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Judicial Watch • JW v State Psaki Rosen 3807 Responsive records 4

JW v State Psaki Rosen 3807 Responsive records 4

JW v State Psaki Rosen 3807 Responsive records 4

Page 1: JW v State Psaki Rosen 3807 Responsive records 4


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Date Created:June 19, 2017

Date Uploaded to the Library:June 30, 2017

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Sen Manday, May 09,2015 5.29
Yo: Anmea James, Evk (ms) (W) Blvwn, (W); McAdams,
5mm: URGENT; sngmm Vrdcw new Press Manny tum-bu 2013 lmpnmnm: ngh
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UNCLASSIF .Depanmemelsme Case Mowamuzs Doc cusnoua Dma: 04/122017
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Index for Today; Brie DEFARTMEET NATO Mmisxeml HaNIS [AN annual Semily Agrecmcm Pas-2014 XEPAETME Travel Mnldava SEA Semxary Kurys Converwion; wiuh Kmai Susan Trip Afghanistan DEEA navel osca Demonslrnlv nns Pnsvlmn Eumpean Imegmwn (Russinn Pmpwsal fanUrRussmrUkmmc Talks TYmashcnku Cnmribunnns ovcw EiTorls Desuroy Syria Chemical Wnpansl us. Vmel
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UNCLASS Depan memorsme Case 01641025 DncNa (205170314 Damzmnmo
(306170814- IED nepanmemaisms Cine F-2DIB11026 Do: No. 606170614 Babe: 04/12/2017 chisings/TechnicniDiscussions/Us DiplamlicRdnlmnswilhkm C_H_NA Air Defense ldammmlmn Zoncl FM/ ICAO PivalmAsi: wax illNeumann/KznntlhBa: ISRAELIPAIESTENIANS Pm: Prncess Dnlcu Nzgmiaiivns Slcnmry Kerry Meetings THAILAND pnimnniiy MolivmndViolenm Topic 5mg Govtmmenl oIAusnniin Rtjtcllon nMDMs Pmpowd Acquisiiian afGrninCorp lmclligtanammng 90va ennniiniinnnirmms BAHRAIN Nnbgleajlh
M5. FSAK]: Hi. mrym. Happy
QUES HON: Happy belnmd binhday
MSI PEAK]: Think you. Thank wry mucni Twenty-Mn. lls glorinun (Lauginnm
QUESTION: And you will for ncxi
MS. PSAK]: wiii
QUESTION: Wiini, Ian
MS, PSAKI: kasi, Icnl. Wen, Inm naming mp, Man let whm yourmind,
QUESTIpN: Lcl soc. Inmn lot--
MS. PSAKI: Okay.
quasnon; inn nothing mny wonh Hurling mini, lets ,nn sian mu. Lh: Secnurys mp,
MS. PSAKI: Okay.
QUESTION Boih vexcluding hc middle slap Mnidnvn, lh: bcgjm haw .mn the NAC yuu
cxpeu golng canoemmiad Argnnnman and Ian Ialkmg Inn BSA Win Them Afgbnn
UNCLASSIFIED Depanmem Slae Case F-2016-H025 Don: 003170514 [Imam/1212017
C06170814lED Depanmenloislale Case SWIG- 026 Doc Nn.Cu l7u814 Dale [MHZ/2017
oossireo Folk Jud you
omcinls mere talk Willi? And men well. Lhalll 111]! one quesilon ror
Ms. PSAKJ- Okny Well well clearly, iypienlly dc, doing brie mmc Ibm ilie Hip and our yisii NATO isienal lomormw. wneie mine liave more speeiric deieils aliooi
whD will onenoing Obviously. Aignmisian and ongoing presume limo poor-20w otine Uniierl
Sioies and niNATO vnll oeriaioly oig Icpic ufdiicussinn. Bul will lei our orieieis oniline mom specifies NIH! Brussels
QUESTION: All rigm Well, was going ask nooui ilie Middle EIISI our welIe slop Israel and FA. Bin youx: juei one you going give ml: some answu wail Ioi lee briefing plane?
Ms. PSAKI: likely will.;ies.
QUESTION: okoy. W:ll, Ih=n never inino,
Ms. rsalai Okay.
QUESTION: And IIieri qulckly Arglimisun MSJ SAKJ: Snr:,Le lEy QUESTION: wliai tuner happening {or irying malv: iliis issue wllh Mghnnisinnv
Ms. PSAKI: Well
QUESTION; far as- irur Ihal
QUESTION: The exoeily
MSV PSAKI: Th! signing] nssuml QUESTION: irue Special Envoy Dobbins lies gone his Afghanisl
MS. psnm; dnn hlv: sny nnnouneernenis inis nolni novel to. him anyone else. Obvinusly, our
lean! iris ground, Ambassador Cunmnghnm anal oiueis. have been close oonniei inis puinl. weve
made our oosinoo clear, and liaye ilie Aiglran oooole. signing rlie BSA soon hc pain inrwnro. weve
said many riines, susiaining nanneisnin oelweeri In: Unilcd Slim: and Afghmllslnn luppan Afghms achieving Insiirig penoe. aeoiiniy, and developmeni. Thnls message moi were. eonveyirig every
level. And wcvl snld oezore bul inioonani reiieriie here. given week 1ch now: deterring
[he signaluv: of): ageing! unll! llcxl years clzclion with. wnuld pmvm: Afghans
win. In: cenninly ilini iney deserve regarding slieu fume crilicd nionihs leading ilie eleeiions nor
would pmvidc h= Uniled sures NATO nllies olamy neoessary {or poisnrial poSI-Z nary
presence. were conu nuingio convey our, OurIemI ilrie giouno eeminly hard work. don have any novel
onnoonoeinenis. Imini onnnges. wcll eennioly lei oil you know
QUESTION: Has Seemiary spoken Presidani Knrzai die lasl couple ordnys BSAI
UNCLASSIFIED Depanmemuisme CasaNu.F-2016-11DZE Doc Nocuawnau Dale uo/lzlzuw
(206170814329 v.5 Dapamnenlolslale Cass Holmium no: cuellueld Dale 04/12/2017
ooow loooilvogn
M5, PEAKI: has no: spokcn wllh him HI: laxl couple ordnys. QUESTION: And Pmlngon inday said moi mis noi the curl an: alter BSA signed. lhl and
Alylnnismn hnv: ncgotinle nnd inon agiooinonl onllod sum and would done the slow
Dtpmmenl Has pmccss slmtd SOFA. digning 5an will. Afghulimn? MS. PSAKJ: have look more speal who day said. Maybe youn rcferring Ilia NATO
SOFA diey may linyo nngmialc and siyl, laciinvo, slop? Bul ran out purposaa, limo-d
sigmn goes mmugh puliamcnl. Ihcn would have signod uglin. Obviouily. 2i: all very
ram. wim, Inis dDESI aulline SPELi nmnbex for mop pusmcc. there would daal
plannlllg Ngalds llini moi DOD would alnly to: vary engaged wim But lenn: ail-hat. hav:
look spul cnlly whal lhzy sald. lni rainilioi wlih {hm uEsTloN: Dmehu II-K ndlinc, deadline to: signing MESA. one: which you will oagln
oiooanng for oil hoops null {mm Afghanislan pusl 2014, PSAKI: nol gain! 5;! new rzdllnts ardaudllrlu may, say Ball kip mum,
won, you all know. docinon lam made. You would know ilil had bun alarming, lmnps ccmmly polrnllul oulcom: ran Afghnnisum iflhele BSA. do: is, again. noi our
pnfarencz. bul noluial planning would have like plus! for all cunl oplioni.
QUESTION: Hovo you ried underslnnd wuy Pmld Kmi doing wlm lids doing wnducling
himselflhe Way Ms? De) ynu luv! Chapel piclum Him do. far immune?
ms. PSAKJ: know and hive any mhu innglu Khan you Obviously, Sooiciory spelt: will.
Ium losi week, you all woll know oonlinuo pies: our Cast loi why ilus should signed quickly possibk, hul ldanl hnvc any analysis pmicullr action! cDmmnnls Afghanistan
QUESTION: you mink iliai oomaas more wnczmld dooul his pmonal safely posl :leclmns
Ms. PSAKI: Will Icl you. Said. yourown nnalysia ldon-i have any mhu analysis but any more Afghanistan?
QUESTION: Iusl lripi
MS. ISAKI: Mm-hmm.
QUESTION: Lllos: who interciwd Moldova MS. rsmu. Voa. QUESTION: cauld yaujnsl lell why slop Moldovn Whals impananm7 5:: wmnry,
Ms. PEAK]: Sum. Moldova cuunlry lha has numbcr oflmponlnl Mom Step! Iccull yean.
They hnvc lhcy inking my: {I} gmwmon ooonoiny, and wlne ahvlausly signi oonl upon laui iuoy hlv: noninor nfcxpans didy Ilsa work wim. And yvcn die my: Uncyve (liken. in: Sureury
would imponnm nppommily play you, Yuud lino: chuck binary and tools hm, hm}
helm-o may in, am, one onlac Scucwries pay ollnmal visll Moldova
UNCLASSlFlED Depanmenlolslale Case F-ZmaAlDZE no: coalmald Dale,0 l12/2m7
CO61708141ED Depanmsnioisiaie Case 01311025 Doc cneimah DaIE ommz
0mm: amiss
QUESTION: And sisa comes, nbvinusly. IighI ine dmidnd sign h= nyumcnl wim in:
Msi PSAKI: Mm-Iunm QUESTION: Mnldava did you could read Inlo Ihis iiui ihe Socxtury wanlx bunk mam give
man samcihing siyi orsuppon
ms. rsm. eU, had planned Ihls (his trip was iii: works berm: inldocision made,
cenmnly, may have put iii-mi? emf-mus plan: Ind Lhcy working Ihclr lmnumy and 7m: Sammy wusimpnrlnnuo hiyiiigmuisi
QuEsTION: ruiiawmg
QUESTION: Dkay Cln our just Afghanisinn for briefly7
are. Okly. hcn well Aunt.
QUESTION: gun: In: wssk oflas week wimi dld Scalcmry spank wilh KnrzaI before Ambassador Ric: wn: ihmi Ms. PSAKI: bels 5:: spoke wiIIi Kumi Prcsideni Kmi have Innk bank. Ibslxm was prior Visn. Lei double chscx far you mak: sure
QUESTION: [he lIsI SEle nmci spm wuh Kmi, far ynu knuw. was Ambassador Rice.
Ms. PSAKI; beiieveimisoonsu. yes
QUESTION: Ins: {chewing Moldavn for Uknin: lubslimlion, ying msiSsmury Kmy wmiid
noI, mid hm. widdy expecicd. amend Ihc 050157 when said um, don knew. album dnys aga
MS. PSA Mm-l-imm
QUESTION; Wei: Jusl very hsgmning armis whole cplsadc PSAIG: Mm-hmmv
ouesnow: And lhal point you was Scheduling issues bid would fem his cmccllaiimi. ynu sucking mal siiii cast? sum: pDIIcy Implwmions his decision
rim OSCE7
MSI YSAKJ: sticking wiiii mm, mjusi laaking Lcsicy MI: 7mmsmimy eye, sucking have any guidanc: ynu Iha mini, Assistant SucreI-ry Nuisnd sun planning and Ihu: joining for iii: rim visil.
QUESTION: oi. Syri-7
Ms. PSAKI: Mm-hmm
UNCLASSIFIED uvs Denanrnemolsiaw Case F-ZDIBJIME Du: cosimam Dsie mam/2017
c06170814=>ED usuepanmenlarslaia Case Nc.F ZU1 HDZS DocNo cuswuem Dale (MHZ/2017
Chains: rein insignia
QUESTION: lsii.. QUESTION you iall ii; ilia ali, serfyi QUESTION, Sany. Jail iliis chum: Chanda {in Lasley hedulmg inasiins, nix ilia was: ilnai
niii doing [ml gulng Ihls mp7 not going Kyiv Sign ofdisplcasm
Ms, PSAKI: will you your awn leponing. Man. ilnni rim ally nima analysis cmnmnnu
mini rim.
QUESTION: And en: mi: quick one Ukraine
msa PEAK}: Min-him
QUESTION: Obvmusly. Wzm suing 1h: ilsinansiniiiiins vinlani cmkdnwn
MS. PSAKI: Mm-hmm.
QUESTION: Wliaii in: mpansc Rom iii: siaie Dcpmmcnw
Ms. PSAKI w:ll. Wer: ofcourst, naiiinilly. clnsdy innniioring in: aligning dunullilmliolls. i-iai only
xyiv liiii clues amiind ukiaine. you know, sinss damnnsiiiilnns bzgan Nuvtmbu (hare have can incmsing niiinbci afvmlnm incidnnis, innliiding againsl juumalisls slits: iliaie min, Ind wmimk aims ilim main iai vialcllm mun-r; lliiii ugim ioa dcmocllllc lm. cnnlmue call iin iill sides iii mainiain calm, and Uknuuun nuihariiiss membus anhe public nnd lh: imam ab]: aaisly and ptuzfully (Bruise Lhtin-ighlsofspmch nna assembly meniianad linla hll balms, siill have ASSISIBnI Sammy Nlllalxd siill ylniiiiing naval iliaia.
The Uknlnml roicign minisiry announced min lhe minisleriul pmcudillg plannld
QUESTION Bu! there was
QUESTION: sure Ukrlin: touniry upim dtmacmn: iumxz
ms. lasing; Any Lounlry iliai may lspiui cenainly. Ihzse impamni values follow inioiigli
QUESTION: Riglu. Bill are you ill min/mead niai Uluainc wire: wzslwnid-leukmg. dcmaciaiic
Ms, rsma: wall. will in. Man. Time will Aciioni ipenk louder iliaii wards.
