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Weekly Update: We Want the Truth

…December 6, 2013 Judicial Watch Sues Obama HHS to Obtain Early “Obamacare” Enrollment Records Judicial Watch and AEF File High Court Brief in Support of Challenge to Obama NLRB Recess Appointments It’s About Time! Congressional Hearing on Obama Lawlessness   Judicial Watch Sues Obama HHS to Obtain Early “Obamacare” Enrollment Records From the same presidential administration that brought you the “if you like your health care plan, you can…


Clinton Foundation Firestorm

…studies found no statistically significant effect, another 8 studies found that the policy decreased turnout, and 5 studies reported mixed evidence. Reported effects from these studies ranged from a 3.8 percentage point decrease in turnout to a 3.1 percentage point increase. [Emphasis added] Judicial Watch and AEF conclude that: It is, then, a serious, open question as to whether the elimination of early voting will lead to lower voter turnout….


Say No to Amnesty

New Amnesty Push Undermines Rule of Law When Republicans caved on budget negotiations, endorsing the president’s plan to impose massive tax increases while making no commitments on spending cuts, some might have been tempted to think that this was an isolated incident – a perhaps a winter flu bug that struck Republicans in the House of Representatives, attacking their spines. But now, with a “bi-partisan” illegal alien amnesty…


Obama IRS Corruption Update

…In July 2015, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit unanimously rejected McDonnell’s appeal. In January 2016, the Supreme Court agreed to review the lower court’s decision. McDonnell alleges that the federal statues penalizing bribery and extortion are impermissibly vague under the U.S. Constitution. In our amici brief in support of the Court of Appeals decision, we and AEF argue that the two laws at issue are…


Judicial Watch, Allied Educational Foundation File Amicus Curiae Brief with U.S. Supreme Court Supporting the Right of All Persons to Obtain Public Records from All State and Local Governments

…governments. As Judicial Watch and AEF note in their brief, the Supreme Court must resolve the case as “there is a split between the U.S. Courts of Appeal for the Third and Fourth Circuits as to whether the right of access to public records is a ‘privilege and immunity’ under the U.S. Constitution.” (The Privileges and Immunity Clause states: “The Citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges…


Study: North Carolina Minority Vote Turnout Increased After Stronger Election Integrity Measures Implemented

…to two million North Carolina voters. In their amici brief, Judicial Watch and AEF argue that the opposite is true, comparing the results of a May 4, 2010, primary election with those of a May 14, 2014, primary election, the first major election to be held in North Carolina since the passage of HB 589. The turnout numbers are “devastating to the plaintiff’s case because they contradict all of their…


Judicial Watch Statement on Supreme Court ‘One-Person, One-Vote’ Evenwel Ruling

…with the Allied Educational Foundation (AEF) in the filing of two amici curiae briefs with the U.S. Supreme Court in support of Sue Evenwel, a Texas resident who filed a lawsuit to overturn a Texas “malapportionment” law (Sue Evenwel, et al. v. Greg Abbott, et al. (No 14-940)) and (Sue Evenwel, et al. v. Greg Abbott, et al. (No. 14-940)). Judicial Watch and AEF argued to the court that: Texas…


Judicial Watch Files Amicus Curiae Brief with U.S. Supreme Court In Support of Michigan Affirmative Action Ban

…relied upon the “political restructuring doctrine,” a legal precedent used by courts to invalidate laws judged to impede the access of minorities to the political system. Stating that “the Sixth Circuit’s use of the political restructuring doctrine to propagate racial preferences in Michigan violates the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution,” the Judicial Watch- AEF amicus brief argues: “Both the political restructuring doctrine and its…


JW Beats IRS in Court

…where up to 50 percent of voting-age Hispanics are not currently U.S. citizens. The Evenwel plaintiffs challenged the constitutionality of this scheme, but were unable to convince the lower courts. So they went to the Supreme Court with the support of JW and AEF. Thankfully, the Supreme Court agreed to take up the case, noting that it had “probable jurisdiction” (which is another method under which the Court can fully…


More IRS Smoking-Gun Emails

…some time. In fact, we partnered with AEF on an amici brief in support of Fisher prior to her Supreme Court victory. Despite the 7-1 Supreme Court ruling, a divided Fifth Circuit three-judge panel again upheld the UT race-based admissions policies in a 2-1 decision issued in July 2014. The Fifth Circuit panel suggested that colleges and universities “may use race and ethnicity not only in pursuit of an undefined…


JW Gets Court Hearing on Missing IRS Emails

…are unconstitutional for the primary reason that the Senate was in session at the time of the purported appointments… The President’s declaration that these sessions were invalid disregards the Senate’s authority to determine and administer its own procedures, including when it will recess and how it will conduct its business. The Supreme Court unanimously agreed with the position JW and AEF took and, in a rare push-back to Obama’s outrageous…


Clinton Corruption Bombshells

…the court indicated that it would likely rule on the motion in the next few weeks. Now let’s a look at the specific arguments we raised in court and with our amicus curiae brief filed on June 18, 2014 with the AEF and Christina Kelley Gallegos-Merrill. (Christina Kelley Gallegos-Merrill ran for County Commissioner of Buncombe County in 2012 and lost a very close election. She alleges that this loss was…


Weekly Update: IRS Scandal Escalates

…and Immunities” clause. “Even if the law did not violate the First Amendment rights of plaintiffs,” our brief states, “… it violates a fundamental right of citizens of the several states to fully participate in policy advocacy anywhere in their country such debates take place.” Specifically, the Judicial Watch and AEF brief argues the following: I. The Privileges and Immunities Clause Protects all Americans’ Right to Circulate an Initiative Petition…


Judicial Watch, Allied Educational Foundation File Amicus Curiae Brief with Supreme Court in Support of California Proposition 8 Protecting Marriage

Ninth Circuit Ruling represents a ‘dangerous erosion of the principle of federalism, an anti-democratic limitation on the people’s right to popular initiative and referendum; and a drastic revision of the concept of rational basis in Equal Protection analysis.’ (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that on August 31, 2012, it filed an amicus curiae (No. 12-144) brief with the United States Supreme Court in conjunction with the…

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