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Judicial Watch Recommended News

Top 10 Lies from Obama’s Nullification Speech

Chaos if Republicans Don’t Withhold Funding for Obama Executive Amnesty

Watered-down FOIA bill advances

Exclusive: 3000 Unaccompanied Minors in Houston Schools

Obama’s Unprecedented Amnesty

GOP Rep. Hal Rogers’ Campaign Donor Stands to Profit from Executive Amnesty

Probes linger for years at House Ethics Committee

FCC Sued over ‘Questionable’ Newsroom Study

An ‘Impeachable Offense’?: Obama Expected To Unveil Executive Amnesty Plan Next Week

Obama’s immigration plan: 10 executive actions being weighed by the president

Ad Campaign Slams Supreme Court Secretiveness

Bioweapons Expert: Obama Admin. Has Made a ‘Fundamental Mistake’ in Its Handling of Ebola

Ex-CBS reporter’s book reveals how liberal media protects Obama

Congressmen vow to ‘cut the purse’ for Obama amnesty

New Poll Reveals Trouble Ahead for Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush

IRS says it hasn’t searched ‘other sources’ for missing Lerner emails

Judicial Watch: Election Integrity ‘Concerns’ About Same-Day Registration, Voting in New Hampshire

Obama’s Border Policy Fueled Epidemic, Evidence Shows

SEAL under fire for writing about bin Laden raid

Did the White House Push Firms to Dump the House Obamacare Lawsuit?

Confirmed: Non-citizen voters boosting Democrats

WHO relying on U.S. to airlift foreign Ebola workers

It’s White House vs. Americans on voter ID

Benghazi: What The Government Wants Us To Think

Non-Citizens Are Voting

State Department plans to bring foreign Ebola patients to U.S.

Obama administration document outlines plan to rush FOREIGNERS into the US for Ebola treatment

CA Superior Court Judges To Defend First Amendment Infringement Barring Emmy Winning Media From Court Room

Internal memo pushes bringing non-citizens to US for Ebola treatment; State denies plan

The Fast and Furious Cover-up, Hiding In Plain Sight

Ed Henry vs. Earnest: Why Did Obama Invoke Executive Privilege on Holder Fast & Furious Emails?

Justice Dept. List of Withheld Fast & Furious Docs is 1,323 Pages Long

James O’Keefe Strikes Again…voter fraud is both easy and condoned in Colorado


Goodlatte asks if African Ebola patients will be treated in U.S.

CFPB delays renovation of its pricey headquarters, adding millions more to cost

Justice Department Expert Witness: Blacks ‘Less Sophisticated Voters’

The House’s Ethics Lesson for the Senate

The stonewalling legacy

Lawmakers get own healthcare through medical insurance scam: Court papers

Documents Confirm Fast and Furious AK-47 Used in Phoenix Gang Assault

Top GOP lawmakers say docs show another gun linked to Fast and Furious found at crime scene

Account of Clinton Aide’s Benghazi Document Sifting Familiar to Career Public Servant

Is There an ISIS Threat on the Texas-Mexico Border or Not?

Why Won’t Republicans Get to the Bottom of Benghazi?


Aides knew of possible White House link to Cartagena, Colombia, prostitution scandal

Judicial Watch: Holder Resigned Over Federal Judge’s Fast & Furious Ruling

Nonprofit health insurance pioneer closes its doors due to Obamacare costs

Maryland sheriff frustrated illegals he arrested for crimes freed by feds

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