QUESTION: you du:s inia
QUESTION: yaii Sllll sland Ih: cammenls innda xiy AmbassadarNuland liar simian iii lh: Allamic
Council :ouyle ofwuks ago and alsn :oinnienis run-ii oils pudium ihai your belielmsl Uki should {allowing in: palh iawaiils Jaimng 50m: kind alumchlinn aymnani with (he EU? PSAKI: Sure Ourviewhunolchanged Dnmi obviously.ili=u)iiaveaazi-ialaiaiavsnu minim:
UNCLASSlFlED us. Dapanmaniorsuire Case F-zuisnuze DecNo (306170814 Dal9304/12/20W
C06170814=lED DepanmamoiSlale Case No. F-ZD16 11025 Doc coenuau Dale.04!12/ZD17
ooenss iiEFOlALl/Juibzialwayzn in:
inopem since them oui
QUESTION And you believe lbal ille dzlnunslnlinns are noninlly lhaI will wlm7
lineuib seems iliai ihzym demonslruling because meyie ungiy lliul irie goyeinineni linsni Inken lhis
piili iiiiils boon lnld oul for iliein,
MSi PSAKJ: would poini you ilie coininenis otilie demonsuniois, ofwrlich ilieie linve bcen ineny doni wuni speuk ilieii bennlr. bu ouu posiiion hasni dlangcd wiinl sleps iliey cauld lake
Obviously, ils kaalnz lake iliose mus QUESTION: bulnl mean, lht Uniwd Sula ifyobl donl Wan! give youv buklng [hem
leusi synipeineue wliui ibe dcmcnnr eic esliiiig loi. MS. PSAKI: AgainY [he dtmonsuaum are ying ring: oflhings, dont -b:yond whll mud
publicly many llrnus, don have any other hcrpubllc Slammcnl) outpaslllon, whth has been suled Assisiuni gecieeny Nulund and oiliei olrieiels ilie peel seveiel weeks
QUESTION: leln ibe esiiineies orsoine 300,000 people who were dcmanslrnling moss ibe oouniiy
gunduy, and given Lhm iboy 3115301, poison, suying lbui liie gnveininenl ignoring llieir Wish inoie closely .llgned will. Europe. lsn disingenuous (oi iliis building suggcsi mil iney need show iesliulniv Theyie nol ilie ones wlio nee liludgeoning people with bunering innis und mining iubbei
bulleis ilie police. seems mcy llklllg ilie brum oleveiylliing hnls been bippening. M5.Y AKI:1don Honk sides llhillk sold ibcii inioonuni loi ull sidesioi-ii ncnlin. iiin ineie-s pleoe loi cum Cnumry moi uspiies deinoniuiio mine. ldon-i would giee DYEmiSl youl clllms. QUESTION: Who: does mis building think die prim lliSllrS cell his secuniy {ones show iesiiuini end seemingly inissing non when Sunday ibeie we: more violenoe lie-pod upon one
dei-nonelnilon. panicululy Kym
MSi PSAKI: Well. Ilhillk ljusi exoiessed whm oui view violence ngoinsl demonsliuiois. lliulls
wboi ouryiew guns-non: ciui nos inc Seoieiuiy spoken snlmbody Ukninc. his eounieipnm
MS. PSAKJ lie noi ilie lusi oeveiul day: Inn oneek Hunts been oinee cells [lll noi ewuo
ouusnon: aeoouse one onlie big issues for uluoine luring iiselruwuy rioin Rusm end looking
.lowlrds Weslcm Europe loi economic supunn And um: orilie big ibings elm lbe pmidcm ofukiuine
headlng com lock loi lliei, Alld ir-l was wondeiing irilie u.s. orieied ibein kind some kind
oruisuiui lce ienssuinnce ewnnmically :lisi ilicy could belle: offhy signing muse deuls and willi
nuppon und 1h! us. would suppon uny kind orieioi-in iluougli ilie lniernuiionnl Moneinry Fund.
MS. YSAKI: Will, lsid: from public :mlcmcllis ME. which [51a kfzrulzed, is- thin our bllid
Lhal Eniopsun iniegiuiion ilie suiesi oouioe econoinic giowili end suengiliening Ukmncs deinoeiosy.
Thal siill oui bolier Thats oeen consisienily oui belier laui beyond inn, lin noi ewuie oiuny oinei
diseussinns Obvluusly, Inns loi cre liners going wlib one .nd uiiin linisin. end beyond line
huve mude oui puxillun Glenn
uNclASSlFlEu Depanmemoisme Case No.F-2D16- l1025 Doc coelmlm Dale:D4/12IZD17 4=lsn Depanmem Slate Case Ne.F- uIE-11026 uoo No. cuswuam Dala: [la/1212017 nun
QUESTIO And what the buildings polilinn all dmmlon aquliz Tymoshtnko?
Ms. PSAKI: Wcll, havc ccnxislenlly spaktn abal Lhis pas! and expand our oonoem abm her
dlxenllan Iknow ths alsu nmnpnntnl was polennouy belng worked mg. elcmcnl
Ukmine gcnlng inw hc EU. mnsislemly :xpnssed comm, encouragpd lnem Inks gens
ermn oovlously, Lllerr. hasnt hcen program [he gonna.
QUESTION: snnyv what dld you sly w-s suresl way econonilc gown?
Ms. YSAKI: 5mm.
:gmlan sures! Cams: amnamic yowlh Ind smngmening
QUESTION: Dld ynu give some ndvlc: Lhe Gruks7
Ms. rsmu: Mm. Behnve. have any more Uknlin: Mghonlslon. slim: louohod mu: mow
Ms. PSAKI; Om,
owns-non: The. Rooms unve pmpnwd EU, Ukraine, and Russ gel lagemcr dlsauu same
(has: pxoolems, Woulo 1h: Uniled lcs {nvarof some klnd ofa lrilnlcral discnsxien discuss ecunamlc smmmn and palxtlual dlfhxenm
MS. PEAK]: wnuldnl inmlve Unlleo smles. loonl pnmculox oosmon. happyw talk
our [cam and see ifwc have view mu.
Ukminc Afghanistan? om, should move Syrlnl Las Margarcl.
QUESTION: Thank you Jen. the crew imd ovenlle pail rew days mat the ileppcd up, nu:
mcym gnlng gwe opemuonnl suppon, enng nanclng Con yml gwe some mm: delull um?
Ms. rsmu: Mmrhmm Well. Idon knnw lrn wlll slllsfying, low let (Laughter) Well, yml
know Ihc Unued Sales wmmilled iuppuning llle inlemnuonol wmmumlys :ffans dcslmy Sym
onemloal weapons salosl; mast emolem nnd eolwe mums pusslbl: llove cmd and
cunenlly oulrmil-lg uvs ventl wilh nelaoeoloynole hydmlysis syslem ltchnology supper! crew-s
={hms .We plus: comic! mun opcw und our inlemalional pan-nus and remain dcnl
Cln meel lhe nuleuones {or destruction sel lhe OPCW Ofmuue. OPCW Mullins and
mnnln [em manilmluxs {etching on! commas Ind coomlnellog moo romo Ind urnelme.
QUESTION: But (he nmcmg, what exaclly dual were cving chunk cfdlnnge? lhll
nancing and loans.
Ms. PSAKI: Well, weve ollered WW: offend the -prlor am, luvs cnd hav: gum-l
million 0!: chw and Tmsl Fund ball nanolul unnmbmlons and lund, [think guv:
some mulenals well Ihisv orcaulse. would DOD velsel. would poinl you lnenl
uNCLASlelED DepartmemclSlale case 01311025 Doc CD817051A Dale MHZ/2017
C06170814IED us, Dapsnmenloismla Case F~ZOIB~HDZS Doc coawoal-t Dalia 04/122017
oooim iioroinioioooinoion in:
speci cosis Tliis, iii iliis ooini. orroi, lhmk inors siill being workui thollQL oucsnoni b:yond Ih: vessel, (he orcw says ilie loan going balwml million
cum: roi lh: giiinis Eumrl urs wlio woolo aclually
Ms. PSAKL Mm-hmm.
QUESTION doing (It: disposal lheinsolvos any omiol mnney wniing lhmiiyi iii: Sim
sznmnam, lhe Sm: Departmmx lowed oui milliom
Ms. PSAKI: Wcll, wev: sniil 0pm :xploring oooiiionol ways pmvldc usixlances ldunl have
any nnnmmccmnms iodoy Maddi unal iissisionss was planning provide, bin iliiii :mainly meming
Wer: discussions wiin lhl opcw oooiii.
QUESTION undsisiono oomoily. ooininoioinl vessel Barred. lhal [hey trying
MS. PsMui
QUESTION: (lmudlbln)
mso PSAKJ u.s. GDVEHIXHEHI onsssl. noi commeminl mscl
QUEsnoN: Righl.
MS. PSAKI: aiii ilim pan uriliis and lhis may wliai yaun asklng ooool wnioli Lhc opcw
mcliing ooi coininminl Campanies oooiii in: dcslruclion ongooiliiies,
QUESTION: okay QUESTION: wlm DOD nui ning own bal which will willi Don osisonnol whn will inis7
MS. FSAKI: lil hIVE thank speci olilini. 1in some orii may sun work going
_mmiigi ilio piocoss oiboing oiii, Mall. limos: layve sirloin: rbul nbvlously, how would
slu and ih: mnimnls and die money lmean. all ufumsc picm at: slil] being discusszd.
QUESTION, you mmally rim limeline and in: ocaimu loi Wher: Ihis wuuld nooooin
ms. PSAKI: donx have louiion, Tliiik siill being diwussud. 1n: iinisliiio. ynii know, is, iiio nDXI no! deadline, ils iaigex DecemhilliAndhlli1Io iill athc chcmical weapons um, lemls ofwlizii neiil slap wuld loan-l liovo mall! amol,
QUESTION: lrullw pan orinis klnd DODr avnred, bu you iniglii know in: nniwei.
MS. PEAK]: Mmrlurlm,
QUESTION: propsr cull liiis wmhlp, n-iilimi-y-uwned, bill noinoii-wmliip ship?
UNCLASSIFIED Depanmemofstala Case Fr20151026 DnuNn OOEI7OSM Dole mliz/zaw
C06170814=l5n U,$.Depanmenlaf$laba case N0.F~2015HD25 Dchu cuawuaw naiewdnzlznw
Chains: Eroiummaiwm in:
Ms. PSAKI: Tim very specl snip qussliou. wuuld liesium answu incamclly have Lhzck specineully how caizgorw; Idonl belitv: Warship. lei sec ifwc can 551mm:
specins uiiou how call molly
ours-now: Okay, And policy sidci pm. Lime disuppomousuilim caning aboul {am rneud lien. ends being liawig esscmlnlly lhis own
Ms. PSAKI: wouldnl culzgonzo iliui way im, ccminly mix priority for die for
miemuuouul mmmumly, desimy uud eliminai: chtmlul weupuus, The opcw gull
eoumnes There Ilr: mummies itll! have mude public commenis nhnul meir willingness help. wcll Sc:
liuw msi .ll slum And cenninly. weiwm suppon orcouuiliuiiou oiome. melnu
QUES IION: Well, ldimupiue riom your puspemve, should shared prioriiy Among many unions
who would also slim um: goal oriliu ullimnk d:5lm:mn, rigid? lmsuu. emylmdy was wnvirlg
when when miug wus signed. MS. PSAKI Cunalnly, Ind mar: an: Wumnti, you know, lhlollghul that hair: bean wen mum luumg mu: couldu-i roi mieiy orieom, whuher u-s reguimions upuciiy iesouices Bill (htyr: sun talking cannula Abomcamribuling uud being oluiis. Ind ceminly were hopeful
ihal well. QUESTION iflhe dussliun is, Are you Surprised thl you been lmldiup iiie hug oi. nus, mic:
msi PSAKI Wum poi holding (h: bug yui, Mun. nnsw=r wduld youre snrpns=d. Yuu cxpecud ybur fricllds Ellwpem wimp
Msi rsua: Well. mude clear wemaum Wmnhming fmm nus beginning, Mun, There member
souumes did- have expressed upemieis com buling some capamiy all gaing makc
sious uhoui whit will whll lhui will and well lei iii: OPCW dscide how III will
wark iupcmer.
muss-non; vlisi uuoui Russia, who you made his deul wiih and in: hczn insrrluncnul. you say,
helping mave mi; lowalds lzs Why cum Russln oouuihuis siguncuul way like you can?
MS. PSAKI: lm familial will. wlm iiiey have couuibuied wnui Khey soniuuued Domnbme Whnl mey have poi Obviously, mere Ir: numciul Wuys~ are mlfnhtr ulmys cannibme
sumiuly welcamc caunlry communion, diffcrcm wuys cwmry can
QUESTION: Ar: you myth with Ihe Russians speci nlwul winking :umribulmn?
MS. PEAK]: nul sum thank nnlhngmd 5:: lfils wssilm (hals bun pan 01th
reguiu discusswlls wilh Foxiyi Minism Luvrvvi
QUESTION: Jen. siill Syria
uNCLASSiFiED U.SVDevanmenlMSlals Case F-2016I1026 Doc Nocoeimw Daie- 04/122017
C06170814lED us. Dapanmanlofslate case F-zolselldza Doc comma Dale DMZ/2m?
