Judicial Watch • JW v IRS 1:13-cv-01559

JW v IRS 1:13-cv-01559

JW v IRS 1:13-cv-01559

Page 1: JW v IRS 1:13-cv-01559

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Date Created:August 14, 2014

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  • dude911

    Did they really? Yet, at every step, JW exposes more and more facts that the Congressional Committee never saw, never attempted to get, and resolved themselves not to try because stooges from the administration whitewashed the scandal…
    Heck of a way to accomplish your goals. Just play like nothing is wrong. It works for the willfully ignorant.

  • Eldridge P Barrington III

    Congress, more specifically, the Republican majority, for the most part achieved their goal. Bad mouth the other side… get some political mileage out of pointing the finger and calling the other side out for wrongdoings. No matter the organization, agency or department. Anything they can point at and say, “see, they are bad”. A clean, legal, well run governmental agency or department is the last thing they want to see. Citizens? Puullease…Other than being seen as cattle to be swayed, prodded or scared by the finger pointing and accusations, into voting for a certain side, we are non-factors. MO$T of U$ do not have loud enough VOICE$. $peaking i$ $till free, but it TAKE$ $$$ to be heard.

  • dude911

    Its a pity that Congress is no where near as effective as JW.

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