Judicial Watch • JW v IRS 01559 Executed Declarations

JW v IRS 01559 Executed Declarations

JW v IRS 01559 Executed Declarations

Page 1: JW v IRS 01559 Executed Declarations

Category:IRS Scandal

Number of Pages:16

Date Created:August 22, 2014

Date Uploaded to the Library:August 25, 2014

Tags:01559, Declarations, IRS

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  • TB

    Kudos to Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch.

  • Justan Montana

    It’s high time for some real executions due to High Crimes and their Misdemeanors.

    I’m serious. Executing a few of these corrupt losers would go a long way in warning other “wanna be fools” to stop and think.

    I hope Obama (no matter what) is sentenced to Life in Prison Without the Possibility of Parole or Pardon!
    Death is too good for that scum sucking piece of lips.

  • jack lehr

    Many have been saying for years that the political movement that hides behind words like “liberal” and “progressive” is in character and motives the opposite of what the words are supposed to mean. After being called every nasty name in the book and scoffed at – well, howdy! Guess what? Turns out the left wing in the U.S. is no longer “liberal” and unless “progressive” means “police state” then there is nothing whatsoever “progressive” about them. This is scandal is much worse and further reaching than Watergate, yet where is the outrage from the guardians of liberty? Turns out nasty and corrupt doesn’t mean “intelligent” after all.

  • 14284641

    Put all of Holders attorneys and Holder, Obamination and Lois the bitch lerner in prison right NOW. This is a deliberate Obstruction of Justice in the Most Transparent Administration in history.

  • morefandave

    I can only hope that the judge is as upset as I would be under the circumstances. If I were still in private practice and I had made those kinds of misrepresentations to the court based on what my client had told me, I’d be moving to withdraw immediately. I don’t know what attorneys employed by the DOJ do (assuming they were kept in the dark). If Nixon and Mitchell had tried this, they’d have been thrown out of office and exiled somewhere-if they were lucky and escaped with their lives. If the news media want to restore even a smidgeon (that’s the right standard when dealing with IRS matters, right) of credibility, they will do stories on this. I hate to sound like a jihadist, but heads should roll over this one.
    BTW congrats to Judicial Watch! I’ll be making another donation and hoping many others will too. It’s about the only organization that seems to be doing anything to restore integrity in government.
    I just noticed the date on the Declaration: another Friday document dump. This is beyond disgusting!

  • Kimberly Thompson

    Right on, Tom Fitton & Judicial Watch, forcing the lying criminals who are “thick as thieves” to tell the Truth. I still Love America and it breaks my heart and shreds my soul that these evildoers are even allowed in this country. What they try to pull and try to force us to believe is unbelievable. it all comes down to evil self-seeking on their part….the only person I’ve seen who has a shred of self and others-respect is Rand Paul. He was being a wholesome representative of the U.S. while the other liars, cretons and America as well as Freedom-haters were thronging together in Massachuessetts, and coming across our Southern border as well as murdering real Americans in the middle east. Keep up your Great stuff, Judicial Watch, we’re counting on you.

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