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IRS Admits to Court it Hasn’t Searched for Missing Lerner Emails

Judicial Watch announced today that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) admitted to the court that it failed to search any of the IRS standard computer systems for the “missing” emails of Lois Lerner and other IRS officials. The admission appears in an IRS legal brief opposing the Judicial Watch request that a federal court judge allow discovery into how “lost


Judicial Watch: Election Integrity ‘Concerns’ About Same-Day Registration, Voting in New Hampshire

On Election Day, Senior Judicial Watch attorney and former DOJ election integrity official Robert Popper voiced his concern over a seemingly high percentage of same-day voting in New Hampshire to Breitbart News. Popper and his team reported that 6 to 9 percent of New Hampshire voters registered on site and speculated that a…


SEAL under fire for writing about bin Laden raid

Mark Owen, the Navy SEAL who revealed how SEAL Team Six killed Osama bin Laden three years ago, is now under criminal investigation. In relation to this story, Judicial Watch obtained the transcript of a meeting between the moviemakers of Zero Dark Thirty, senior White House officials, the Pentagon’s Under Secretary for Intelligence…


Did the White House Push Firms to Dump the House Obamacare Lawsuit?

Judicial Watch is seeking proof that the Obama administration pressured attorneys Bill Burck of Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan and David Rivkin of BakerHostetler to back out of the House’s Obamacare employer mandate lawsuit. Currently, Judicial Watch is drafting FOIA requests to obtain communications between DOJ and HHS officials and these


Confirmed: Non-citizen voters boosting Democrats

A study authored by researchers at Old Dominion and George Mason Universities found non-citizens’ votes in 2008 and 2012 helped elect President Obama. This study aligns with Judicial Watch’s theory that non-citizens vote in U.S. elections and help Democrats steal elections. Read more about Judicial Watch’s latest legal efforts to counter…


WHO relying on U.S. to airlift foreign Ebola workers

WHO helped pave the way for Ebola-infected international healthcare workers in West Africa to receive medical treatment in U.S. hospitals, regardless of their citizenship status. The State Department’s commercial contract with medevac aircrafts made this possible, and a State Department internal memo suggested Ebola-infected non-citizens should be admitted


It’s White House vs. Americans on voter ID

On Election Day, Judicial Watch’s Robert Popper, along with other JW attorneys and volunteers, monitored the polls in New Hampshire. This effort was made to advance Judicial Watch’s Election Integrity Project, which counters voter fraud and promotes honesty in our nation’s elections. Read more about Judicial Watch’s recent poll


Benghazi: What The Government Wants Us To Think

In an op-ed for The Daily Caller, Micah Morrison, Chief Investigative Reporter for Judicial Watch, discusses the Special Select Committee on Benghazi and provides an in-depth analysis of  the government’s tale of Ahmed Abu Khatallah’s prosecution. Khatallah is the Benghazi militia figure who was indicted for murdering Ambassador Christopher Stevens,


State Department plans to bring foreign Ebola patients to U.S.

In an internal memo, the State Department claimed it is incumbent on our nation to treat Ebola-infected healthcare workers working in West Africa in our hospitals. Judicial Watch revealed this plan, claiming it was another reason why the Obama administration failed to adopt a travel ban on Ebola-infected West African nations. Read more about…


Obama administration document outlines plan to rush FOREIGNERS into the US for Ebola treatment

A State Department internal memo revealed the Obama administration wants to medevac Ebola-infected, non-Americans into the United States from West Africa and give them medical treatment at American hospitals. Judicial Watch first discovered this sinister plan that puts foreigners first through a FOIA request. Read more about Judicial Watch’s legal

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