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Judicial Watch • Susan Wright Webber – 2003

Susan Wright Webber – 2003

Susan Wright Webber – 2003

Page 1: Susan Wright Webber – 2003

Category:Federal Judges

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Date Created:February 4, 2005

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Tags:Susan Webber Wright, asset, American, Growth, Gross, 2003, assets, Codes, dividend, reporting, ICE, Federal Judge, income, Judge

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LllT!...Z ;;ice: m1-ri ()O::;; 
__. (./) .... 
rn. -::;oz 
report for the year2003. have made the correction you discussed your letter dated 
September 24, 2004. Part VU, 
Pkase let know there any further. information should provide. 
!m:-.imc Juring Gross .alu : t_Si.. Co!tmm:; .:1m.l alue Cl--J Si: C,Jlomn C2i l.!1011 (!( $50,UOl-Slfl(J.000  ;.1)()thu lcs  5250Jl(ll-S500.0W 1>.; s-nuo.rm 1-5(u).i1Ul-St_li{:O.(itJ1) Co:.-l i_f:.,-:.t1 Lt:11r: >iii! - 1.)thr S2.501-55.1i01i SJ,Utll).0(1 ..S..i,000.U(iil S50,00 S I00.000 :.L01>i1.nfll->5.tilih.tlilU SMur thn $ill.O!l1l.110 A;,;cssment \. Estini.11.:J S:i,OOl-Sl5.0tln ;fore 1han S5.00i.,111lll Sll)U.i.lfl P.:! $5,tif 
!Tom pria di.closur.:-buy,sdl. 
Cud.I div. rent. llr c,xie:: Mctlmd 
Cllde:: buyer. seller 
IA-Hl inl. (J-Pl Code.l Day (JPl (ifpri;ite  
Q-Wl redemption I.I tran::.111itl.1Jtli-S5t1.flullJ!iU1 
::.... Bill V1lu 
Sl.OlliS:!,500 S2.50!-S3.l1Cll! S:>,llOl-1 S.000 15.001-S50.ilfl0 
)liJl!.liUl-$1.0lltl.iiUO Sl,Oli.OOl-S5.0tl0.l!IJ;J{ ..._ Buli. V.Jlu (.) .00 l-52.511) Jl11l.ll01-Sl .l.lfiU.OllO 15JnH-S50.l..l)ii  )500.(!ll-Sl.llillJ.i.lUil Cnsr R:I -, 011: -01!1.:r $1.51) 1-S.uoo >l,Oll(l.(U) 1-S5JJOQ,tlii0 S50.0lll 1 110.){l )l,Ut.l(1.1li11>5.U1lil.tliiJ p..; .SM.-.-.: than !15ll.i.iiJV.ll1ln J:l:aril:n! 4/ E2tl,(J!lii -s;,1100.1iol->25,iJ()11.0lln  C.1sl>1btkc1 [._ s15.llO 1-$50,00(1 
,. tm.:01nc .h1rin Gros Jluc 1::11d rnn1.;titms dl1m1 reporting cnoU Ocscnp11110 >f :.S$Cts 
roportin P--rtod lJllll1im; peri d l11-Ure c.1cre div. rent. lr c.2 M.:th.: 5.11{)0 ,,r less 15.!>l 1-S50.000 Si Ci S!5Q.1l(1ll->5fJO.OOli  >50tlJml-S1.1ilO.iiUti  Sl.01ll.>.11fli.)5.Ulil,llll() $5,llil0,!-)5.il0i.(ll)f1  5.0J c,,J;:; Appr.1iI -Cot ;R:il b1a1  nl;;  A:1IJt).OU1-S l.1lll(!_OOt1 =ii ,U(l0.t1Ul-S5,Ull.l.L1Jil M 1han S.f1IJ{l,()1lO 
:!. Value Cod; Sl5.ii!i0 ,,,. Sl5.IJll-$5ll.(lt)il S5i.lllll-$1lfJ.Ofl :-.1 $100.001-):!l.Otlii 
Se Columns S25l1.!l0ti-:>50U.(ll-,  :>50U.f1v linO.itU.1 :>1.tlilt.IJ(1)5.01li1,t)i1l) P.! 55,lliiO.O(! l-):!5,iiOU.(11.lO )25.(llHi.O!ll-$51.llli_{lit SM>!< th:m 50.ilU(l,1W 
alu Methal   Co. 
reporting 111.-riod re1wni period 
(111.:luding mist ass..IS) 
e:wnpl from d1sciosure .I) (21 (::!) (Il rl) (J1 
Place (X) atl.:T each ssel eempt V:li Value Type 
AlllOU11t Typedi rent 
Dole: Value Gain !d.mtity 
