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Congress’ Obamacare self-exemption OK, judge rules

Judge Dismisses Obamacare Lawsuit Targeting Congressional Health Care

Judicial Watch FOIA: State knew Ansar al-Sharia claimed Benghazi attack in first hours

Emails prove Hillary ‘terror’ lie in Benghazi

Newly Released Emails Make It Clear the State Dept Knew Much More About Benghazi Than They Let On

Hillary Clinton’s Top Aides Knew from First Minutes that Benghazi Was a Terrorist Attack, E-mails Disclose

Judicial Watch president talks ‘smoking gun’ emails on Benghazi

Bubba’s buckraking points to more problems for Hillary

Hillary’s State Department OK’d Bill’s big-money speeches

Who’s been drinking at Border Patrol?

Did Border Patrol tell agents to not stop drunken drivers?

Watchdog group accuses Roll Commission of ignoring transparency

Judicial Watch scores again with new Benghazi documents

Pentagon Benghazi Documents Expose Administration Lies

Six Years in, Obama Finally Focuses on ‘Countering Violent Extremism’

Millions spent illegally on Obama amnesty plan; so who is going to prison?

The Obamacare challenge that won’t die

White House accused of ‘stonewalling’ as it refuses to reveal exactly who attended terrorism summit

Not-Great Scott of Florida

Pentagon produces Benghazi docs—finally

Judicial Watch: U.S. Military Tied Benghazi Attack to al-Qaeda Allied Terrorists

Vitter Extends Deadline for Obamacare Documents From D.C., House, Senate

Hillary rivals silent on foundation conflicts, but not the ethics watchdogs

Obama’s Amnesty Spending May Defy Judge’s Injunction, Federal Antideficiency Act

Michelle Obama: Secret trip to Aspen revealed after motorcade sneaks past wreck

McConnell: Court Ruling Against Obama Amnesty Means Senate Dems Must Stop DHS Obstruction

DHS Funding Inquiry Could Be Used To Delay Obama’s Executive Amnesty

Remember IRS Stonewalling When Filing Your Taxes

Administration memo tells border agents they can release drunk drivers

Outrage! IRS workers who evaded paying taxes receive bonuses

Obama administration won’t release IRS targeting documents

Administration stonewalling on releasing IRS docs

Sen. Vitter plans probe of congressional Obamacare applications full of ‘false information’

David Vitter investigates how Congress became a ‘small business’ under Obamacare

Trey Gowdy’s secret tapes focus on Hillary’s Islamic adventure

Vitter Requests Obamacare Documents From D.C., House and Senate

Obama: The Skype’s the limit for worst terrorists

Critics question SEC approval of Irvine marijuana company as ‘green light’ to ‘break federal law’

Liberal professor admits that Obama is guilty of violating his Oath of Office

Colorado Judicial records policy: Apparently whatever staff wants it to be

ABCs of IRS mess: Justice Department is tainted, too

“Smoking Gun” Benghazi Documents Reveal What State Department Officials Knew All Along…

Katie Pavlich: Will the next attorney general stand for the rule of law?

Benghazi part of Obama plot to free Blind Sheik?

Judicial Watch obtains ‘smoking gun’ Benghazi documents

DC police wanted to arrest David Gregory over 30-round gun magazine he waved on air: affidavit

D.C. police urged ‘Meet the Press’ execs to use picture of high-capacity magazine

Detective wanted arrest warrant for NBC’s David Gregory

The Curious Case of David Gregory’s Exemption from the Law

Affidavit for David Gregory’s Arrest Released

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