Ovalred his eiiiueieeivsm in:
Ms. PSAKI Mm-hrnin
QUESTION: Yesieiduy, Mike Rogers, ihe chili dime lriielligenee Coininillee. warned more are many
lihadis ihui ure Americans und Elimpcalls end Wesle rriers und any ihiii ihey back and rank red sii on,
Are you :onaemed album lhese Jihudis being irained Syriii nrid ridw ihey mine back lhe Uriiied Slams
and perhaps ergunize iemieisi eeisl Ms. YSAKI, havenr seen his eqrunienis speci cally. know bclizv: may have been Sunday show yesierduy. hiverir reid iriciri fully Weve- ruiurully wncemnd you know, uoour exrreniisis wheiliei ilieyre going and mainly and lfmeym euiriirig oui liulhed llnle ihink itwls week iwo ago. uhour ways ihiii coordinuie wlili our iMDmMioml puriners rhe region huid
lmnk ihis and Marie uudenikc make in}: weiching, hill oleeurse were concerned. dan luv: oilier speci loi you. QUEsrlo Arc yall giessiug yaw pamm iri ihiseuse. lilre irie Suudis and ihe cueroopeisiior. Councll counines. mui have been supplying urnisund money ihe oesi for ilicsc exlrernlsi gmum -nre you pressing [hem sn7
Ms. rsm: have consisienily, urid ull irie Wumtyicie you kmw. hav: agreed reoeuieily eonulhuie
issismnce ihioiigh iiie sMc. now, any, ierday ihere wns repon iri ihe Tellgmyh, Tile Loruuri Telegraph. thl says cslly rhe Free Syrian Army now becoming griiup olwurloids and Ilctumulming money urid gangs
rind und huve mien, really ieschingu Stlllcmml. ihii your ussessirieui, ure you slill
working very closely wiih Geneiul Jdns?
Ms. PSAKI: Ir: silll workl very elosely wiih Gemsl ldris, siill working inwards Genevu
wllfercllcc Innlnry, Ind siill ll-ieres niililnry snh mn, you know, Mom Syriir
QUESTION: Silll Syria
MS. YSA la: uheud.
QUESTION: sun Syria, lhe lruniun Foieign Minisiei Lurirdiil iriierview wim 1mm lhis
mnming. And when came Gum/ii ll. suid wliile Inn is, guuir: nor beggingio imerid rhe mks iri
laniiui-y, would nilciid iriniiiieii rsi guesiion, voiild in: lie willing iie mire pen mes: inlm And iroo, whei does ihe us, believe ihui mn could bring ihii iimsnon ryw end civil
MS. SAK]: Well, dcclsluxls have bull nude ghoul pan yel Tmus InDIhuln aleml acting Deccmbkr coming ihsr will pmieip rig wuh ihe und ihe Russims oiir paslhon hssui
changed lruiis plrllclpahml wheiher (V: rhey should inviied They hive nol endorsed ilie
Genev. mmmumqul:Thals feel nuzssary. our obviausly rhii will (onlinue iii
discussed ihe nexi iriluierul mtlli
QUESTION: given ihe ihr now esiiiriuiing ilinr upwnrds 2072 peuple runy huve
been killed Lhe givil wiir duie
uNcuslelED Depanmeninlslme Case zulslluze DocNa. CDE WOEN Dale 04/12/2017
(30617081 Depanmanmisuaiu Case NovF-2015-11026 DncNa.EU617DE14 Dam.u4/12/2017
0mm warming in: PSAKI: Mmrhmm.
ouzmom than some sonoilevmge min T:hlancou1d bring (he ublc rry indum lb: Assad
Kgime in. running em, slop ih: inning and rry 131m Win: sun nlocasc
Ms. Psiua: Wei] ihis goes 1):;le die premise lhal unendus should mdmsmg Lhe Geneva
communiquc. because whal il-e purpasz and gual unhe wnfcmncc 59, rhm uny
xpoculalion wirar lwemg: may may may not have. bin cunmsuiiuns hnvn n-d wuh hErn mum! weeks 11ch min rimir nuclmr pmyam and moving towards rn. -slep nyccmml Ihal
Tlieyv: nol been focused Syria And our pasiiien whamu [My shuuld mend in: Gent-In
cunrmnce iununry hasni changed. quzsno nu: yau (hut ifmcy cndolse Gmevnl rum gnai d:a afvuluc for irun
msu PSAKI: Well. have
QUESTION consid ing mar
Ms. PEAK]: Wed have zvaluaw ii, Suid mun-i want ger uhead ar-- QUESTION: Bin its very ally ragimlv suppons timer :lchenii that hclp regimr min, like Hum-dish on.
Ms. PSAKJ: 1mm they take, can my: robust drscussiun lbnm
QUESTION: Jen, 3:: nny cum-as :umnily wzcn Umled Siaes Gnumnrcnr and lh! Syrian
mgrrnw rnrun, lknnw Sammy Keny spoke mumhs and momhs n30 Ms, PEAK]: Sum
QUESTION: Fulciyi Miniskr Muuurrn, unyrhing going the mamem?
Ms. PSAKI And huvc for same mg, you know an: dmmni chmlx, bur doni
anyming speci for yau [can :hxk irrirm have been any comma nny imi
OUEsTIo than: rzpnrls rim wukmd rirur some European mnmes quietly bzgimiing
MS. PSAKI: Mm-hmm.
QUESTION: rengzn dipiamii: mnvznauons dimmniswlm Lhc Syrian regim: becuuse, mink, die
fear Lhm iius isJusl biunkrri Iii: mar-mu mzy
Ms. PSAKJ: Mm-hmm.
oussnum run going anywher:
msi mm: Well, lcx 592 Where My; bean Iuly {animals any 1an am: regime, wn: hnva
happcncd dis pail, yau memiamd, win in: irruerr-s mm: rzpn dial
uNcLAssiFIEn uepanrnemmsme Case Fame 11026 DocNo.C061703i4 Dae:04 2f2017
(20617081450 Deoanmanrolsaale Cass No. F-2D1E-11UZE DoeNo canvasia Daie (MHZ/2h
oaanea rlEFOlALleAiclalI/ dayzn oussnom Can bark lire lnmlnns and kmg parr Gcncv lrnean. rninlr over laal week so, wnen lhercs hem. like, Variuus aolrls ofvinlenc: Sylla. rnal lhc llanrar-r Gayernr-nenl lras said mar
rnere nerds palrrieal solarlan lilo sirrralion syna. you llrinlr lnal lran walking rnnre
par oornrnenls? nrean. dun llrinlr Ih: Russians nave gone far beyond saying llrar lnere needs bl: poll cal salnllon. They nayen-l said anylhlng nhoul Presidenr Asa-d leaving (rnarrdrala).
ms. rsaru: Well, lire wnole ymmisc arena whale gun! aroale anal governing lrpdy. Tnnls llia gnal aia Geneva canfcmncc 5a, oerrnrnly. lney hnven tmbrlbed rirar are roerrs ollne Geneva earnrnaaiorre, ana
QUESTION Well. even llrorryr lne Russians have agreed polrliaal nar-rsl rion. your delinlrion lmnsilion iar difklznl lronr ine rllan lhc Ruuinns nilion lraasillon. lire lraaiarrs were
any, lrlre. okay. aocepl polil lransrrion. ineaa. daes raal really mean lnar rlrey
MS. ISAKI: lls nol jusl abnul pal cal iransilian, Ils aboul mbmcing Geneva WIN-ml
llrey have nal done llrney rllar. evaluale wherllerol nor wed supporl are inylusnanro rllenr allend rile conference. ouasnon: Zuif also lold inn nrs arranrry nor rnrereelpd aggrayrling any analanan rensions
aelween snrrre and Sunni, aelweerr Alnwile and olher mljnr lslarnra mmrnanrrres; lnal lcy lrying la, slreir errans, prornale male irarrrrony, more peace. noes urar add any daea lirar change are mmplzxion all. panlerrlarly Syria? MS. l-sruu: donl wanl apealr loo ape: daily rnloryiewl havenl yel xccn yer, and neilner has
anyone orrr learn. Broadly speaking. obViallxly laolr signirraanr slop forward willr lire rrrsr-slep
agreemenl man nrralear program. bur lrrere are remaining aoneerns lnnl yarr all are familiar
wiur, wnelner llsl nvolvemml suppon arme regime Syria nrrrnanrlarran rasaes. and rlral nas
nor chmgcd rlrar. ran lake elaeer Innk anoe see rile lransenpr rlre inlerylew and sea rlwo huve n-role
qussnon. Youf: saying yorrr rearn does aar warnn Ilium?
Ms. PSAKI: Well. lhal rral lrrre; do. However.l believe mean only been very shun clip rlral has
played allnls rrrreryrew llnar sure will gel lols oralleanor-r anee all plays
QUESTION: Ecyand rae inlervlew. reaming arrl l-le vrsrlra Kuwlil. llea reaching oar rile
orne: Gulroorrnlries warns vlsll Saudi Arabia. ln-rean. lnera marl undcrwzy allavrala men
Fears and aanrally encuumg: llreln Iownrds paniriaallne Gum inane success. You rnlrsl lraye
aonre son or. reading eiriris cffan.
MS. PSAKI: dnnl have any oarrrcalar reading for you, Slid. Orrr pasllroa. llrrnk, has laeen pleny
clear wnerner rlrey arrend lire Galen mnkmncg,
QUESTION: have mmhcr really anall Inglsllcs rlring. ine December r-neerlng, lllars Wendy
Sherman and dual lls lire snnle lleulion7
MS.PSAK1: rnar level: Exlclly. yes. Mm-hmm
QUESTION: inal n=w wns lilal arraoanaed lusl wezk somnlhing
UNCLASSIFIED DepanmanlolSlale case Fania lime Doc snarmsrd Dale- MHZ/201T
C06170814ED nepanr nanmsma CaseNo,F-2016 11026 DouNo coa vom Date omzlzov
amnnm tom
Ms. PSA Kl: believe Inlkcd Ihmn In! week lacing mining
QUESTION: China (rnzndmle).
QUESTION: Phasm Jen, clan may Iran, plum?
Ms. PSAKL Sum. an; Inn und (hm can chm.
QUESTION: armnrary mi: had very briefexcbang: wllh ynurpmdocesmr. Vicmria Nuland
Ms. PSAKI: Mm-hmm.
QUESTION about Inn, And wlm your mdulgcnce, will mad enlimy (or the purpns: 0mm
recurs] and you can mspnnd
Raxrrr There bun raporu mar mlermllfm/ly, and uwxlde a/lhv/amml maximum, the
Obamn Admmmmlmn, mtmbzr: afu, candutlad mm: are! [Mu/em! wtlh Iran.
Nuland have made dear, V152 Premier Muni mm: uflhe largsv
framework wuuM prrpmd 1.7 milk 1m. bilaterally ragard n/Ihing vhalyau
mlkmg am, governmnrlrlargnvemmem :er rm. enhmy utmr cxchnngt
with sznior nials am: Iranian Guvcmmem Oman, puhaps daing hick 2011 (ha: pmm. nnw knnw, mnur sulc depmmem cials had, fm. ban conduchng dixccl, scam lral ralkx qulslion mdly sunny: one When [he trierrr was asked nbom (has: halls and many dcmed wm
rmrn lhzyodium, was unIrwe 00mm?
Ms. PSAKI: man. Jamesy lhul- youre talking February brie ng. mam-rs ngo. [dnl
Khmk weve cmlmed nrcon mzd comm: xpcci hryond Much waning going cun
when beyond mi; you ldnn knnw any mare for you
QUESTION: you sllnd accuracy Nulund mld [hem had been
gavcmmnnL-w-Kovemmzm comucll, scam humm nus wnn uhhe an: uflhu hriz
February you the mommy orman
Ms, rsmu: James. [have n:w infurmnnen you many (he nrning nrwnm than were any
mussinns wnn Iranian omrials,
QUESTXDN: uyione1nswny,len-~
oucs non and appr wale yum indulgmcc,
Ms, PSAKI: Sm,
UNCLASSIHED us. Depanmenxcisme case FrZME HmZS Doc cos oeu
C0617081 Depanmanrorsnaia Case No. F-zms nozs Doc common Dam 04mm
Oman-d idoonsnnson
QUESTION: ihc policy uh: Sm: ncpnmuoni. whm [he piessmiion ihs sonny orsemi negomuona wnccmed alder achieve moi goon
Ms. rsuu: Jams, [think [has nines whzre diplumacy nzzds privacy order progess. 11iis
good cxunpl: whim. Obvmusly. havs mad: sloan and laid numbm arduous recent weaks Ibo
dlscusswns and about Itml channel lhll fed inw PSH negoli ans, and NEW: mswaa qugsiions ix. ooniinucd om. was hippy conunu: um, hui clearly (his was impomnl
compnnznl loading ngrzemlm was reached weak ugh.
QUESTION: Sine: you, snuding lhal podium lasl woek. did cannon mai were such ulks. Isasi
{urback Much orxhis yssn donx sec whnx would prohibii you from Addressing direcdy ihis quesimn diam hilamai mks between iho Uniiod sums and Iranian cials 201
MS. PSAKI; dunl have anylhmg more {uryuu luday. Wcvc long had ways Epelk wnh 1h: Ixzniani
Ihmuyi range orchsnueh, son-is afwhich you mad you monuouod, bin danl haw any nlhcr aoooi
far you mdsy.
QUESTION: one mole Inn?
QUESTION: 77!! LmAngzle: Twit: .nd Politico have mwned mas: mks were hold back
ZOI Was (has: llpDn inamumk:7 MS. PSAKI: nut surc which moons youre mkmg abuuL Ar: you linking nhoui Visus dun Lhe Sammy
und 0mm made 0mm, you asking lbm olher noonsv
QUESTION: uikingsooui u.s umcids mssnugdimuy and sunny wim Ixunian cials Oman
In! hook Ln: Angzlu Tom and Pulinra uponzd moss awnings, Lhasa mpans
MS.PSAK1: hnvc nothing max: for you in, limes, Koday.
