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Judicial Watch • Philip R. Martinez – 2004

Philip R. Martinez – 2004

Philip R. Martinez – 2004

Page 1: Philip R. Martinez – 2004

Category:Federal Judges

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Date Created:December 4, 2005

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Tags:Philip R Martinez, Brokerage, infonnation, reported, 2004, spouse, Codes, disclosure, report, Federal Judge, financial, income, Judge

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Rcprt RI tile llthies Gt.nunwt Act 978 
Dircttor Puo Holocawt MU$CUm and StudyCenter 
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TU. NON-INVESTMENT COME.fReponing individual ru1d spouse; SC< pp. 7-24 filing instruc1;00,.) Filers Non-Investment Income 
li!J NONE (Norcponable non-mrcpoortable liabihtics.) 
Income clin;re 0!0$$ valie  cOO Trc,ios diwme reporting paiod 
Des.000 =Sl.OOO.OOJ-$5.000.000 t..iore llwin $5, 000.000 4.lut Codes  SJ5.000 orICS$  S,.001..,sjO,OO() SS0,001.SJOO,OOO -SIOO,OOl.s:lS0,000 
(Seie(.qlumnsCJ tndD3) :.S?SQ.OOl)..$;()0,000 =$500,001-$1.000,000 =$1.000.001-S.S.OOO.OOO,ooo $25.()00.001.SS0.000. ... SMOlc than SS0.000.000 :ilue Method Codes =AppnliW =C:1a(Re;11Ei1.:. Only) Asuumem =e1 
Please refer Jetter daied JuJy 27. 2004 wb.ich wa,, submiucd supplement lbc 2003 Report. The infonnation contained 1.bcrein wiU explain why Brokerage Acct. and Brokerage AccL if2 which appeared the 2003 Rq>Ort (before supplementation) arc not included the 2004 Report. Both broke-138e llS lllv< bn ca.