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Judicial Watch • Peter C. Dorsey – 2005

Peter C. Dorsey – 2005

Peter C. Dorsey – 2005

Page 1: Peter C. Dorsey – 2005

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Date Created:December 5, 2006

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uiftb fofts isfrid filnurf 
 District Connecticut 
Chambers (203) 773-2427 Peter Dorsey 
United States District Jdge 
August 15, 2006 
Ortrie Smith, Chair 
Judicial Conference the United States 
Committee Financial Disclosure 
One Columbus Circle, N.E. 
Washington, D.C. 20544 
Re: Calendar Year 2005 Filing 
Dear Mr. Ortrie: 
Pursuant your letter July 18, 2006, enclosed please find three copies Judge you have any questions, please not hesitate contact me. 
Very truly yours, 
Karin Miller 
Judicial Assistant 
llepor1 l{1q11ircd the Ethics 
AO-HI f;ovcrnmcnr ...r1of19711 
Rev. 112004 
FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2005 LS.C. ;ipp.  101-111) 
le::rson Reporting (Lt>I name. Firsr name. MidJlt: iniliall Dorsey. Peter Court Organizarion U.S. District Court Dai.: ,,f Report 5112/2006 
Title (Artic.:le Ill Judges indicarc ;1..:tivc tir senior starus: magistrate judges indicate full-or part-rimrrTypc (check npproprime rypl:) Nomimuion. Dace lnirial  Annual 1-hrnl R1..:plrl ing f;riud 1/112005 12/31/2005 Chambers Otli..:c Address 141 Church Street New Haven, 06510 the hasis the informatin :md a11 moditicariuns pertaining thereto. is.  such reportahle reimbursements.) 
(lndu1ks those spouse and d..:pcndcnt children. Sec pp. 28-31 instructions./ (No such rcporrahle gills.) 
YI. LIABILITIES. (Includes those >ptuse and dependent children. pp. 32-34  instructions.) ..;_ NONE -(No rcponabk liabilities.; 
VII. INVESTliIENTS and TRUSTS in(..omc. value. 11t111Sca1io11s iindmk:s those of1h..: spouse and Jcpc11di:1:1 i.:hildri.:11. Sec pp. _;457 :lli:i!-: 111.... 1n11.::ilm.) ll. 111comc during Gross value i:n. .{!!}II,,, l::ss _t)iif-51.51}(1  S2,15.0H> Si.1.1(1 )i i.110!} 5.(J!l -51.1.0!i{! 
(S... C11lum11s Ill illlll IHI tiiil (iO.iiO(l U!l,Otl 1-S .iHJ(l,iJtiii Ill .(HHJ.001-).i _liii!J.!HHI Ii. lort: 1h;111 5JHJ0 1.!llfl Valui.:Ctk-> _i!{!il 11r k.:.. 5.UilI S ii,OiHJ 0.liil 1-51 fJO.iiO(l I fJti_IJli -).5fJ.PiiU 
(S1. Colu11u1:-; a11d [).l J.i(JIJ. jlJ(i ,Ul)(J S5on.Ol.l I-St .i1(JUSC :mcf dcicn(kl:I t:hilJn:11. ;:c .LI- ll! 1ii1:i;_ l!lnl.;i.1:1..... 
lucomc during Gross value l!m.1 fra11:::::u.:11l:11s ...!min n::11l1i!! lt:n1.1d 
Dcsl:riprion of :sts n:pnrti11g period rcponing pri1HI im:luding rrust assets} (Ii (Ii (21 (I) 1101 1.....: ...mpr :r.-m1 di;..:jllSlllt 
Pfcice utter l!ach i.1%!t ex.:mpt fro1n prior disclosure ;111rn1111 Code II) Typ Co.. div. rl!IH. inL) Valuo Codi! (J-J>) Value Mthod Cvde:; 1 l.(u}11 r lcs .J111-1.)0(1  S.511--;.5_0!Ji; ))_11(!-)! 5_11{);1 St.:1. C1dun111:i Ill .and 1111 )fJ.tliil-)IOO.iiO(I r.!li.Hl! -Si.ii!Jll,!Jtiii Iii ifHJ.iHJJ.)5.lliHJ_iHJtl II. Jn.-c 1ha11 5.!Jt!ii l.1!ll; 
V.Jluc C1d.....: .rJoil i.[.ii 1-Sii,tHHJ )fJ.Hil-IOl!iiUli 1 !J!i.fll; 1- .:fl.;ijJ; S1..i.: C1lun111=-CI .i11d 1)3 S2iO. i{HJ-5it)fi_(]1)(1 I.I )jo!1.(J1.l 1.iiOll.{Hii.i :1 .nr10_ii!J 1-Si.OiiO.!i(Jtl _i;JHi_!1!!l-..JH!i1if!1!; S.:! .!JOil,{Jli 1-SO.oOCJ.010 ).,l,r;; 1h,111 C5tl_!n;ii_p0(; 
Value t.h.tih1:iy i.l-111 u-i Iii priva1 ...  
1Q-W) rclkmprirn11 !r;in-.t1dilml 
Columbia Conn. Exempt Fund 
Merrill Lynch -Mun. Bond Fund 
Univ. Connecticut 
Stare Connecticut Bond 
Danbury. Bond 
Middletown. Bond 
-14. Bank America 
-15. New Alliance 
-16. Wachovia 
-17. Kennebunk Savings 
-18. Webster Bank 
-19. Merrill Lynch Bank 
Interest iv! 
Interest Buy 1217 
Interest Buy li9 nterest Buy 1/9 
Interest New Haven. 
Interest Ni::w Havi:n. 
Interest New Haven. 
Interest New Haven. 
Interest York. Main.: 
Interest Ncw Haven. 
lnt.:rest >kw laven. 
50. OTHER 
51. Colonial Broadwater Parrnership Divi dend 
Nurrh Haven. NHlt: 
York. Maine Nl.lne .0111-!.)0.1 liii:-SJOl>.iiU{t )i!!O.UPi-$l_iiOil.!Jliii JlOil .:1r h:s:, ;,: .l!li I-$ ii_l!iH1 
):!.iU.ii(H.J-S5Uf), l!!H.: -i{!! .Ot.l .i1{Hl.!Hii1 S2.0Ui.iJl{lJ-$ii,!HH_;!h!! 
;ppr:us:.I C