MS. PSAKI: Iran? Lus just nish Inn .nd nun can sinus, ahead. Roz
QUESTION: On: one mono Inn. Fansign Mining: mesaid diruily commdiumg ihs chorus
Admmmralmns mmmlmn sanouons winked, laid nurjmzrvlewer him when ihe sunuions ware rim
imposed. Irnn hnd 200 working ocullifuges. Todny, they mar: ihsn 19.000. Whai mis hulidmgs
ranohoo his coininsm ma! sonouons did work And did bung Iran ins negaliering ub1=7
M54 PSAKI: Wall agnm. wuuld {Ike look man: closely Ah: comma oflh: commems, EULjIISI
rsnuindsn idenl Rnumi and mum Iboul how [he impact haw gmwing mommy and
ouningon and ~damgr bungingsn nnd insannciions somuhing inn wos ooomy fanhem mdeno
hip in: mommy and the imiian osooio Thms quzstion, iiyau [oak jnsl [he runs onho impnci VEIIUES, impau (heir wannmm gmw large that hug: implcl nf~ aannnons had enormous moan, and non (ha: Wu; driving flew! min lmnims back negoliming table. rms ofmoycss nude lheir effuru drvzlnp nun1=ar moon, whcmu mmugh 0mm fugzs
ihoir vmaus focili zs, aonnds him soonnno quunun sly, in: WI: concerns sham skps
ihsy wuc taking and moms were inking. which wss why WI: imnnnzm Cam:
UNCLASS FIED us. Depamneni Slaw Case Rois-11025 Doc Na.C 17OE14 Daia udnzlzmv
C06170814=IED U.s.Dapanmemo15iaia CaseNo Fania-11025 Dec coenosu Date 0411212317
OminscveFO ALi/Judciaiwach
neeeprnhie egreernenr mnr would ireir nna ml! beek rire pmgmss errireir proym.
QUESTION: Jim iaiieer 11m. Ilmugh
MS. PSAK]: Mm-hmm.
QUEsnoNr Seerernry Kcrry, ire are his reunei mbin afimemcws niirrrirn annuunbemem errire
deal Gm:va,ma1cih5n->nw smied rirnr when Inn irnri reached out the Bush-Chaiey Administration 2003, irerr wan only pesseesien eerrerirugee. Naw, ire wauld err say, iney luv: i9,oun. and
Ihis lhcrrfam reprcstnu best passihl: cnuld I): seemed,
lsn her rirni srnee iire ohms-arden Adminlshiahun reek mice, pmctm Inns aeniriruges have
been insinllzd?
Ms. rsniar Weii, Mv: link Ih: erurisries, innree. bui irnve nor queerinneri are inei irnn nus
made progress enriennnenr run: eimieprng nunlur weurrrrn, have nD qmlionzd mat. Thm one
rrrrire mlsnns why swppcd snnuiens over 111! you wuplc ofyeuse nre Preeieern and Seereuery Kerry were big pmyoncms eiriree werkeri wiih ure inieruniiunei cunununrry irr Just rnnr rrrrr rirur rreeessury pressure piece
Th: purnr Irymglo make R01 whit shes asking sounds rue like sepnreie quesrierrr. was
QUESTION: ingmr pursuing rrre xtpnme one mar sh: carved um, and Ind iirrrir
umrue, yaicful disnbused mih: nation but (he Emil onrrmi progress the
deveieprrrenr unis enrieiu-neni pmgnm iree mien pinee urrrier Pmidgm Obma walch, airmen SAKI: have check ihc speeirre nurnirers. nre QUESTION: yen-re nDl prepnred dierrrrre rim ernrrrnenn
M5, PEAK]: Weii. James. mink wirnr were iueused ririe palm rire reer naw2 pmm when are mixing and rniirng hick rire prugrees rririrerr program and we-re wovkixig Iowmds
cnmpnhznsiv: awemtnl bxingnn and Icmi sveeulnic ferymi what would happen Wilhm whm would hlv: happenad wilhm Simmons. would venlur: guns:
QUESTION: (inaudible) Sanction:
Msr PSAK]: Bui ii-rey were herng mired mgcmer. mar-s why bringing inio ihe convnsluun
ouzsnorw; Bin rire coined lire quashnn was =xacly Ohm Admmismlinn erys enawea
beeeuee uur mummy ieiiir-rg apan. inere reii you drive Lht eeee. hay: our awn masnns irrr
Ms. PSAKI: Weii. wrii rake eiuee iooir his :ammenir umi well have mine say nbaui item once dnr
QUESTION: (Jen run bunk {he Gerrevu meerrrrg and
Ms. PSAKI: Sure
uNcLAssiFiED Depenmeniaisme Case F-zoie-iiuza Daan cuannsu Date nelizizun
C06170814=IED u.s.Dapanmemo151aie Case F-zma Huzs Dnc CMIVUEWQ Daze 04/12/2017 0mm Eroimimaiwim QUESTION: Dmcmbm wnh Wendy Sherman?
MS. PEAK]: Mm~hmm
QUESTION: This Ms, rsm orspsc inc nulndancc, Ill just amp-chm Ihal for
ms. PSAKI: Yeah
QUESTION: Thls gnilig the ankle polihcal mung: (awards nsz in: merthmsive nyumenl
Ms. PSAK]: wumhcy Ilsa
QUESTION mi: iii: Icahnicll discussinns?
Ms. PSAKI: nu,
QUESTION: No, iiiis Syril
MS. PSAKI: This slurry, Syi-is. qunsnom on, lmsnrry
MS. PSAKI. This Syria.
QUESTION. Ems: mg. sorry.
ms. PSAKI: sii mis (he pm-GHKVL No. okay.,ms cnzvas
ouEsnbN; Okty end Inn quesiian. squishy,
qunsnon; um: any new mean
QUESTION: when yaur: gain; is. sum ncgonais m1: cumpmhensive deal wilh Inn?
Ms: PSAKI: Wall, ngm now, wha ware {caused the minim dixcnssmns lending the sun
Ihc six-maul
QUESTION: you far
Ms. PEAK]: don ycl have dam Ihcse.
UNCLASSiFiEU Depanmamuliaia Case F-ZCHEH VOZB Du: 006170514 Daia:om2r2017
C06170814IED u.s Depanmemalsme Case No, 5201511025 DocNo cuavoem Dae nmmnn
0mm Naming gunman: Orapimw
ms. PEAK]: dunI yci placc Ming wmkcd hmll Hupafuily Updike for you III HI: coming days. QUESTION: And can ask don lumw ifyuu had seen Ih: mpuns min In: new BnIish Envoy [nu ncninuy going vim Tnhmn mnmnvw. wondered wmi the
MSI PEAK]: nmn sccn mu.
QUESTION: wui. wanisd mclion mi: followinsvn Ihc qucslian askzd Ian wcek min
how in: ninng in: line you pupmd wim ynur new ainiamniis mlniionsor wnii Iran,
MS. PSAKJ: Mm-hmm [in11 don luv: Iny pudi mli ufany 5k); hbyond whnl sxep lixudy ken, which hung pan PSH umnmmi rim sup hue wnii Inn. Obviously nirrmni mumries gvmg mks meir awn decisions and wiIh most isms. 0:11:me suppbn
QUESTION; Would neipmi. ihnugh yuu h:li=v= helpful Ihe anusn envny cunld going Tahnn
MS. rsm: dvnl knuw mil11:chthlzvzlnfmalysivxonii.Idon Ihnve asuiis thI in:
purpnsi: urine wnn Ihcy hope Immplish. And ammusiy, cvzry counuy will their own
dscisions min diplammk niaiiansnips QUESTION: Icmncmere Lhe QUESTION Ensi Chml
QUESTION: seem negulmlions wun (mi.
MS. PSA Kl: Mthmm QUESTION: zpalogize Ifynuv: nlmzdy addrusnd mis. in: been kpum max in: scam neguliuhons hl was engaging Iran crcucd fzrlmg aflcscnlmlm amnng PSH allizs such Fume, Ind (hen thl wnuihumd lmung (h: PS-vl and mad: dif null lth consensus within gmup. you hav: rencunn era Cbmmlm
Ms. rsua: dnn ivnk nnunymnus Mp0 wnn may mly dis {Gallup
oIk-mr wunlnls. bill will mum: for yen lhuI (his was Ihts: discussiwns Wu: fad InlD 1h: FSH preocslv
Thu! chtss uiiinmsiy worktd mom achieve El-sky amtm hue nig PSH
members. our {rignds Ismsi, minim mly niis fail. in: discussinns, always bun ale-r wev: bssn npan disc- sinus with Inn: mug: orchannsis Imam; [hm ifanyming ssn ous, ma: would mainly
brit Impun manners um; and man :xacvly whnl did uiiscase.
QUESTION: And when uiks hegin
UNCLASSIFIED Depa memolslale Case F-201511UZS DocNa.CD 17oaIA Dzis 04/12/2017 Depanmentnfslalz Case Np. F-zowiiuze Dar: Na. cuawusu Dale 04/12/2017
0mm cwnen
Ms. PSAK]: Jamzs, youre kinky over incl-e. (Lnug en)
QUESTION Can ask nboui China?
Ms. rsuu Lel lusi say an: iliiiig. hough lei James. imparllm here iao and men pmmlsc wc-ii China lmw hue nlsu Hale, ihnnyi. me! man ieniiy picked Pmidem Rmilimic
cieciion, HIM iei-ins cline discussion clspeeirie piecci nbaul haw mavt forward. whii kind awemcm muicl look like, lhals when picked undusland [Maxs nei answering your qualinnv
hul iicii imparum
QUESTION: Jusi Ihl: basis ofmclhbdology and removing syeci oqun Ind whos pmideni wlius Sultmrycrslnm iryoii were able ilicie podium last week and siiy, rmmg cmmn sei Dfllllks iinii eccin-ieci Much, explain whzii (Ml pmhibiu yuu rmin
snymg, yes nay iiiai cennin sei enalks eecni-ica iwo yen: agl
MS. PSAKJ: iri have delulls yeii. Jlmes. uIill linppy slim them. QUESTION: didni ask you llskmg for your ihiiilciiig Iboul why youie amassing ilie ilie speci csoflht mtelings. Whll ilisi pmliilnis you fmm addressing qiicsiidn nbcui incciingi yencs ald7
Msi rsma: smug psychimris ennii ieilny, ahead chincl
QUESTION: What lbm inc much (ungnicm QUESTION: Thank you, 1ch know, Goveriuiieiii nlmy ield us. wrien eeinply
wiih cliinn: ieqiniemenis berm: any niyicc pass vanish iiie new air dercnse mu: cslabllsh ilie
Chinese chemmeni. dues Gov mmtm mwgniled mic ncw defense mu:
ecinblisned line chime Goyemmcnil MS. PSAKI: lei nhwlulely clear here because [know mens bun iiinge
mph ng. in; hull sum: has burl inncciimie. {an}! crepeinnpn iis eiii ruuli {oi noi
explaining well enough. at: rial Ihc suie Depnmnei-ii nix [hr peini alceninci Wllh airlines 11in palm orcunizei wiili iii Tlieie has nei been any informaliun lie: eeeeipiii mii cunrmiiul Lht awn: alum lie: wnvcyccl wlici In: has no! been communlczlled thi capnclly
There for (my and secunly passulgcrs. camels openle miei-naiionnliy epeiaie eonsixlenuy process with nullczs nirmzn issutd fawigll counlrics, (h: last Ihis easel Thurmncams are
main icreiy and ltcuxily orpusengm, Thai nnil {mm uric ocvcminein policy
Elm [his way indium Govemmwl anuplam nlChilu mquiieinenic iii: newly declmd
ADIZ and has nhwlulcly bearing h= and consislzm v.5 Goyemmeni pociiicn mni nDl
acccpi in: leg many orcninns Icqmrnmmls
This case wherc China Innaunced uncucnlineied lumen lis inwnsimni wim sin-idem
gramme And incl: rtquilzmems {or operuing cxceed iniemaiimlly necepied pnciice iliis mpaeiiy. Sel
dim know now much more clm is, hul du:s cnmmdicl bli your quesiien, Iwanwd
QUESTION: looks like ceoeivcd ilie smcmenl (h: 0A {min si-ie Depmmtlllv looks like
UNCLASSIFlED nepanmeniolsme Case Frml -HUZS nncNii 005170514 Dale umzizim
c05170814IED Depanl llenloVS Case 5201541025 Dec (205170514 Date 04/12/2017
clam FCHAnlmmclanatnh from Us. Gavemmknl, Alld nlia, yall uying
msv PSAICI: Wcll, Sulemanl, which mainly was wcll Iwmn uf. wlm was wmycd ill lllm Ihal
fur safzty and snfcy and sunny olpusengen, v.5. carriers opzmk mslslemly imcmlllomlly
will notice! airmen issugd twig gnvnmmams did .lm canny lhm anything lpmlic nhoul
will had been communicaled airlines. did pmcomy u.s, Cadmium suppancd mil ou, funiliax will. salcmznl yuuva mfemng Lhzr: were loml lllm wet: some
assunlplions mad:
QUESTION: (mandible)
QiJESTION Okly lllooks like
QUESTION dill in: did nal inslnlcl Emma: camply wim Chinese legullliom! PSAKJ: would pnim lh: FAA Whm lllcy did nrdid cammul licllc cammml
lil llcs,
uucsnom Okay Wzll oflhle u.s Govcmmunl. no?
msi Psluu: They axe. Thcy
outs-non: ch.
MSi PSAKI:, in: mused Ihc slaw Depanmznl, however. (Langhlerq
QUESTION; underslland SW1: Dwanlncn! docihave Mpksmlaliv: youll: Milli!
wxl ICA ms. PSAK]: nol.
