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Judicial Watch • Peter C. Dorsey – 2004

Peter C. Dorsey – 2004

Peter C. Dorsey – 2004

Page 1: Peter C. Dorsey – 2004

Category:Federal Judges

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Date Created:November 11, 2005

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Tags:Peter C Dorsey, complete, certify, provisions, reported, children, 2004, disclosure, report, Federal Judge, financial, Judge

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RtY. 1100.t 
FINANCIAI. l)ISCLOSURE REPORT H11111 l(cc111irn:I 1he l::thie G11er11111c111 197 
FOi CALENDAR YEAR 2004 Pcoon l.111.:ut R1.1)0Ct 511212005 
mlflratcJudie> u1dtC1le full-or pllrt-1im.:l U.S 01.s1nc:1 Judge(scnM>f) .... 0311. lr1111  :nmal ltll 111/21)().l Clmmbcrt 1ir ()fli-.:c Addrcs> 
moJ11ic:i11ons pertaining thc:rc::tt.: 
lf1PORTAlIT NOTES. Theio tructions accornpany1n1 this form must follov.ed Complete all parts. chc:ckma the NONE ho-< tOr cnc,h pan 
where you have reportn.ble information Sign last paac POSITIONS. 
-NONE CNon:porublcposi1ions.1 
:::0 ...... fTI 
CRcroni! indivKJua1 on1y. > 1Jl61o 
 NON cndent children. See pp. 323.:I oriosrn1c1ions.) .;: 01E -(No n..-portablc li1bililks.) 
Name l,fPerson R.c11or1ins: 
lncont duuni; GtX>SS ,due.a.I.:udI 
I1:1.115:u;1i.,0S ,lu1i11 (.:p II m,i: 10:11.xl 
il)n ofAs..