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Judicial Watch • John L Kane Jr Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

John L Kane Jr Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

John L Kane Jr Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Page 1: John L Kane Jr Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:5

Date Created:February 2, 2005

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:John L Kane Jr, colorado, children, dependent, district, court, 2003, EPA, IRS, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, financial, income, Judge

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11:1104 'l'HU 

1g11 uu.;:; 
Rane, John. ;L.. Jr. District Colorado
... 'I1tle 
o.s. senior iDisb:ict Judge 
. Qamltin omc.Adllinm 
U.S. District CQlrt 
901 19th eat fASJS 
Deaver, 80294 

. POSITIO..  .... lrdllilW..V.-.-r,,_ tl'.latlwtlaoJ -., 1 
Non AGREEMEN11 ,,,,........,.._,.,..,. 

[-;] NONE (Na, mpodlbla 
.JM.D lller'1NU-t...mamJacWne .f. NONE (No:lq'arlable hcnnr) 
May' 13,

::z:r:Z: c::> t'11 
...,.r-= ITJ!
:!! .2. 
B.. Speme'sNa-Ia'Nltm,t lm:o  I!)'Oa wen: amrrW dmia prim ef6118?', pilllie "Ml!"* thts r1.   (dollarmaBlt llOt reqalred ampt far holunria) NONE (No  

IIl. NON-INVESTMl INCOME. (Reporting iruIMt1.lllll and spouse: nepp. 11-i-1 ln61nu:iiorrs.J 

1/2004 U.S.C. App. / 01-1J1) 
FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2003 Per:son Reporting (Last name.first, middle initial) Court Orgunization Ka:ru:?: Jahn Jr. District Colorado 
May 13, 2004 Tide (A.rtide IUjwlges u1dicate active senior status: Report Type {check appropriate type) Reporting Period 
maginratejudges urdicate full-.or part 
_Nomination. Date 
Janua:cy 2004  December 31, 2003
U.S. Senior District Judge -Initial XK-Annual Final Ch1tmbers Office Address the basis tke information contained this Rt;Jort and any modifications thereto, Is.  opinion.1J.s. District Court ill compllance laws and regulations. 901 19th Street: iAB38 


:--;--; POSmONS. (pord11J" iNlividul o111y; .epp. J-13 f1f Instnu:tiom.) NONE {No rep(>rtable positions.) r""'l"t fT1 
o-.c.o c::> 
;aZ ,:5 A.GREErdENTS. (R.polting individiuzl only;PP. 14-16 of!nslnlt:tiora.) 
PARTIES AND C> NONE (No zeprtablc agreements.) fTI -=-  ll'ller's Non-Investmeut -me NONE (No repm:table nan-investment income.) Spouse's Non-InvestJnent Income -If you were married during any portion ofthe reporting year, please complete this 
:sec:tion. (dollar amo11nt n.ot required except for honoraria) 
NONE (No repoirtable nan-investment income.)
Jed Mattes Agency (Royalty income -rook publishing} Name Peon Rcponing John Kane, Jr. 	5/13/2004 
IV. REil.IBURSElJENTS -transportation, lodging, food. entertainment. (Tncludes those spollse and depen.dent children, See pp. 25-27 lns'trUctions.) 
SOURC16. NONE (No such rcortable reimbursements.)    DESCRJPTION 	Glli'lS. (Includes thos1rt spouse and dependent children. See pp. 28-J InstructionsJ SOURCE
 	NONE (No such reporcable gifts.) 
VI.. LIABILITIES. (Int.:lzu:les those spouse and dependent children See pp. 32-33 Instructions.) 
NONE (No rcportabXe liabilities.) "'Value Codes:. J=$15,000 o:rless K=$.15;001-$50,000   .  L=$50,001-.Sl00,000 
N=$250,001-$:500,000 P2=5,000,00 l-$25,000,000 Name ofPermn Reporting 	Date Report 
John Kane, Jr. 5/13/2004 
VII. Fage INVESTlt!ENTS and TRUSTS -income, value, transactions (Includes those
spouse and dependent children. See pp. 4-57 Instructions.) 
NONE (No reportable income, 
1st Bank int. int. 
(cash equivalent acct.  
Incorne!Gain Codes: A==Sl.OCIOless (Si::: Cul. B1, D4) F=SSO,OOI-$100,000Vab1e Codes: J=$15,0ll0 less (Sei CClL Cl, D3) N--$25{i.,00 I-$500,000 {Se.:: Col. C:!J 1J=BOa.k  B=S1,001;s::;,soo O=S2;501-SS,ooo 0=100,001-$1,000,0:lOHl=Sl,000,001-$5,000,000.K =SI 5,00 -$50,000 L=S0.001-Sl 00,0000=$500,CIOJ -$1 ,000,000 =$1,0l.10,00 -5,000,000P4=More than SS0,000,000R=CosL frcai c.:sU!.le uuh, s-. .;.sscssnre:tu.  'X/=Estimat:d  D=SS.OOi-SlS,000!:::=Moo:: than iS,000,000 M-Sl00.001-$250,000 i;'1=$5,000,0Gi-S25 ,000,000  E=S!S,OOl-$50,000  

Name Person Reportiog 	Date orRc:port FINANCI. DISCLOSURE REPORT  Kane, 'John  Jr. 
IX. CERTIFICATION. cei:tify that all informati1:>11 given ab9ve ("mcluding information pertaining spouse and minor dependent children, any) accurate, true, andcomplete tb.e best ofmyknowledge and belief, and1ha.tanyinfmmationnotreportedwas withheld because itmet applicablestatutory JIIOvisiODs pennitting tton-disclosure. fu:rlthcr certify that ilDCOtne from outside employment and honoraria and the acceptance gifts which have been reported are compliance with the visions t>f U.S.C. app.,  et. seq U.S.C.  1353 and Jtidicial Conference regulations. 
Date May 2004 
NOTE: INDIVIDUAL ANDWILFULLYFALSIFIESORF.AILSTOFIJ:,ETiilSREPORTMAYBE SUBJECT CIVIL AND CRIMINAL SANCTIONS U.S.C. App.,  104.) 	 '" ::-: .._ ". :. ..:_ "  :-. ::: :';.-.. '.... -.EILING -INSTRU:o,.._s:_.:.. ::f..._'.     ..-.. . ...... :_: :: !,... .-_   --   .... - :- '.' jlI 
  (""" 1;., 
 .._ 	2-3ai.  .
One -ll'C.-, N.-.Washington, D.C.  20544