QUESTION: Okay. lls in_Mnnllcal
MS. ysma: Okay ounsnon: sand excuse gel Mal-mu!
Ms. PSAK]: Good
QUESTION: iryau ever Lhtn.
MS. PEAK]: will lnk: advice.
cues-now: lb: [mm ,Civillan its 1h: :ivlllan airline ill: ngcncy far lllllm. yml
know mil: Unlled Slams gmng membership [he [CAO owes: lllls Chinese declaloll7_
Ms, FSAKI: donl
QUESTION: And iryoll danl know, could you 15k?
UNCLASSIFIED mpanmenlolSlaia Case F72016711025 DncNo (205170514 Date 04/12/2017
C06170814FiED Depannieniorsuia Case ND.F-201E>lm28 Dn:Nn.DuBWOE14 Dale M/IQIZOW
one irEFOlALl/Jidciaiwayzn MS. PSAKI: vim. liii hlppy cmk ill {oi you, Mnii, Absolutely.
QUESTION: And wlim ynii iny iliai Govemi-iieiii does nl7l accnpi ilin [cynmacy unhn cninm
mquircmcnls PSAKI: W:I, duesnt ncoepi yenli. inn chines: req
ii-iniiis. FIQIL
QUESTION: nght. Thnis wiiiii you niiil.
MS. PSAKI: hmm.
QUESTION: Doesnl 15! itilie FAA has been ielliiig airlinu inni mey rim comply wiiii iliis, iliai
may shnuld minnly wiili ii, how ilini noi ICCKFIHIE gavei-iinicni ncccpiing lh: lngiiiiiiniyl
MS. Psua: Welly [here whole Yield nrieiiiiliiiinns and Yeglllllory paiicy thl (mainly rai rioin iin
nyiniian exam. evid your Mammal quesiiaii sii wnulil poll yniii innin iiiiii,
Evidcnce oldie iiiii iii: Uvs. Govmii-iieiii dues iini acctpl China izquiieiiinni Ihn rnci in:
ummlmc nzm will iiiii clinngn haw die Uniied Slaw: conducis miliinry upclalions legion. which
iomeihiiig DOD mneunccd lui wak. And (mainly us. Gnvemmcm damsmn QUESTION: Si. docs lni imn iliii Govtmmlm ylniins will nai imy niwill lIDK {ulluw cnin=s= mqmramcms iriney ying {mush iliii Birspncc
MS. PSAKI: Miliinry plms7
qusTluN: Say s=ci=iiiiy 015ml: ying Ail pniu plan: Semi! Takyo will not notify
Ms._PSAKl: iini nwar: oriiiiy uycomlng Seoul iiip coming ll): QuEsTloN: Well, Vice Pmsidznl rigiii iiiiw. Tokyo, lml. yuii snyiiig his
plmr, Air Fan: plane, will nax follow mqulxemzms Chlncsn
MS. PSMG: wul, lniii saying mililnry planes wnulil and ilizi level olspnc
chcnk and see whm falls in. ceminly luv:
ouEsTlo Episode mini imiiiici iliis tpisud: linving U.S. Sino ml! ons
Ms. PSAKI: min nin when up: and iiizie [In iimewiien dixlgree, ynii knew,
iniilc ileii canning Ibo iini only whn aiiiianiined niii how iliis was minimum, riici inni innit
Wins prior nDIIDD ynii Ilsa liniiw, Vice Pnsidznl Bidcn region now piioi plum-led inn
will, mm. mcczing wiin key Indus dismiss range DFISSHQS C:I1mly,lhl Gnuld upic
diSE SSi mar: number mile: issues discuss bath with China and cum pamus [he
oussno And ins pIVoK iii Aiiii worm-l iliis til/idem: om: plini Wolkmg7
MS. PSAKI Iwouldn lcalcgarize nus Inn: wouldn [pm lb: cvlluzlion (llzgnry whc ler
nol worked oiii iiivni Asin Xebllanc: Asia, fncuslng iii. ASIA and Lhe iinpniiiii-ii pnnnmliip have willi Anin wiili cnuniim mgnn, [he ecnnomic iii-iii strategic vmncn And nnuiing hcr uNcmslelEn Depanmemalswia Case F-zolslloza DnnNn cusnuqu Dalia AME/10
C0617081 U.S.Depanmerlln1$late Case FrZO HDZS Dnc CDEWDEW Due. 01/12/2017
ossim iumuninusnsm
cvidcncl: aflh mun lh! Vice vissiiisnls lnp there. 0.: incl mal, ynu linuw, ins Secmimy will going
back Asin snnn, (ha! waxjus coupl: ofmmuhs ugu willi Sammy Hngnl :vldcnw
our wmmilmem lh: raglan. And work wilh mum enumnes the raglan broad range Issucs
QUESTION: Eul survey lh: In. year: allhis Adminislnnun, would you sly xhu China less
aggxtssivc xzrizl mmmissinn human iigins abuses,curm1cy manipulnunn. nylm warfare ngninsl
Us. businesses and pouenuncnl, lerrilorill ngysssiun. bum dun used
Ms. rsluu: lln nal going iii: evaluzunn nnnnl Obviously, work wiKh mun mnumic isslus, work wim mull sliniepi: isxncs. slill isms including )iumun nyils, Includmg uiis issue Ialklng unuul nuw. inul pins; nnnnnrns nboul when wumimed, and wsll Wnlmuc lhul Bn know mul ills islulinnship vilul one slid out In! and kssp plugejrlg away svsn when
QUESTION: kn. could] (in-mime) in: mud
Ms. PSAKI: Mm~hmm. QUESTION: chlnclmu us. pusumn bung innl nsuiu rmm lnn nial policy. [or [he
nurpnsss nlssluiy and welding some kind oruninnunuis incidenl. lhm wmmmil] carriers should Iblde {he Chlnes: ADIZ lenmmmtnls?
Ms, PSAKJ: danl pninl you again more speci Ihan whul llusl convzyw
Them Ir: ring: afmgulamms and policws ihnl can!!! ovuse: Ire pilot bul out general
nusiliun Gnvcmmcnl lhll don ismspl China isqununiunls, And vainusly. mililaty
ncliuns ollnllilury :xcmszs :vldenct urinal QUEST]
Jan. nus cums {mm
QUESTION: Snny, sorry quick (allow-up
MS. rsma: uhnud
QUESTION: looks bk: ills lwu insin Airlinzs cumplying wllh inking slcp! comply. Dslu
and Uniled are lwu man have niyil mum hmugh hk am, wliisli sseins kind nrmninu lime
bil orcnnrusmnlcnnsleniulinn Japan pemzivm will. lupin-s: policy, which allow U.S.
cum-nemul (heir ighl pluns wilil Chins you hIVE you have any kind rclssuunc: any kind priespnnss Ms. Psmi mmdinal: clnssly wuu lapun und wun Snmh Kama und .ll caumnzs isglon
nbom nsnpn ISSUES And mainly Ihis issus, have bcen much wilh Juan and will snnlinus
be, Thli speci anions allndiuidusl commercial nirilnus, wnuld pplnl llmn ills
uny mgulluons QUESTION: Hui you nai rbut ynurc nol arr-id (or in: sursiy nrcpnwm ubnul the may nFU
cuiuns niplus at: ying llupuuli h:
MS. PSAKI: Well, cmlil-lly few and securily ofcilizcn: :hculd Dimnnm :veryon ouuinusly, poli ias plans .nu regullimns place humus: nnnnn donl (Wine: line regulnllans.
UNCussirlEn us. Depanmanlalsule case F-201 11026 DacNo CanDBlA DaieOAMZ/ZUW
C06170814iED Depanmanioismie Case F-2U16-11026 DocNa cnsvuau mam/1212017
oagiraa Hawaii/Va?!
nu: FAA docs, wuuld pnim yaii ihem.
QUESTION- (inaudibia Did Umiad Slams Govemmeni ihc pus has chmged Iowud his ADIZ, not anged whiu posilian ADIZ iiav/i
MS. PSAKJ- iiiiaa noiuianged We- China amaiiocd ihc ADIZ wimauipnmcansuiiaiiansmn Lhuugh the nzwly- amiauiiced ADIZ overlaps wiiii ariongsmndiiig Amz; aiiapaii, Republic aIKam. and Taiwan. and includes lemmry adminisiclzd Japan As! menliolltd hll China
aim-mama. ans cuuxed canrusian and increased nsk aimidaais unly iiinnei unduswmx vnh iiy
ornamms rind the need roi Chinnw mmd iii: rmedl lsi iis wnsisicmly hum posiiimi and on:
luv: :ammunicaied bum pubiiclyand pnvaiely know in: was swim: aaniiisioii iiu wukend abnm
airlines and splci cnuy
oursnow: 1%.qu said mai ynu siill accepiing China lirdtftnxnmnr. Bui wonder.
like Japan has own air dzkllsz mic. and also pin on: (oi/=15 Taiwan Bin lunks likn ihe do=sn
say anyihing Iboul you [hulk men: sari aiii dnubl: siamiaiaw Why you wangly
china defens: zone?
Ms. PSAKI: Weii, aiia reasons thl ihey announced mi; wiiiiaui prioi consuimiuns.
incamimm wiiii iongsianding pioccdurc and pmms. Ami aiavmasiy, nveriaps wilh numberofolhzr
longsiindmg ai. amuse XVIII! arsama aim neighhnrmg caunuizs QUESTION: Jcn
QUEsnoN: Jen. yml noi WINES! iiic nbilily ofChhia miai: such idmm wimn ma; iisjusi iii:
mumer which Ih:y ii, mean
Ms. PSAKI mink h-v: juai mnnsknlly slid iiiai behav: they mind izscind in:
uracedulcs Ive aisa silicd muplz chimes mu! daii cnma Nquir mems. Sai
mink made iiiai pkily cienr
QUESTION: (inaudible
QUESTION: QUESTION: 1.. spans: iii: ~Chinn) daclanlion ofiis own ADIL Lhc Soulh Kaman Govemmem
puiszd zxpand lei amz, sn-called KADIZ, iii: Sauiii Chin sea, Mini lh: posllmn aria:
Uniizd Slain? Would you encoungc iii discaiinge
Ms. PEAK]: haveni lose ieyans, aii duni know imam npunsor ifihems has
umnunvxmtni. hzvml s=m any InlmulmmemJ guess Ishnuld say 1!! In: chuck inn: mm, and
QUESTION: Thcy say (hey havz ainady 5mm censulu uns Wllh Hi: Unned Sums
msmsmu: have check imo and ifwc iiivc mar: say imi.
QUESTION ii; iii: mu: in: hascailnd
QUESTION: Jennifer, yuu inLk lbol Sfely
uucmsswiED u.s DepanmsniaiSiaie Casa F-2ulB~HD2E Doc 606170614 Baum/12am?
C06170514=IED Deparlmentalslale CaseNc.F-ZDI5 11026 Duan 006170814 Dale oo/lzlzuw sols ll.
QUESTION: {or umc rcscmdm
Ms. PSAKJ: have may max far you, lm. QUESTION change mpic
QUESTION: You Iilk abaul safely. Are you rally canvzmed thl the Chins; may dawn lsn aidingr
Ms, PSAKL prtdlcung um, bul c:minly um: Hwy crcnled mes: [Scrum Idezlli call
Zunzs lhzyvc nsked fur prim plans creams, securily snlely null: Ngullmry
pmuss, Ind but gonl have any ymdiclions. Ill jusl msqueslien aflhiding
QUESTION: nil canccm, downlng Inn lixlin
Ms. PEAK]: dnnl have any mm: you queulan
QUESTION: kn, what! youre taking qurshml hm RDZ had
QUEST cauld ym- also cllzck whelherlhg United slams annually dimlly ukingm: Ohms: NSClnd il? Ms. ISAKI: Hapyy lo, Sm.
QUESTION: Well. lus ounsrlow: Apn fmm 1h: Splm cancems haw was unnnunzcd wlslwm any prim noliot. its :xnzss lvmess, 010er rsgulmions, and lb: snfcly mks Ihu you sny csuss, yml hnv: mcrc broader canccms About mls hung gamma (smllally tum: Essl shim. cancemcd lllsl 1h: Cmncse lmklng mydllng mi}: llul has Wold Chm III
MS. PEAK]: Well. allhc canaem ccrlainly ove ups wul. pans ufnlhu
ouesnou: Bul lcrms =mmrial chums
MS. psma: wcll lcrrilory Idmmislmd Inpall, sun.
QUESTION: Rim rlghl, lzrms uiChims lmiwrin! claims, you cmlsmlcd lhix Lh:
slap arcould rs! sup lowurd: Iclunlly mm: kind olfomml way comm] afnmsof
lerrhnry ocean manlime spec: llm says nwns? Ms, PSAKL Wells ldon wall nuke pndicllml alum.