!Tom prior disclosure CodeZ Method buy, sell, Month c.>dc C.ode Code buyer!sellcr -H) inl.) (J-P1 C:oJe mo=rger, Day IJPl (..... (ifpri -:-I, .... ,......., ..-.. :\ 11:.I r..;:) 
13. Templeton Inc Dividend 
14. Prud MunL Income Ser. (formerly Yid Fund) Dividend 
IS. Prudential Money Funds Dividend 
16. P-B Ta.x Credit Properties None 
17. Pru. Money Mart Assets (IRA) Dividend 
i8. Regions Bank (formerly First Commercial NatI Bank)(chkg) Interest ln..:om.;-;G:Un Ch. ,OOll orb> SLOOl-S:!.50(J 52.51ll-S5.0011 =S.5,001-515,000 15.00 -S50.000 
IS,-;: ol111111i:: anJ S5Q,001-$10IJ.l10U l.l(li.ll11-$1.(lllU.OliO )1,UOOJlfll-)5,000.000 II! .!I.fore 1hn S5.110ll.OOCJ 
:!. Vlm Code:  15.0(11) ,,r 1.s< 5.Wl-S5tl,(Jtl0 S51i.OOl-Sltl!J.lfl0 -SIOOJ){Jl-):!51llfl 
1.Se Colunms aud D.11  S25!i.tlll0-)500.0Uil   !>5Ull.OU !-SI ,1l{IOJ.1Jll 1.u1m.on1-5.uo1,,onu  S5,lli){ 
{>.. -5.(ltJ(1.1101-S50.oon.ui1(J - Slhoh tb:m S5i!.OU!l.U1!ii 
.;. VJluc :-kth,xt l1d Appr.11-;.l -Cosr 1.Ral bt:11:.-Oi:lyl . r-;csm.:nt Js1 Mark::r 
 ..: ........  ..1 ....... ()  Bnk ,111  (lthr -E.;s alu.: .:nd ransations Jurin;; repornn penoo Oc.cnpli 111 Asset. 
reporling p.:riod Pl>rling: pc1wd {including mist :i.;:.;,;:ts) (lj (!) 11) I:!) ll) 
Place (XI alter each asset exempt Type (e.g. 
Amount Typo: ic.i;. Valu.: Value 
Dau:: Value Gain ldcmtitv frotn prior disclosure Cud_.2 Metlkld bny, :illll,C.xle div. 
C.uii= Code 
(A-Hl int.l (J-Pl Code3 Day I:-(ifpriv.11c (Q-Wl emption) transaction) 
19: int timber None 
20. Severed non-producing Royalty 
Severed producing min. int (now producing) Royalty 
Lion Oil 
Severed producing min. int (now producing) Royalty 
Black Hills 
112 int real estate, Lafayette Co. None 
24. TIANCREF 403(b) retire. None 
25. Monsanto Common Stock Dividend 
26. Monsanto Dividend 
27. Fidelity Funds (Retirement) None 
28. Jonesboro Res Hsg Health Care Fae Interest 
29. Putnam Fd. for Gwth Inc. CLB IRA) Dividend 
30. Putnam Fd. for Gwth Inc. CLB IRA Dividend 
31. Putnam Fd. for Gwth Inc. CLB Dividend 
32. First Star Bank (formerly Mercantile Bank) Little Interest 
Regions Bank (fonnerly First Commercial Bank) Interest Little Rock, 
Severed non-producing Mineral Interest Nevada None 
-rust Dividend 
-D.W. Am. Opportunities 
h1ofor.: than S5.(i;J(l,tllJCl $lfl!J.1101-2P.Otlll S:i,1lilU.ilOI -:)!5.il01l,(11Hi L1hM;1rkct =Sl5.0lil-S50.000 
?ge \iRlGHT. SlJSAN 11. [f/ t.S iv1ENTS and IjS -11CntTll:, aiuc. lrnmca1inn 1i11c!u; 
l!. ...1 
/.,1  1.lth,, -E::>tim:tr.:li 
P:ige WR!Gf!T. Sl.SAN 
(nci..ime Jurin Gross ,,ahu: end 
Trdns.1lilns Juring reporting period 
Descripllon Assets 
rportin11 p.:rin SI. ((1I. Vlh1.:  Uth.:r  E.I-S5.?500 !.lr10.IK!l-SU101!.0UO  S15.f1tll-S51iJnlll S5lrtl.illll-S!_tltiU.ti(Jll Cost ..:ll 8!:11.-t.lnl;) - 11r le$S S15,Cilll-S51.l.OtlO S:y the Z:tics 
A0-10 	FINA1f CIAL 1SCL os: