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Judicial Watch • Jay A. Garcia-Gregory – 2004

Jay A. Garcia-Gregory – 2004

Jay A. Garcia-Gregory – 2004

Page 1: Jay A. Garcia-Gregory – 2004

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AMENDED Government Act 1918 
Ii!.) NONE -(Non:portablcagn:ements.) :Z 
Spouses Non-Investment Income -(lfyou wcremarricdduringanyponioo oflhcropol1ingyear, pleasecompletethi$ sectioo. Dol11r amount na. required except tor hcmoraria.) NONE (No rcponabl oooinvestment income.) 
IV. REIMBURSEMENTS -lnnSpOrtalioo, lodging. food,enrc1Uiomcnt (Includes those spouse. and dep ndent children. Sec pp. 2S-Z7 instructions.) NONE  (Nosucbn:pblercimbunemcnts.) 
Oocludestbim spouse and dcpcndcot cbildreo. See 3234 instructions.) NONE  (No reportable liabilities.) 
Credit card 
Credit Cud None 
None MBNA America 1st Fed VISA Creditcard Nooe 
vrrr. ADDmONAL INFORMATION EXPLANATIONS 	EUROBANK acquired all bank services with The Bank Trost Puerto Rk>l due !heir merger which finalized May3, 2004. 
VJ. S,6,7. Banco Popular-VISA. MBNA America, and 1st Fed Visaa.) 
-. -.-,.,. 
,....... --J 
ID. NON-INVESTMENT !NCO ME. (Reporting iodividul and spouse; see pp. 17-24 filing instrucli011$) Filers Non-Investment Income NONE (No reportable aoaiovestment income.) 
(yours, net spouse) 2004 F.G.R.  Pension Plan Spouses Non-Investment Income (II you waemameddoril>g any portion the reportiog year, please complete this sectioo. Dollar amount not required except for hon maria.) 
G2I NONE  (Noreportableoooinvetmeotiocome.) 
IV. REIMBURSEMENTS tru1Sportation, 1oog;ng, rooo. emenaiomcot. 
(hlcllldcs those spouse and depentchildren. See pp. 25-27 iosuuctioos.) 
Ii!! NONE  (No such r 
Credi! Can! None MBNA America Ctp aame olllleinstillllioo dlle Ille metg