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Study: Gardasil risks outweigh preventive benefits

Democratic attorneys general snag $1.1 billion slush fund

Consumer watchdog plans 26% increase in its budget

Millions of Dead Voters, Brought to You By Eric Holder

Voting rights group files suit over Texas registration practices

New Judicial Watch Film to Expose Solyndra, Acorn Corruption

Phil Gordon security logs released

Bin Laden Death Photos FOIA Case Focuses on His Burial at Sea

Activists sue DOE for secret Fisker loan documents

Special Report On “Judicial Watch”: Full Disclosure Network® Video Series

Dylan Ratigan Show: Economy remains in disrepair despite bailouts

We May Get to See Some of Bin Laden’s Death Photos After All

Administration Uses Drone Secrecy to Justify Concealment of bin Laden Photos

DREAM Act Petition Case Goes In Court Today

Mortgage deal draws detractors from all sides

Obama’s new mortgage-fraud unit met with skepticism

SPIN METER: Candidates use transparency as a club

ACORN’s strings

Gingrich contract with Freddie Mac leaves questions unanswered


President Obama’s job-killing environmental extremism

Justice Department coordinates suits with ACORN’s Project Vote

Obama channels Cheney

Obama’s “Razist” Lobbyist Moves Up

Occupy Wall Street becomes highly collectible

Federal Police Ranks Swell to Enforce a Widening Array of Criminal Laws

Bank Failures Cost U.S. $88 Billion

Voter ID Is Not Jim Crow

Rick Perry says the federal government catches and releases non-violent violators of immigration laws

Documents Reveal Coordination Between ACORN Affiliate and Justice Department Voting Section

Justice’s grant to ACORN-related group misused, says watchdog

Obama’s cloud-based transparency

Barney and Maxine

Senate GOP Leaders To Holder: Your Kagan Testimony “Belied By The Facts”

Sept. 11 Lawsuits’ Prospects Improve With Reversal

Kagan emails lead to calls for inquiry over her involvement in Obamacare

Romney, DeMint call for NLRB lawyer to be fired

Body of evidence


On FOIA, Obama wants a license to lie

Anthrax Attack Remembered

FOIA games: Liar government

Emails directly link White House to secret transparency meeting

Senate Unanimously Passes Amendment Banning Funds for Fast and Furious-Style Programs

So much for Obama’s ‘new era of open government’

Obamacare Foes Rejoice Over CLASS Act Demise

Judge Blocks Release of Recusal-Related Emails Kagan Sent WH—Says They’re ‘Personal’

Issa subpoenas Justice Department, Holder for Fast and Furious documents

A Transparent Betrayal On Open Gov’t

NLRB vs. Boeing: Damning e-mails

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