Judicial Watch • IRS HQ Targeting – PDF 1689

IRS HQ Targeting – PDF 1689

IRS HQ Targeting – PDF 1689

Page 1: IRS HQ Targeting – PDF 1689

Category:IRS Scandal

Number of Pages:3

Date Created:March 28, 2014

Date Uploaded to the Library:May 13, 2014


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  • Eric Faucett

    This one is going to hurt!

  • parterre

    Let’s see what the media makes of this. Nothing.

  • Phineas Worthington

    The framers valued equality under law, including tax law, so much that equal/proportional direct taxation was mentioned twice in the original Constitution. If we must have a politicized IRS, then lets just have equal taxation to minimize their influence.

  • Sam Gompers

    Our civil servants are no longer non-partisan arbiters and caretakers of the law. The people in our government have been weaponized and their targets are set upon the country’s citizens.

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