2025476169 FAX 6152025478190 

The Honorable Barack Obama 
President the United States 
The White House 
1600 Pennsylvania venue, 

Washington, D.C. 20500 
Dear Mr. President, writing behalf the more than 330,000 members the Fraternal Order Police 
express our extreme disappointment, displeasure and vehement opposition the nomination 
Debo Adegbile the next Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division the 
U.S. Department Justice. word this nomination spreads through the law enforcement community, reactions range 
from anger incredulity. Under this nominee's leadership, the Legal Defense Fund (LDF) 
the National Association for the Advancement Colored People volunteered their services 
represent Wesley Cook, better known the world Mumia Abu-Jamal--0ui countl1''s most notorious cop-killer. There disputing that Philadelphia Police Officer Daniel Faulkner was 
murdered this thug. His just sentence-death-was undone your nominee and others like 
him who turned the justice system its head with unfounded and unproven allegations 
racism. are aware the tried and true shield behind which activists Adegbile's ilk are wont 
hide-that eve1yone entitled defense; but surely you would agree that defense should not based falsely disparaging and savaging the good name and reputation lifeless police 
officer. Ce1tainly any legal scholar can see the injustice and absence ethics this cynical 
race-baiting approach our legal system. 
The Administration did not consult the FOP duiing the decision-making process for this 
nomination. fact, our knowledge, none our nation's law enforcement organizations were 
consulted despite recent pledge your Attorney General more open and transparent with 
the men and women rely keep safe. This nomination can interpreted only one 
way: thumb the eye our nation's law enforcement officers. demonstrates total 
lack regard empathy for those who stiive keep you and everyone else our nation safe yoUl' homes and neighborhoods-sometimes giving their lives the effort. 
-BUILDING PROUD TRADITION believe that law enforcement and minolity communities need build even greater bonds trust and mutual respect. Yet, your Civil Rights Division, under the direction Thomas Perez and Roy Austin, Jr., has increasingly built obstacles this goal with its aggressive and punitive approach towards local law enforcement agencies. Your nominee will certainly exacerbate that growing division and distrust. 
Standing and fighting against racism wherever and whenever you find brave and admirable endeavor; sometimes standing against racism entails opposing and exposing cynical opportunism disguised the name justice. will make every effort point this out our opposition this nomination and will everything can defeat the Senate. our hope that, the future, you and your Administration will consider candidates with records faimess and respect all Americans when selecting nominees for leadership positions the Justice Department anywhere else your administration. 
Chuck Canterbury 
National President