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Rick Perry says the federal government catches and releases non-violent violators of immigration laws

Documents Reveal Coordination Between ACORN Affiliate and Justice Department Voting Section

Justice’s grant to ACORN-related group misused, says watchdog

Obama’s cloud-based transparency

Barney and Maxine

Senate GOP Leaders To Holder: Your Kagan Testimony “Belied By The Facts”

Sept. 11 Lawsuits’ Prospects Improve With Reversal

Kagan emails lead to calls for inquiry over her involvement in Obamacare

Romney, DeMint call for NLRB lawyer to be fired

Body of evidence


On FOIA, Obama wants a license to lie

Anthrax Attack Remembered

FOIA games: Liar government

Emails directly link White House to secret transparency meeting

Senate Unanimously Passes Amendment Banning Funds for Fast and Furious-Style Programs

So much for Obama’s ‘new era of open government’

Obamacare Foes Rejoice Over CLASS Act Demise

Judge Blocks Release of Recusal-Related Emails Kagan Sent WH—Says They’re ‘Personal’

Issa subpoenas Justice Department, Holder for Fast and Furious documents

A Transparent Betrayal On Open Gov’t

NLRB vs. Boeing: Damning e-mails

FOIA Cases Up in D.C., Federal Courts Nationwide

CIA, Pentagon fight to keep Osama bin Laden death photos secret

Illegal immigrants, illegal benefits

Tiffany Hartley searches for closure, her husband’s body

One year later: Hartley returns to lake where cartel members killed husband

National group joins in-state tuition battle

Border Wars: Way Of Life Threatened

Widow sues for info in Falcon Lake death

Montgomery College tuition case is just heating up

State Voter ID Laws Draw National Scrutiny

Who’s going to the White House? Now we’ll know

‘Uncle Omar’ called the face of Obama’s immigration goal

Bills would tighten Pennsylvania’s immigration enforcement

Appalling nexus

California Newspapers Going After Legislative Expenses Get Boost From Related Fed Ruling

Outrage As Obama Names New Voter Initiative After ACORN

Obama’s campaign muddled in name game

Judicial Watch looking at Michelle Obama travel

Judicial Watch Seeks Answers on Cost of First Lady’s Family Trip to Africa

In Memoir, Cheney Addresses Controversies

Every Single One: The Politicized Hiring of Eric Holder’s Compliance Section

Watchdog suspicious of federal ties to Project Vote

AIG Sought ‘Changes in Tone’ in Feinberg Meeting Over Pay, Document Shows

Every Single One: The Politicized Hiring of Eric Holder’s Special Litigation Section

ACORN & Project Vote: More skulduggery

Cracking the housing bust conspiracy

Criminal Group ACORN Awaits Sentencing in Massive Voter Fraud Conspiracy

Republicans demand net-neutrality documents

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