Judicial Watch • Lois Lerner Email: Conservatives “—holes”

Lois Lerner Email: Conservatives “—holes”

Lois Lerner Email: Conservatives “—holes”

Page 1: Lois Lerner Email: Conservatives “—holes”

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Date Created:July 30, 2014

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  • NoChip4Me

    This regime is going to keep doing this type of stuff UNTIL We The People begin holding them accountable. FYI: One cannot lose a e-mail. It’s there, Lois, like Obama and the Clintons LIE. They are liars, thieves, murderers and dirty rotten scoundrels.

  • disqus_UuishN3ZfL

    But it does prove in a small way that lerner was as with others that the IRS is targeting groups they do not like. That is a major violation of LAW

  • Rodney Campbell

    She used her position to target those she held a bias against and animose of . A government official must always remain above the fray and circumspect in all their doings, especially appointees.

  • disqus_UuishN3ZfL

    Sent from her own Blackberry cell phone. What is the problem? She is expressing her own views here as we all should be able to. I don’t get it

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