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Judicial Watch • J Breen Daniel – 2009

J Breen Daniel – 2009

J Breen Daniel – 2009

Page 1: J Breen Daniel – 2009

Category:Federal Judges

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Date Created:September 10, 2013

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Rtparl Reqr11rd rhe E1h1...:i G1nerr.m,_11t A.U /9i8 
Rev. 112010 
FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 .}IOI-I/ Pc:rson Rrporring (last n::imc. fi..,l. mic.!dlc i111t1.1J) BREEN. OA11EL Court Organizarion WESTERN DISTRICT TEt-:f:ESSEE fhtc Rt>porr Title (Article Ill Jt:dgc;t 1r.d1cutc I followed. C1>111p/e1, purrs, the /ONE box for earh purl where you hule reportable i11furmntion. Sign Ja.t page. POSIT Reprring individ11u} nnly; _,.ee pp. 9-13 1} filing im1rn1..tfohs.) NONE (No reporrable posirions.j Executive Comminc National Conkrcnc Federal Trial Judges 
Board Directors Federal Judges Association Trustee Trust GR. E:JENlS (ffrpuniriJ;; indfr1d1111/ onfr; pp. /.1-16 fi/i11g ins:ructions.) NONE (iu reporlt1bie agre1:me111s 
Breen, Daniel 
Date Rcpor( 
Name Person porting 
BHEEN, DANIEL 	Filers Non-Investment Income NONE (1Vo reportah!e non-invesiment income) 
(JlltH.S, nu! puusc:s) Spouses Non-In vestment Income -I})1111 Wert mdrr/f!d d11rinf: any pMIWn of,,, reporting yc:ur, rnrriph:le rho :H:Cfion. 
NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) 
TYPE 1. REJ jJB lJRS EJVJENTS -1run.1puna1ion, lodini:. f,w.J, e11tertainmen1. NONE (No n:purtub!e reimb11rsements) SOURCE LOCATION A111e11crn Ibr Associatlo11 Federal Judges Assoc1otion 51022 0U9-5.0412 009 Washington, DC: PURPOSE Nill1onol Cun.erelli...T f=edera! Trial Judg..; MeeI ITEMS PAID PP.OVIDED travel, !odglr:g anU :neab 
i3mt Person Rtporting 
Jhrt Rport 
T. GJFTS. (l11cl11dn thoH spo1151 01rd dependent childro1; .HL pp. 1S-3J filing i1Hfn14-ti11ns.) 
[ZJ NONE (No reportable gifts) 
Dart Hepon 
:--larnt Person Reporting 
051 fl!O 
II. INVEST.I-1 ENTS and USfS --income, valut!, 1rans1u:fitJnf (/ncluJei; thou lfOll,I! 1111d dtPl.!lldt:rll children,-SU lP 34-60 t>/ filin;: ln51rnctiim..J 
NOJE (N1! reportable i11u1me. ossc:ts. twnsoctions.) 
Gtu:. ;.dJe ;.; cnJ 
0GscnpliU!l /:.,.::ts {mcludinl! trust a:lctsl 
(lj {2) 
(2) (l) (4)I) (1) (5) 
Gi.111 IJ-11111y cc.J,,, Ccdo bu:,cr:c:kr 
Ammml Type (Cg. 
Value V