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Judicial Watch • Jon O. Newman – 2004

Jon O. Newman – 2004

Jon O. Newman – 2004

Page 1: Jon O. Newman – 2004

Category:Federal Judges

Number of Pages:12

Date Created:November 4, 2005

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 29, 2014

Tags:wxlkr, voluocode, valuemelho, Jon O Newman, 2004, Codes, disclosure, report, Federal Judge, financial, Judge

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VI. LIABILITIES. cludes those ofspouse:inJ d1.11c;ndcn1 lhilJn. Sec pp. 32)4 ofinstructions.) 
NONE -(No reportablc bilitics.J 
CRED!JPR 212005 
fm.:m2in Codes: 
 -Sl.OOlS2.500 $2..SOlSS,000 
1SccColu :-B1 ud0-4) SSO,OOlSI00,000 2lu Codts: SIS.OOOork:ss ... SSO,oOl-$100,000 
(Sec Co3um1u ind 03)  5000-SSOO.OOO -SSOD,Olll SJ ,tXX>,000 $25,000.001 SSO,OOO.OOO  SMore than SS0.000,000 
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,.._-..,Ga-S.Codes:  11.000ll::u -St,ool-$2.SOO 
.SS,cm,ooo lD.  MOR Cbaa SS.000..000  SIOO,OOl-SlS0,000 
:-SIS.000 los$  SIS.001.SSO.OOO alwCodr: 
i:(lliu111s lJ -SlOO.OOlSl.000,000 -si.OOo.001-SS.000,000,ooo  SlS.OOO.OOlSl0.000,000 
SMore.SS0,000,000 :11luc ).tHloJ(ode$  A,  OSI (Ra! EstalC Oaly) Assessomt ... CasWMnrtet (ilunQr-) 
(iacludin1 tNSI as..wts) Pl3ccCxr:ilktrxb:i:sx1 mvtfrompriordisctoslR and Baldwin .....,... VoluoCode Code2(A-H) ValueMelho< (