UNCLASSlFlED US.DeparImeanSlale Case F-zuIs HMB DunNn C0617 514 nsls 04/12/2017
C0617081 oepznmeniuistate Cass NAIF-201511026 Doc Na.cuai7uam Daia umzizow
0mm: Ire amiss QUESTION: Nb, bin asking irypu war: concerned Ms. PSAKJ: Bui QUESTION: mi: sicp dimlmn, 3pm fwm [ht spui pmbisms wilh the pnor nmiu:
and all sarsiy cancems
Ms. PEAK]: Hut pm: spcci problems also mii Includes an: ~I=nilory Idmi med
Japan. includes overlapping wim uihlrcounmcs region ccmmly, mph What
your qucslion has. {urns pmiiuion ofwhal wiiI mum cullinly wuuldni mm: mi; ppmi
QUESTION: RIgm, wai, Chinese say ma: Ihey would wzll wimin iheis riyus also decllrc an:
ies: mzs over Iii: eniirt nvcrlh: Scum Chinn Sn. Ar: you amass-m aboul pussimiiiy niihw
Ms. SAKl: Well, you runiiinr widi wim our pulilion dim, and WAN: long
QUESTION: Wcli. iiiais ovzi imimrinl dispuirs over iv: qu:.1m::ln,lh:n iiii-iss um: you would say, like. nli alas asisan aasnisa undudumss MSa PSAKI: Min aim QUESTION: Snm hlng lika may Sol mean, jnsi album on: amiculai cantesaimi, you luv:
any reason balieyc Ilia: did nal annlsss nll wfllmsc Lhillgs? MS.PSAKI1doII-lcmalnly anaaislana why ymlm asking (don have any panicalar analysis iliis slnge see iliis som hing was ream leaking inm, Ind iflhlrls more can say abqul speci cally
QUESTION: And whiu Ihis daing secure his mm: hkynnd culling For his lease {mm
imaiisaiaaaniv insnn, Ambls dor King had med inanins age
Ms. PSAKI: Man-llama,
QuEnIoN: (oi {he olhcrAmcricn anaai aslsniioa, Kmnglh Die. wnnvs aclunlly asing dam iliani ani7 MS,PSAK1:WcIl.ow chdish pmlming pnwruusl visiIed wiin aini iwa dlys ash, and obvmluly uni-s imaanani Wmvnnem ufrc chlllg oul aiiizans iyna aia daiainea man Kim acnninly
mnhnue call {or liis khan. ldlm have any oihc nmliciiana Innmmwmenlx naval visIls iii omen cials inis pain! ynu .aani
QUESTION: Bin btyond mesa whslllu visiu, mean, man any nniisaali In: Claims spsaially bannllal Mi. Newman?
MS. PSAIG: Idon hnvc am: [can nailins all iilyan. lcan cliack and sea ifhcrc any anqis
QUESTION HIV: [My basn halpriil in: pasl Wllh Keansili Baa iii wiili timers nie Chinssn (inaudible)? Msi PSAKJ: Thzy have been helpful. bul lhcn nai ianas spacincs can nail-as, QUESTION: Thmugh Swear: arealuwnere. nas Kom wmmIII-lkaltd any demands ianaasis omie UniIed Sula: Ihll luv: wiia Newman ai- pislaas aasiialn inlaim
MSi PSAKI- donl have any mom specifies in: anniaci Will. in. Swaaai nIId Inna nfwhm the
discussion cninilsd asyand manning
QUESTION Wells any any fonun. insy asksil lai anyllnng 7min unn Unilcd Sines
Ms. psnlui donl hlw iny asiails lal-n happy snack irmcis-s nny man snais wllh all arynn
UNCLASSIFIED oaasnnsemulsmie Case No,F 2015 11025 Dec cuawolm Da9 mums-17
(106170814320 us. Dsuanmamovsxala CaseNc mmsuuze Du: comma Date 04mm
0mm, herouhylumusm
QUESTION: Bul you guys much wuh Lh: Nonh Komans direnlly. con Msl rsma: W:l], you knew, long had shumuh but wzve houn worklng [his use
Ihmugh Swedlsh pwwuive pwlecling pow QUESTION: But you have been auch wilh Nunh Koreans spccl cllly hl! mum7 Ms. PSAKI: [his speci gush. no! aware or, bu: happy check inhms any hing mam
lhu. QUESTION: Ax: you inlanch whh MLNeWmMs family? MSs PSAKJ: Are. have hm, 5:: luv: 1h: delnil orwhhh Izlsl spake whh hm. >wim his famlly, dun have {hm dclni! {or you happy pul she poem oflhings going {heck
QUESTION: And moy ask for you lasiliuus kmd orwsu Neal; Korma, mush nus gemlemm ohluolly mom, quile :ldelly
Ms. PEAK]: Mmmmm QUESTION: 541 you would haying :th would mum-h enough ulvel Vlsll him,
Ms. PSAKI: hmm {ml 3mm afu requzgl lhs lhzyve abuul [th spcci cally, butwt sun
QUESTION: Lhz ommlon, molly. [his Mr. Nzwman. Bul wcve Snid Kenneth Exe
held fur guns lung Alma
Msl rshxr Mthmm Youre righl
QIJESTION: yourcrrons wmkillg wllh Swades Walking ry Ind gel 1h: nluss, [mum are
you emphasinng bums: Newmans 53: and health ynu med gel hlm righ away, A7! are pan package Ihal yhu lhink lhey
human, wed ccn lnly like Ihtm boll-l [1de usqulukly possible. (mus onhu jusl dam LhaI.
M5. 175
level aldcu
QUESTION: Thai: American cilizens being hsld ugamsl than will mgue slaw. muyre hosmges, yuv
MS. PSAKJ: mun, Ihzyk hung held gavernnlcms. The gnvcmmuus have con rmed Ihnl. sol humJ new celegorizc furlhu. lame:
ouzsnom You don-s regard mum huulhgw rsuu: hnv: mmhunopm QuESTION: Yes. Could mnvc unto Lhe~~ QUESTION: (Off-mikrn) {Lungllluj
UNCLASSlFlED Deparlmenlolslale Cass FrZMGHOZE Dot: 006170814 Dz!e:04l12/20l7 U.S,Depanmemcf$lae Case No. F-201511D26 Du: 606170514 Dale 04/12/2017
Chums: nurolnuwmainm
C0617081 QUESTION: Socieurys nin
M5. rsm: Mm-hmm
QUESTION: Okly The ponion Bank and Israel. MS. PSAKI: Yeah.
QUESTION. Yts. lfyau luv: mar: shin wlh us- radlly yesmrdly. Pmidcm Abbas. Ih: pmidu Palcsilnlan Aumnrlly, was impresstd wnn the Ganevu succcss. new suggtsh rennin pamys
mum scum, whm [he Pnleninian-lsrnh mu: wuld rexnlved Wuuld ynu leak kindly on;
Ms. FSAK Welll hnvzl sun (has: cummems from hlm speci cally luiaw mis lus bun
nouwd Our focus remain: diml nzgulilllnns bemoan 1h: [smells and Pnlzslinlans.
Wzre Humor men. Thu: czrllmly numbL-r ufcounlries who hnvv gml invcsLmam and
yea! nuns. succkss sumssiul aulwmc hm. including in: Arab Leaguc, Including muly emu
commits wanl mnlrlbme ll) gmwing Palshnim zmnomy Bul llnuls uni mus, no: planning
yet Enamel minimum
ones-rum: And lalcslinilin memb am: llruli Kmxszl. Mr. Ahmkd Tiln, clalms mumlu 20,000 housing mnl h= Isrulis Innomwed and (Play hum wen: actually no! holdl Ihal is-
mnulruuilnn ongmng you have infomllian
Ms. rsMa: don have unyllnng new Illl have look imu far you.
QUESTIO: (lnnudibl:.)
QUEsTlov slay ma:7 Msl rsuua: Yculi QUESTION: Just [his idea ormn nzqesslll-ily Guava-up: Cantu-me: fur peace plums, Jun
lh: luau ofinwrnlllunnlixilu lb: pmness. would die Umlad Smas would the AdminislI-a objtcl
lmema umhzaimn lhe puum plums?
Ms. PEAK]: Wull, Its hard know uxaclly whal mun: Obviously, you all in: well uwum. mums
dim negnliqtions bciwun lsmlis and Palesllmans now. Thals wlnu locus rm. ceminly
llnus pum were pursuing
QUESTION: Well. mink minl max rim, max pnh you pursuing
Ms. rsluu: Mm~hmmv
QUESTID bul pmm pmple who suggesling ma ilus migm wny go, poimlhu
lhcy mak: Uniled Slales has been lhc iolc and unique ubller, mdiulor, fucllilnmr, Wham/cl you
UNCLASSIFlED nepamneniulsme Case 52016-11026 Daan cusnuau Dale 04/12/2017
(306170814: DaparlmenlaiSiala CaseNo Fzmslmzs Dim CHEF/DEM Date 04/12/2017
Chains: grEFOlALvJuicgil/Vaun tall oflsi-Ie/H algslininn peace mks gmng back denada.
Ms. PSAKI: Murhmm
QUESTION: And you haveni gouan unyllnng cut min/a been success men one flilurc
analhzr puhups no: inns iry solnuning now, ills luguxnsnl thal mess maple wnuld maka
M5, rsmu: Well. Mm. obviausly. many 17mph galng make airrmni argumtms abnul how
shank] proceed, less man halfway mmugn in: ninsn-nanm iimalm nan Time numba
counxriu are angagm and invcsizd, including, nurse. in: Langus. who, you kxmw. class comm wiih h= Palgsnmans mgngad usuiran There are many who are engaged wini iii:
Ism=lis lius amino our (mu: mnnlns IE: direct negminllnns. don ihink wig his pain!
spaculning dimmn n1 msliv= lnmm
QUESTION: Wcll. lei okay Well pu lina way slill poaiiian oil/us Adm iiuuiion United Slams has unique Image and uence wim budi sidc: that mum in: only cal
caplblc. campmni credible minim for pens: baiwaen Israel and the Paiasiiniansti
MS. PSAKI: Idani know wev: ever slnlsd cxnclly llk: lhul playing facilitilor ml: which
both sioas Ir: cumfomble wim Time own Canning: cagugsd wim iins effort and n=nailly lunch
wiminc lsisaiissndms hlasxinims lexpecrlh will connnua Bill mnamimc caminuuu plny rucllilalur yo/a long pmduuive
QUESTION: you halim. dues ihe Adminislrmion hrlievc man III: unized Sums snll has lev dge and usnoe wiih [Slacl Pnlss ninnsi mun you Sly, uremic: mhn quasiians aboul. say. Newman Ba: Nunh Km. Msa PSAK]: Mthmm
oussnon Ihli (In: Chinese have inliueuu win. in: Nonh Korcnm Ind yml wnuld mmugn
(hm-n. maybe the: yourt done yelling mun aaaai Hm! darauaa mnc. you slill mink win an: Unned Slums ram: simian believe inux has ll/gnu and leumgs wnn :ilhu Israel iin
becaus: bum sides decld some line uble Idoni link lbm lcvcnge. Thms mines! bulb :idcs mm: aymnun [he nal slaius Issucs, and (MN; wliai Lhzy working mix
MS.YSAK1: Well. mink plus: ianshlp wiin ham. And almously. wcie poim
QUESTION: Ian could Just ask was ngrmnen
MS. PSAK]: Sum
QUESTION: macliad lasi week buwssn and lsml which will alluw lsne! uaiualiy canals some Funding for snlnti rtseuchn Thm hIVl bnn mmk prob/Ems because the mud bar all vestmh
men the Bunk
Ms. PSAKJ: Mm-hmm.
QUESTION: scnlei-ncni am: in: Bank Mr] mean, dues in: Amman Amerin
oass Amman balm mat ihis good agnzmenl for and lsml, giv=n inn Secrzlary Kerry has
UNcmss/F/ED DapanmentafSlaie CaieNc.F~2m -11026 Duc cnswnau Dae 04/12/2017
C06170814IED DEparlmEnlnlSlaia Case Fuzms~1mzs Duch 605170514 Date 04/12/2017 Chaired luu Vain always mehliunud lhu: has increasing isoluion Miami in. intemationll say? M5, rsnu: hmm lhuvuu. Inked our (cam abuul have ank mu... suu .rwu huvu any puniuuls. View lhu uyuumc... last week. QUESTION: And whal lhu mesilg: 52mm Kmys gulng bringing wuh him whuh
visili Imcl lulu. this week? SAKI: Ihmk hell mlkmg bum sidls ubuul the impanlnc: aylng WiLh um. and walking Lhmuy-l .uugh and dif cull issues lhu. ihzyn: doing .hu negn 1.3 ublu, uuu
.uiiuiulmg hc .mpunsuuu afcoming peaceful nnl hugu mans, And afcuulsc, whuu hes
munng with Prime Minisler Nclulyahu, muy-ll ninly disuussiug .hu .uuu... P5+ uyuumu... will. huh
umi having ongoing dieing uuuu. well
QUESTION: And huvu mun been any muuliugs, dirccl [Ills b=lwcen lhu lsiuulls and Paluslinims, sum (11:
resxgnmlun om: Pulcsiiniln mm? rsuu: Idnnl hlv: Iny updales mezllngs .his point sec inhues suy mmu wuuz
provide ull nfyau wrms ulspuuinc and limng urihuu.
QUESTION: Bull MB, slime llsl (ime Secnury uuuu mm, lhms been unomu. amounoumum
ofncw senlumuul mnshucnon.
Ms. PSAKI: Mm-hmm.
QUESTION: Theres bun 1h: .usignulion orlhu Plles nisn us. seems Ihnl whom him ucmlly
yhysicully lhm haldihg .hei. hum ham .imu. lhul mcym .qu sum... then own,
MS. PSAKl: Well, lhuyuu had many muullhgs when in: been lhm. obvimlsly, didni cxpoci
Ihis uusy cunalhly uuu aw: ofsnm: bumps lhv: mad aflmc, bu: boll. sidus alw .uumnmd
muiu cummilmum seeing ihis lhmugl.
QUESTION: Wnuld ynu really cull .husu bumps mud, ihuugm paniculuny n:mally, uiihu. side. whcmer its .hu lsmulis cnmmulng muuuhcu scnlemcnl muslruciiuu lhu Puesllnims
rull .iugulmnuhg luu... jusl giving up. juil dncsn: sum.
ms. rsm. Well, whul negminllng and Lhals gnod uxnuplu Thu negolilling m... >Pruldnm
Abbls .uumnuuu his uwu :nmmnmcnl suuiug .hl. my.
