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In wake of Hillary email flap, State won’t resist reopening FOIA case

Judicial Watch recently asked District Judge Emmet Sullivan to reopen a FOIA lawsuit against the State Department seeking records pertaining to Huma Abedin’s former employment status as a “special government employee” under former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. In that capacity, she did consulting work on the side for Teneo…


Hillary Clinton email scandal: State Department to reopen court case

The State Department has decided to reopen a FOIA lawsuit Judicial Watch closed last year regarding Huma Abedin’s emails. Judicial Watch decided to pursue this lawsuit again because the Hillary Clinton email scandal has revealed that the State Department did not do a thorough job searching email accounts in response…


More Concerns About the Security Of Hillary’s Email Server

The private server Hillary Clinton used while she was Secretary of State was not encrypted for two months and was running obsolete versions of Outlook. In addition, Hillary Clinton has given mixed accounts of how many devices she used while she was in that position. Judicial Watch uncovered that she used…


Report: The State Department Really Isn’t Good At Preserving Emails

About 1 billion emails were sent by State Department staffers in 2011, when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, but the State Department only preserved less than 62,000 of those emails. In relation to Clinton’s email scandal, Clinton admitted at a press conference that she deleted nearly 32,000 emails from the private…


Benghazi Committee Seeks Missing Clinton Emails

At a press conference, Hillary Clinton said she will not turn over the private email server she used as Secretary of State and admitted she deleted 32,000 emails from her server, which she said were “private” and contained unclassified material. The House Select Committee on Benghazi is asking for Hillary Clinton…


New court filing accuses State Department of fraud for allegedly covering up top aide’s messages in Clinton email cover-up

Last Wednesday, Judicial Watch reopened a FOIA lawsuit regarding emails Huma Abedin sent while she was Hillary Clinton’s former top aide at the State Department. Judicial Watch decided to reopen this lawsuit as Hillary Clinton’s email scandal has been unfolding because Abedin’s emails were not thoroughly searched by the State Department.…


‘Muslim Brotherhood princess’ used Clinton email server

Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s former top aide while she was Secretary of State, used an email address that was part of Clinton’s private server to conduct official business for the State Department. Abedin has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, and is the subject of a few FOIA requests and lawsuits…


Did Hillary Clinton Destroy Subpoenaed Documents?

Besides the House Select Committee on Benghazi, Judicial Watch has been investigating the Hillary Clinton email scandal. Since it was discovered that Hillary Clinton conducted official business for the State Department on a private email server, Judicial Watch’s FOIA requests and lawsuits filed against the State Department have been impacted. Besides filing


Hillary Clinton could face jail time as email scandal sparks legal challenges

According to open records experts, Hillary Clinton could go to jail for not disclosing emails on her private server that discussed classified material. She could potentially face 3 years in jail for each non-disclosed, classified email. Meanwhile, Clinton determined that nearly 32,000 emails were private and thus deleted them. Judicial Watch…


Ben Shapiro: Hillary Clinton Lies… A Lot

In a video for TruthRevolt.org, Ben Shapiro gives an overview of Hillary Clinton’s history of lying. His discussion includes Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, which Judicial Watch has been investigating. Judicial Watch discovered that Cheryl Mills, Clinton’s former chief-of-staff while she was Secretary of State, helped Clinton avoid turning over

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