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OIS Cases FileGate Exhibits-32

OIS Cases FileGate Exhibits-32

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Union Calendar No. 461 
104th Congress, 2nd Session ----------House Report 104-849 

together with 

SEPTEMBER 26, 1996.-Committed the Committee the Whole House the State the Union and ordered printed 

759 December ll, 1994 Task List" Jae Sherburne describing 
 scandals the Clinton Administration and how White 
House attorneys should work: themt (OF 780643 -7806"54) 	June 30, 1995 Memorandum the Fil from Jane Sherburne Debriefing Roy Neel's Whitewate deposition (OF 781690691) 	July 1995 Memorandum for the Fiie from Miriam Nemetz Debriefing George stephanopoulos' Whitewater deposition 
(OF 781726-728). 	July l.995 Memorandum the PiJ:e from David Fein Debriefing Cliff Sloan's Whiteater deposition, (DF 781708-715). 	July 15, 1995 Memorandum for the File from Miriam Nemetz reDebriefing Patsy Thomasson's Whitewater deposition, (DF 781731-734). 	July 15, 1995 Memorandum the File from Jane Sherburne Debriefing David Watkins' Whitewater deposition, (DF 781735-738). 	July 18, 
1995 Memorandum the File from David Fein Debriefing Susan Thomases' Whitewater deposition, (DF 781729-730). 	August 1995 Memorandum Jane Sherburne and Natalie Williams from David Kendall (personal attorney for the Clintons) re: Representative Clinger Document Request (OF 781932-933). Undated Questions for Podesta prepared for Committee hearings White House (DF 781539542)  	Undated, Scripted Questions for Committee hearings prepared the White House Counsel's office (DF 781785-817), 	Undated handwritten notes Counsel's office strategy Travel Office investigation (DF 780920, 781893-900). 

JCS Privilagd 
'l'Uk List Dc:mbflr 13, 1994 Issues 	Foster document handling (Nemetz} Travel Office (Cerf) 
c:. White House/Treasury contacts (revisited; report)

cl. 	obstruction jutice (DOJ handling criminal referrals; Jay Stephens RTC whistlablower reprisals) (**) 
 	use White House resources tor responna efforts (Nolan) 	Foster suicide (Nemetz) 	Espy (ethics; expanded Smaltz inquiry Tyson's, Hatch Act) (Mills/Nolan/**) 

Cisneros (**) Brown ("'*)Hubbell (**) 
Ickas/union representation C**l1. Stpanopoulos/NationsBank (**l 	
state Department -passport tiles (**l 	
Archives --abus.-ot peronnel system(**) 	
Leqal Defense rund (Mill) 	Health Cara Task rorc (Neuwirth) 	White House operations (drUqa, passes, 
hdicoptars) .(Milla/Nole.n) residence renovations (Neuwirth) prasidantialiJrununity (Slcan> 	White House Arkanan (Thoasson, Nash, Rasco) (**) 
PIC urplus (**l 	
improper lectioneerinq (SBA) (**) 
GSA (Roqar ohnsonJ (**) 
)C. Value Partnrs (Keuwirth)
Y'. preaidential campaiqn (?2C audit) (**) 
collllllodities (Ke.ndall/**) 
aa. gubernatorial campaigns (Lindsey, Wright) -record 

kaeping (Kendall/**)ab. gubernatorial capaigns -MGSL (Rendall/**) ac. Whitewatr/MGSL (Kendall/**)ad. 

other MGSL/McOougal (Xandall/**l 
Ro Law Firm {KRC work !:or HGSLt .rrost Ca, 
FSLIC representation) (Xandall/**) David Hala/Suaan McDougal/SBA (Rendall/**) (**) u1t


ah. Lasater (bond daalT ai. U lean achiava
ADFA (political favcr1 

ak, Mana Airpor (**l 
al. troopers (*'*I 
am. woman (Xndall/Bennatt/*'*l Preliminaries 	
idantify key republican objactivaa and routas tor acblavinq them --a.q. 	sustain shadow WJC.character 
ii. 	hype HRC thraat.towhite men, traditional women 	
identify quidinq principle for response --9 	nothinq hid 
ii. stick the facts .!.ii. 


iii. 	protocol 
iv. 	trataqy/principl tor asaer:ting 	research antitla..nt Congr HRC/WJC transcript depoitiolUI qivan risk 
 	research r conqreasiol Ubpon power CHRC/WJC) 
ii. 	preC-Sant 
iii. 	co11111ittae rule 
iv. procedure 

rarch. r liitations on.l119ialativ. power invHti9at 

Mezbtir and 

762 learn new Hill co1111ittae jurisdiction, Jlll:llberahip 

etc.) consultations 'j. offensive structure 	FEC legal research 
ii. 	'Wl11ant1 attributed llhita Hcuaa cfficial1m 

.. ... 1e0S4G 

iii. 	chain cutody trantr pronal filu 
(1) co111pleta interview 
Carolyn Huber 

Linda 'l'ripp 

(c) 	Oaborah Gorha111 
Bob Barnatt 

syvia Mathaw 

fact 111e1110 

aaaa111ble public racord 
datermina stratagy release woe 
iv. 	saarch Feater office 
(l) 	aslllhla public racord 
includinq any relavant teati111ony senate hearing Foatar suicide


