Election Integrity Is Under Assault

The integrity of our elections is under systematic assault by leftist activists and politicians whose objective is clearly to manipulate the elections for their own gain. Judicial Watch investigators have evidence that special interests, government entities, and even the current administration are:

  • Refusing to force states to clean their voter rolls of deceased and moved voters;
  • Fighting state efforts to require voters to show a photo ID at the polls;
  • Failing to enforce our federal laws against illegal immigration and effectively ending the deportation of illegal aliens, thereby swelling the population of potential illegal voters.

And as Judicial Watch uncovers more and more evidence of the breadth and scale of this effort, it is becoming clear that the objective of what we are seeing is to get leftist candidates elected. That’s why Judicial Watch is taking action by suing states to force them to clean their voter rolls. We invite you to join our effort now by taking action to support our Election Integrity Project.

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Latest News:

Judicial Watch/True the Vote to Court: Require Indiana to Clean Up Voter Rolls

October 21, 2013

Judicial Watch today announced that on October 11, 2013, it filed a motion for summary judgment in the historic litigation (Judicial Watch, et. al v. King, et. al (No.1:12-cv-00800)) against election officials in the State of Indiana for violations of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA). Judicial Watch and its co-plaintiff and client, True the Vote, a grassroots election integrity watchdog, allege that the State of Indiana failed to maintain clean voter registration lists as required by the NVRA…