MS. PEAK]: whclhcr was [hem whclhu. olhur umuiuls mun yluul Lhuyu mhlinuihg
mov: Inrwml.
QUESTION: jusl doesnl scum Ilkuc diey have lhu whilc lhcy may havu desllz and dmm mu:
zhumll pm: dull The malivulian aslually huni day i.. and day aul du:5n sue...
mum. And duus seem Summary Kerry Mldlng .hls lugulhu. personally, and isn lhcru,
uku. limu how much can
Msu PSAKI: Sure. Thll why has luu... hulp work lhmugl. uvury day.
UNCLASSIFlED us. Dupanmumelslale Case Fr2015 1025 Dec 505170814 Dale: 04/12/2u17
CDENOBMIIED USDepanmemolSIaIa Case F-zowiiozs Doc cosmosu OaIz-umzrzon
0913mm; FOIA mmwnm 1m:
QUESTION: Wc,1mnnimm: lb: min inmmven
MS. YSAIG: Youve righl, huI mare also long [Iml ama sI1l have one arm: muons
commiinng lhe Inc-momh limefmne impanml beans: knaw would challengng
periods lhmughaul In: pmcus Imin Sidzs mmam cummmcd mm, and weII cnnlinue work
QUESTION: aaesnI sound lik: unleis you could dis-bus: nniinn, duesnI sound Iikn
Sim Sum-(y Kerrys IuI mi, Nnmnim Inni than: haw nciunIIy bun any dlmcl um,
MSI PSAKI: wauidnI jump mai conciminn, Vejuxl have Ilwnys said wnuldl cnn evuy
Ms. PSAKJ: let see can con any mulings sum poim Io: III ofyou.
QUESTION: Jen, cauld yuu lell Ambassadol Indyk were nawI man [he mgian
Amhlssidm Indyk, whgm
MS. ISAKI: Has min this mnming.
MS. PEAK]: Okay Lni sjusigo one iwo hen
QUESTION; In: us, whais going Thailand new? Ms. PSAKI: Well, wmInIy dczply :2ng Ihc arm Bungkuk due poIiIiuIIy molivnmd viola mdzmn vioIm: man: achieve poIiIicnI objmives nnd mg: dz: :xmise
remain! and lespccl In: rule law, are cnnwmed 1h: canlmuing polllicn! Imam. rIiniInniI. uld {gnawing [he uimnn closely.
Pac pmusi and utexpmsion are impumni upon: aldcmocmy, nfccum. Violence and nipuhiic private pmp=ny, Imwevcr. in: nu! impinbin means Ufrcmlving pnIiIicaI emlca rmly belizv: all parties snnuia work Inga)! molve differences lhmugh painful dialogu: ways
hal slrznglhen democracy Ind ml; lawn
Ambassadur Kimmy spnkn wnn In: pnm: minislcr and has spukcn wiIIn prim: and oppoSiIIan
Icadus also mounmg: Ilslraim and mum dialogue You mny nim III! us. Emba
Enngkak mun-y mug: for chimns Thailand uplamlng Lhni large poliIical
Acmensuuuans may cuminue commg day lhc coining days. including guwmmcnl [Mimics and
oumdc nimmi Bmgkok .nd ldvismg Ivoid mas ntdemnns ninon and nxnms: cnulian.
QUESTION: Fallowing his Ian wiin ht pIImc minism, one oflhe mum oppnsi Indus snid m.-
would nmpi limhlng shun theI msignnimn inn nipcnslble pusilien In: ey=s Ofmc UIIich Shks7
MS. PSAKJ: In. comm: enmumge nII parlIbS work mgzihenn resulv: their ercnm. Wt,
counc. have his commcms. bin IdanI Ihmk wem gain funher (MS palm, nslde (mm
UNCLASSIFIED DepanmenIoISIaIe Case azuimwzs Dac cnsimau Dale owe/2017
(206170814150 u.s DepannIenIulSIaIe case F-ZD1511025 on: No.90617n314 Date MHZ/2017 mmmwmamm =nwunglngr=slmm yuund
quEsTIoN would weigh gmm :st mling yany railed gel mung.
pmimm, was an: arm; iningaIinns rothIsI
MS. PSAKIII lumw dnnI krmw iIlvI: spnkun lhuI III: pan, Scan have do! 7th anymmg In! you Lhis panicnlar mmm, happy follow post-bnz ng,
Okay. Ius [Wu more has III luck youv: v:ry paliem
QUESTION: Thank you MIchagl Vmoem the Austmlmn andcuslmngpnmLiun, Whats (ll:
uspansa III III: AusImen Guvummlan szcIion nhh: comynny Dnnicls Midhnds Ind far GminCoI-p Ms. rsuu: Well, are disappoinrcd Govzmmcm arm-mum decislan njea Danmls Midland Imposed Acquisil ofGIIInCorp (in not: Auxlnallln Trusurct Ice
Hockey has expressed oycnmss IIppmvlng {We ADM: cm, shar: nCorp The {1inch Sums llrgzs invaslur {(7me dixeu invesmr Ausqu, wuh inwsuuem
mm: dm. not farwnrd wurking clauly gmmmnm huIld manger Iie: invcslment 5mng;( Ind: and InvesIman
QUESTION: quick followup
MS. PSAKJ: Mm-hmm
QUESTION: Did umlmed MIAMI. [1.5 Governmcm ampch pnme mtdIcil. 1:331
mligious immum. Auslralian Ausvuun intcllvgenn ngznmas? PSAK]: dun hlvc anything funhcv mthing far you mg: ofrtpam cuminly noI gmng cummznl ally quth ynu know. wer: undcrgumz aurawn review aflhcsc pnxzssts, whv
Expect emu-d: Ihe oflh:
QUESTION: ten, back ADM swam
Ms. PSAKL Mm-hmm.
maxing was mi: 5u=, mi: Imposed sale. bid ADM AUSMIN 5mm
Ms. SAKl mod qucslinn. Mm. duck. wlmI an: hind wmlel was
check Ind see was.
QUESTION: And IriI was wu- wcn you givzn any III: way ynwnsux ;me ally wls gmng 3.77
Ms. PSAK]: Check Ind 5:: was cvcn mm.
Okay, IeIs on; more mu, Smir
QUESTION: yml have Ieucrmn Ih: man cons mImII EgypI
UNCLASSIFIED nepanmemovs aue 0355 Fame-11025 Doc No.cu517h514 Dale mam/2017
C06170814lED DepanmeninlSlale Case No,F-281511D28 DucNa (206170814 Dae m/izrzun
0mm, ilEl OlALi/Juiclail/ vaun
Ms. PSAK]: Sur:
QUESTION: can ilnown Buhlain queslinn Ih: vlld aim
MS. PSAKI: sine. wny nnm
v=ll, cominut Imk [he cunslllulinnll pmclss wiili imam, and will examine Lh: autumnal mlully
om: (maimed and Saul human Mnnsmn. which nndmiand will minimal-low. 11.: Egyplmn
pmplm alwulsl. will dcclde (h! fair. oflh: cans mllon 1cf:r ndlun.Wc Comm Snppnn
imn ion prom: iliai lends lncluswc civllinrl govcmmem laud Waugh lien, (nil, Ind lruupmm demons, and him govzmmenl law ml: ullnw. fundlmmml ledwms, Immmhlllly. and
upcn .nil campelllive cmnomy. will 5:: whcn mnsfumd, and will Ink: ulnsb look iii
Bantam QUESTION: Ycah. yaunnv: any vicw govemmcnl
QUESTION: quick an! Egypi on, mmy, Mm. You donl have any mmmmi
pmhlblllun nhzligl aus panics Egypil Ms. PSAKI: Again, well wnii wmmcm nniii ili hm: Clully lmnsrc cd. onwanily, ilim at:
Slaps mny camp cnlnry Dlalld nine-s may nni he.
QUESTION: Docs in: daclslun Dflhc minus: iliis linmnn nghls camyaiyln whu-l wlls ellglbla rdwsu WA! yzslarday lwday. PSAKIi Le! in: we. lhink summing lhix 0n: momeni, Mnn.
QUESTION: Mm-hmmr can gel il- lfynujnsl wnni To, lhnls line. MS. rsAKI: Ycah. lhal rim. [believc luvc gamut-i yml coniinim ll) lncol ngl
Bahrain lake Ih: nmssnry Hep: pmmul: mine inn nmnng Dwain .lncludmg plmulims nil
slclol ofsocicly voice polillcll views pucqful mlnnu hav: smn inputs thx
in: Cenlu for Humnn nigninNnml Rniab~is yaure talking chem okay
QUESTION: (Muslim)
Ms. PSAK! was denlcd early mans: luday Balinin. nmlmsinnil inn has served mon
his Iwnrymr prism! senlence Ind xchtdultd released Mny alnm ya: inmain deeply
cancemzd nnmn [Net-year prison lending by] gnlhuiny. urge lh: Gavzmmml pmim in: unlvarsal ngnis orlmdom alcxpleuiun min assembly, JHSI urge III e=m=n5 i7!
annmini snclely engag: pencc expimms nullllml apimml
QUESTION: you lhlnk mum: bun lunged was muld nun lodny?
Ms. FSAKI: Well, nclim ax: consumed min his cancemm Ibaul nis iniwyeai prison
salience, lhclievz, Cluck and htllgvc lhAIs Whal new lmplymg hen.
QUESTION: (Mn. nei (he Hm, mm, linve haul mm] n)=r nppnsiiion acimsu mil
LlNCLASSIFlED Dapanmanmlsrela Case Nu. F-2D15-11026 DocNa cuswuaw Dale 0411212017
C06170814=IED us. DepanmemmSlale caseNo F72D16711026 Doc CDSITOSM Dale 0411212011
Oazlredlre width,
ed. man, (10:: mil easl daublml your lncnulaglng vmlds eamer the year aemmumem paliucal refoms
MS. PSAIG: Well, mmmly Ir: encouraging mem Ink: some .Ixcp- like news-(y steps
pmmm: mamlllallau. And abrviously, eael. lime mal mere euse llke nus, huvz cxpmsscd Cantu-n, donl have any analysis whal than will mean lungEHum aboul ovcrall relatiomhip, hal men has bzcn lucldem. have cenaluly expressed ourcauoem QUESTION Wcll. law limz you em. Kim: mens hem lucidgm menu, heres panem lueidema. mun. dot: say mme ung nauul meu unlulll cummlunum Icfomls
MS. PSAKJ: Well, dun any mare analysls for you
Thanks. evaryuncv QUESTION: Thank you (Thc lnlermg wls concluded we)
DPB 196
in: own: ofWebn Management. Bureau a/Publm mm, mug purlal Informallrm
[mm the 5mm Deparmm
50mm! links tum-l me; meld nu! :umrmd endorsement Dflhu vim: nrprlvacy
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New! Slgn oul abnul use: sacml medm =vznl sum Depmmeul, Updule yum suhsc us, inadify yum passwurd dremull nddxtssv slap subscripzidns lime yqur
Subscribu mam Pngg You M1! med use your :mail address lag Ifyuu huve quesueus
ymbicms wllh subscripllan semee, please vlau xubscribzrhzlp gnvdelivzgvamn.
Tlus sewn): prnvlded you chug: byU gmenlolsum.
uNcmsleIED US. Depanruem sale Case Hula 11025 Doc coewaam Dale 0411212011
C06170814TED Us. Depanmamolsmna Case F-zmsnm Doc 1705I4 Data mMz/zmv
Chums: Eromwma
mummlwumummnml wmmlmmukI-Hu wmmum csnu Wampummmzn
uNcmssxrxzD Depanmenmsme Case Howmwzs Do: Nu. 006170514 Dae cmz/zun
cuenoszs ED Depanmemolsmw Case F-2mauuza DncNo cusnuazs Dam 04/12/2n17 OmaqsnveFOWAWJEdca dach :n; risen: leG Dwunmenlafslave msswehpaauuwnnm 9.9m sen: Monday. DecemhuulJel] Curvan, Andrea sum-n. nmymsssneangs
You subscnbcd Daily Brie ng: for u.s. Depanmnm ome: Informaliwn has recently
npdalzd, and now avm ablz,
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UNCLASSWED u.s Depanmanmfslam Case F-ZU16-11ME Doc Ne.cas17oaz5 amazon 617 525150 Depanmsm sme Case No. 77291511925 Dec (106170825 Date own/2017
Chums: Eromwma NexSlszITuhnlulDiscussionslUS DiplummcMla onswilhlmn CHINA AilD:{zns:ldmu ralionlune/FAAHCAO PIVuHoAsm M:mIlNeumann/K:nn=mBae ngALEsTENMNs Pan: Francs: Duccl Negolintions SummrykerryMeetmgsThlsV/eek THAI 3M; PoliticallyMunvllcdvmlencc Top: Gavemmmwi Ausvmlin Rejnuon ofADM Pmpcszd Acquis ImelligtuwG-mnmg EQYPT Consumlionanmclss gAumm NabmlRajab
TRANSCRIPT: EST rsua: Hi.evcryonc. Hippy
QLllZSTION: Happy dmtd bifuldlyv PSAK]: .mm ynu Thank you much Twenlydwo. lls glonaus, [Magnum
QUESKION: And yuu will I): forlhennxlw
MS. rsam: win hzv
cuss-now: Man yum rsm: 1435., {an thI, hav: naming hop. Mm, what yum mum.
QUESTION: Lels see. have IDI
msv PSAKI: om.
QUESTION: naming why worm sur Igrs just the Snmury mp.
