The National
Obama Accountability Project

Dear Friend,

President Barack Obama’s administration is corrupt, secretive, contemptuous of the people’s “right to know” and poses a serious threat to the rule of law in our nation.

That is why I strongly urge you to sign the Citizen Bill of Grievances Against President Barack Obama.

By signing the Bill of Grievances, you can help to expose the secrecy, cover-ups and abuse of the Obama administration. Your petition will hold Barack Obama and his administration accountable to the American people for misconduct and violations of the law!

The Bill is a straightforward recitation of serious ethical violations and potentially unlawful acts committed by the president and/or key members of his administration, as well as repeated incidents of their refusal to comply with lawful open records requests by Judicial Watch.

Please join with millions of concerned Americans and sign the Citizen Bill of Grievances now and help fight against public corruption and for the people’s right to know.


Tom Fitton
Judicial Watch

PS We are already engaged in over 90 lawsuits and over 950 open record requests with the Obama administration. No President has ever shown such contempt for the people’s right to know! I urge you to sign in support of our National Obama Accountability Project now…time is of the essence.