(1) co111plete interview 

(b) delay 
obligation cooperate with law anforce1111ant authorities va. protaction privilaqad 111atarial 
basia for prctaoting diac1osure Congress privilaqed :material oftica 
(i) 	bi tor rasitinq 
id.antification/production all docUJ1enta office and
llarni ' 11afa 
surtacinq auicida nots 

(21 a'mhl atcral public record (:1) fact 11uo 
(4) leqal rasaarch {a) obligations discloaa not 

lav enforceaent authorities {i) not obviously suicide 

(ii) 	timeline requirements Foster suicide 	Chris Ruddy/center tor Western Journalism 	
cau for suicide 	
monitor senate raport;. coordinate with Hamilton 	
develop press respon Obstruction Justice 	delay addreaainq criminal referrals; OOJ role 
(D.c. and Paula CJlY) 	determine usual process 'lleJllO vith key
(1) 	Charlam Bank 
(2) 	Paula Casey
(3) 	(track Lawis corraspondenca raleaaed tAach) 
iii. 	identify COllllllittee intareat (D'Amato; House)
iv. 	assemble public record 	RTC/Kansas city inveatiqation (suspension JeanLawis, Richard Iorio ate.; April Breslav; pra-1993 activity)  
develop chronology known facts and key documents 
interview Breslaw identify Co111111ittaa interest (Laach; Senate)for
examine last 
day House heerinqs 
1111111111111 ?80648 

other response 
766 	track public rcord
ii. identify affort qiva civil intarast (D'Amto; House) 	White Housa/Traasury contacts Sanate Report 

review/co11D1ent Report keep touch with rity Reportdevalopznents 
ii!.. 	prapara pr strataqy 
iv. 	idntity surroqatas 	Whit Hou invtiqation Whit House/Treasuryconacts (receipt information about RTC invatiqation; work prc duct1 redactions) 
prepara fila znorandu:m. dascribinq use unradactad transcripts deterznine continuinq Bond interest 

Truthtulnss lihite Hauss and other wit n 
iii. perjury
iv. 	preas re.spona 	Meads-up policy 	surrcqtes 
ii. 	uniform application 
iii. Tr.aaury status 
iv. 	pr strataqy for ralaaaa cc111111ittee report 	work backgroun paper precedents 	Racus policies/OGE/Exacutiv Orders 	pres atrateg-y tor raleasa Coll!lllittee 

backqround paper consult with OGE 
iv. consider Exec utive order 

-ll contact policy (:Executive ordar) 
press strataqy ror raleasa CCllllQittee r11port 
ii. 	backqround papar
iii. 	consult vith OCE
iv. 	consider ExacutiV Order other response toComiittee 
determine her tirt likely congressionalappearance tha nv conqrasassazbl public 
iii. intarviav Garqan, Ti9ert and Xlein collll!lunication th subject recusal 
detarmina raepon allaqationa 
datarmin response allaqation that 

Klain tha co111111ittaa 

768  ii. iii. Cisneros  Iak' Ward Room undertakinq (l/94) Podesta damaqe control effort  

gathGr tacts 
establish contact vith counsel 
date1:111ine press strateqy/devalop talkinq pointsc. 
COnlJ",t'ional interest 
 	assemble binder with sllll1lary and key documents 
10. 	Brown 	
establish contact with counsel 	
talkinq pointsdetermine press strateqy/devalop identityaouroa aonqraaaional intarst assemble binder with slllJllllary and key docW11ents 
11. 	Hubbell monitor cooperation 	dater111ina press strategy/develop talkinq points 
12. 	(uriion repreaantation) 11Ic0kGs
ane.Dlble binder with sUllllllary and key documents 
identity source 	monitor binder with UllllllrY and key docW11ents 
l4. 	State Department (passport files) 
ident:ity isua 

b conqressional 	assemble binder with SWlllllary and key documents 
15. 	(abuse prsnnel systea)
Archives entify issue 
conqressicnal interest

detet111in11 	assemble bindar witn summary and key dcc11111ent 
16. 	SBA (iproper electionaerinq) 
OF' 780>51 	
identify issue 	
determine conqrassicnal interet 	
assemble binder with summary and key docwnants 

17, 	GSA (Ro9erJohnson) 	identity isau 	dater-min congressional interest assembl binder with aUllllllary andkey document 18, FEC Audit 	determine congressional interest 	assel!lble binder with alll!U.ry andkey docUl!lents 
19. 	Pre surplus identity issue determine conqreseionalinterest assemble bindr vith Ullllllry and ky docU1uenta 
20, 	MGSL-related 	Whitewater nveatJent .assalllble publicrecord 

ii. reviav doclll!lenta, including vork
ccountant.and t.a:>c returne1 Lyons reportsUi. develop tact .J1--.oandchrono1ogy 
iv. praH 1trateqy 
ii. 	reviev w'c dOClllYlnt 
iii. 	develop fact a..a and ronoloqy
iv. 	fact atlJIO 
(1) 	Vhy HaSL td.llld; cupai'iJIcontributionto
(2) 	:Rose Lav rira work1RRC1985) 
(a) 	contlicbl
enabladHCSL to.atayopenlon