MS. PEAK]: Okay
QUESTION: Balh :xcludmg max: smp Moldova, xhc beginning, haw mum oflthAC
Exp! concznlralnd Afghanlslan and Ihen mkmg lh: BSA? Afghan
UNELAssmED Depanmer msiala Case rams Du: coewuszs Dammnmow 5IEo Denanmani Siam Case Nn.F~ZD1SIID25 Du: cummszs Daia. 0411212017
owning Ann/Jud Vim
nmcials [here iaik wiim And wnii, iiiniII iiini quesiioii roi MS. PSAKI: 0k:y.W=1l,wnllciaanylus ypiully dn. l7: dumg iinnriiig foul: union the nip llld
Ibm InerIsI III: NATD Mmisicrial minor-row, when wiil ch-Ilun have Ilmk spui dulils alum!
who will mending. Obviausly. Afghanislln In! anguing prawn {hm pnsiri nflhe UIIIIEd Slam NATO Win mnly big iiiiiin minisniiisiiin Bul win iiiii briefer; eiiiiiiic more
specific; DMW Emsscls. QUESTION: All right Well, going ask min 0!: MIddle Ensi bin wall, nap Israel iinn iii: yourcjusl If! you going give in: in: sum nnswnr, Wlil {iii bnc inn plane?
MSI PEAK]; iikaly will, yes
QUESTION: Okay. Well, inn-i mIIId PSAKI: om. QUESTION And iii=n quickly Ami-mam
MSi PSAKI: Sum, Lesley
QUESTION; whal [unher happening {at Lrying YESOIV: lhis issue with imlsm
QUESTION: flr iiini M5. PEAK]: The BSA ouunomm 7mm.
MS. PEAK]: The Siylmg DESIAme. QUESTION: IILW iiiai Special Envny Dubblns has gnnn his way Afghanislln?
Ms, PSAKI: mini nniiiiiinwinnnin iiiis pDIIII iimi Iai iiiin iii nnynnn cixev Obviously) our imn in: gniiina, Amhiissndiii Cunningham and when, vim ban cins: oonln iiiii poinl, wgv: made inii nosiiinn cieni. and iiiive iIie Arghui mpic. Signing Ih: BSA soon iii: pah fnrwald, IIS weve snid imny (inlet iiiiuining parInErShlp hetwecn (h: United sum and Arinuniiun iii vpn Afghan!
iii whining lusIIIIg nmnn secunly, and devzlapmmlv mm: in: iiia: wcn conveying may law]. And wev: said before bin impomiii rciimie hm, givcn iis week linw ning Signl aim: ngimnnni iiniii mis Elecmm iiiii hlc would nni provide Afghlns
with in: cemimy mni may dBErvc ingniiiiiigiri fun! [he ciiiicni momhs landing iii I11! nimiuns, inn
would providz UIIich Smcnnd NATO alllu iii: clariiy (usury fora pnieniini pus~Z iniiiiiii-y
plumb: win =nniiniiing conwy iiini. on; gmiina unainiy mid wnik dim-i Iim any u-ml annulmccmcnlx. Iiiiini changcs, weii ccmmly [=1 aii iiiynii know
QUESTION: Hus Sammy spnkcn Pruidrm Kami cauple atdiiys BSA? UNCLASSIFIED Depanmammsma Case Hummus Du: coenuazs Dile Z/ZDI? 617 5=IED Dipanmanl Sisia Case No, F-2D16 11026 Doc 006170525 Daia. 04/1 220w
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M5. PSAKI: II: III: nai spnkm wiIh hnn the Iasi coup]: aiasys. ouzsnon- And ihc PenIIgun Iodny slid Ihsi Ihis nai ofiI: BSA sigisd, In: as. ana
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Msi PSAK]: hav: look mmc sped cally wim Ihey said Maybe yauv: lining Lhc NATO
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QUESTION: nassmasi Ihs ndline. ihe aanahns {or signing asa. whim yaa asgin preparing {or Imps on! hon-i Aiyinnisian post 201
Ms. YSAKI: nai going inio new radium ardsndlmes Iaday. Will say. (he Iripqneslinn.
wcH, yau know, decision hasnl huen mads. Van win-Ia kxmw had haan n-s our pnfznnu. buI imnas asnanniy pammml oulcomz Arghanisinn ifIhere BSA. is, spin, not our
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QUESTION: him you Iricd undersund why PksIdtnl Kama: duinz whnl dmng mndnuing
himssirma wIIy has? yaa hav: slum picmw ihan do, to. immune?
MS. PSAKI: ldanl knuw have any mhcr insigh Ihan you do. Obvinusly. Secrcury woke WIlh
him Iasi wssk. you well Imaw. connnue aisss our cu: far_why Ihis shanid signaa quickly pvssible, don have any nniLlysIs aipnnisniai aaiians mininmis Afghanistan. QUESTION: yan mink Ihni hzs perhaps mm: canccmcd abnui his nsrsansi safely past she clcciians?
MS.YSIK1: will yan, Said, your awn anaiysis don{ haw: any otherualyils ii. hive any mm: Mghnnisianv QUESTION Jusx Ihs .an
MS. PSAKI. Mm-hmm QUESTION Ihasa nfus Who In: mkrcstcd Mulduva
Ms. PSAK]: Yes
maid yau yusi why siap Moldavr Whm Lhc impanancsv sac winery,
MS. PSAKJ Sm: Moldavs lcuunlry has number ofimpbrmm lefmm Slaps rlcem yam have Ihcy inking amps hsia grow [heir ecmwmy, nna Winn nhvinnsiy sig aani :xpa But
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UNCLASSIFIED napanmeniaisiais Case F-2EIIB-11026 Do: cqeinezs mam/1212017
C06170825 iED Dapanmeni sme Case F-zmwioze Doc cosmszs DaIa {14/12/2011
Oaamm ireroiniwmainm QUESTION: And Comes. obviousiy, nghI Ukrain: decided nut Sign Lh: lgmemcm wuln
Ms. PSAK]: MmJImm
QUESTION: Muidovn did you could mm: lhls unn Secmnry wnnu buck Ihem give Ihcm scmcming, sign ofsuppon.
MS. PSAKJ: WeH. planned this lrip~ Irip WI: (he wnrks befm: hn decismn mud: BIN
unmnly, may numnuumranns plum: Ind Ihcyle working hard (heir cwnnmy Ind
in: Secruary {eh was imponanl highlighi um, gunmen: Fullawing Ihnl gunmen: Okay Cnn gr. overjus! Arynnisun form: very briz
ms. lSAKl: Sure, may nnd_lh:n wcllgom Aunt. QUESTION: was gone Iasi weak mas Inst wack, whal did In: Secxeilry speak wnii
Kmi bcfnr: Ambusndm Rice was mm?
MS. PSAKI: Lefs spake wnh Kauai Pmsidcm Karim have lack buck. [believc WI:
prim nuyisn in: doubl! check uni {ox yon sun. QUESTION: 5-: the senior amcial speak wnh Kami, far you MOW, mummy Rmc
Ms. PSAKI: bziievc mal comm, ya.
QUESTION JusI roiiowing Ihc Mnidm {at Uknine suminnmn. saying Secrelzry Kerry wan-Id had inen wldzly cxpm nncnd the uses when you ind [dun lknow. ubwr days man
MSV PSAKI: Mm-hmmv
QUESTID jusI III: very bcgmnulg min: Whole episndc.
Msv PSAKI: Mm-hmm.
QUESTION: And Ihal pnini you said scheduling issues had wnuld nun: his mmlmion
Ar: you slickmg win. hll7 inH rage? mighI Lhcu: sum: 1x! icy Imvlitniians dzcis OSCE7
Ms. PSAK]: In-n sucking wuh Imjusl leaking Ltslcy hem my- cumuol eye lam slIckmg
wiIh ldani nnw guidanc: far you AssIsIBnl Summary Nnimd niil yllnning
menu and mm} Joining fur Ih: arm: visir,
Ms. PSAKI; Min ninm.
UNCLASSiHED us, Dapanmnmlsiaxe Case izmmmza DuDNO coannaza Dale wmzuw
C06170825=IED Depznmeniolsme Cass Nor-zmmmza Do: cuawuszs Dale 04/12/2017 iiEFOlALi/Juiciaiwayzn
QUESTIQN: ciin ynii lell iii: oh. sorry, QUESTION: Sniiy iiisi Lhis :hl chamdc. Lzsley fxchzdulirig mums, nut an: iii-i iini doing no! gaing (his -iini going Kyiv Sign ufdisplnaslud MS. PSAK]: will ynu yaiii own lcpumng, Mnn ldonl hue any male analysis commems
rinin iinin QUESTION: Eu! innin was
QUESTION: And one main quick am: Ukraine
Msi PEAK]: Miniiiiim QUESTION: ominiisiy, wcm Sccmg (hr. demonsuaiinm, violcnl cmckdown.
M54 PEAK]: Min-mum
ounsriowi huls 1h: resplmse iinni iii: siiiz Depamnlm
MS. FSAKI all, wciin afcuursc, nniiiialiy. closely monilnnngihp ongoing demansmiinns, noi nnly
Kyiv bin ciiics Amund Ukraine. ynii knnw. 3mm iii: demansii-iiiinns lingiiin Nnyninbiiizi iheie
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roam. Ind :onzinuc slim ilim innin (ni Vivienne caunlry iiiiii Isplx dnninnnniic riiiuie. mnllrluc nail all sides innininin calm, and ukin inn nuihoriiiesio mum iii-i meminm ahhe
public and pics: nbi: safely and pnacnriiiiy HOS: Ihbir righls alspzecii niiii iissniniiiy mci-llioned lime bi! helm slill huv: Axs uni Secmlary Nuland slill ninniiing nimi iii
Th: uiunininn Faleigxl iniiiiniry announced inni Lhc minixlerial pmczeding planned,
QUESTION: Bin mar: was QUESTION: Ar: yuu suin iiini Uklllnc mnnlry iii-i aspires democmlic mum
M5, rsiuui Ally cniiniiy iiini niny aspire, mininiy, inn: impo WIVES laiiow iiiiniiy. nn. QUESTION: sin ynii si convinced iiini Uknine aspires weleNd-Ioaking democrlllc
Ms. PEAK]: wui, wiii set. Mnn. Time will icii ACHDI spank laud Khan WOIdSV
QUESTION: ynii dues mi:
QUESTION: ynn sl nnnii [he nni-iiinenis mud: byAmbllsmdnr Niiiaiid iii iiei speech {he Aiinniin
ciiiiiicii cniipic ofwzcks use and commenls linni iiiis pniiinni yniii bellznhm kaIii-ic Shauld iniinwiiig Ah: pniii [(1st julning some kind ornssnciniinn nginaneni wiiii 1h: EU?
MS. PSAKI: Sm. Our vinw inns iini chmged Isl obviniisly. luv: bocii oftvrnls thE
UNCLASSIFIED DepanmanimSiaie Case moisiioza Dal: cosnnazs mile o4i12/2m7
C06170825 IED Depsnmenlnlsrala Case minimum Doc (206170825 Dale MHz/2017
omens rolA new Waugh lie happened since Khan.
QUES HON: And ydii nelieve lhi ilie demonslmiolls some ale almally indi-s wlial iliey wan7 inenn, seeing inn ineyie dtmunslrllins beans: Ihtyk angry iliii ilie goveinnieni hasnl inlien iliis pnill inaii been Ini for inem.
Msl PEAK]: would paini yuu ilie cummmlj demnnslnllms. nrwliiiili llieie linye bun many
dani spzak their bell-II, bul ourposilloll Iiiisnl changed will sleps liicy eduld like.
Obviously. main lake llme slepa.
QUESTION: om, mean. ilie Uniled siiies you dunl wan give your lineliingia innin
im sympallielic (I7 wllpl llie demonsimois asking for
MS. PSAKI: Again. llie deinnnsnalnis nae snying ninge erminga, duni beyond whnl weve shied
publicly my; donl any oiliei funnel pnblie slalei-nenia pin nnsnion, thch hls linen awed Assislnnl Seeielaiy Nuland nnd olliei omoinla pesi seveinl weeks,
QUESTION van ilie iinnles nIsnnie almond people who demonsiiniinn neiosi lIie eonniiy
Sundny. end glvul llinl illey all seem. pcrson. saying uni ills enveniiiieni Igmling llieii Wisn mar: elosely nligiied wilh Eumpc. lsn disingeninnis loi inia buildmg suggesl inni iIiey need
Show any iesiininii nieyie nel lhe one: wllo lie bludgeoning people will banenng inns and fuming inblini builds llie palloe seems msyie iaklng linini nIcyeiniiing iii-l been happening. Ms. rsmu: dnn-l lIiinx Inoli sides. Hunk Sam inn ils impnnam roi nll sides niainlnin enlin, elm
lhrks place for vivluloc eoiiniiy mil upiies deinaeiiiie niniie, don-i would disagiee
with the prawns: nfymxr clnImse
QUESTION: wnnl does lnis minding link nfmc pnine iiiiniaisi-s mll rai nie aecnniy raises Shaw
lesuainl and seemingly ssing aelion wlien Sundny illsie wls indie yiolenee heaped iipon ilie
deiiipnsiinlnls, panieiiliiily Kyl
Ms. PEAK]: Well, mink Just expressed whni uur view slylolence aminsl demonslnawls, mals
Whal our view is,
QUESTION: Can has llic Sccmnry spoken somehndy Ukraine, in; caun=rpnn7
Ms. PSAKJ: has lhe Iasl snvenl dlys. can check llieie been any plliei calls nuI or.
QUESTION: aeeiiise an: ilie pig isxuts Ukraine lapn iig iLwlf inyiiy linin Rmsia and leaking
Iowalds Wesiein Eumpc roi aenneiiiie iupnon And one cllh: big inings dual pieiidenl ankI-Iin:
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