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VICE News got the State Department to release more Hillary Clinton emails right before Election Day

From Vice News: During a court hearing Monday in US District Court in Washington, DC, Justice Department attorney Jennie Kneedler said the 5,600 emails were retrieved from “multiple sources” by the FBI “including Mrs. Clinton.” Kneedler told the judge presiding over our case that she didn’t know if the emails…


State Department to process thousands of pages of Clinton emails by Election Day

From The Hill: It’s unclear precisely how many of those pages will ultimately be made public, given the odds that some of the message contain personal information unrelated to Clinton’s role as secretary of State. But the looming release of some of those pages is nonetheless sure to act as…


Hillary Clinton’s Key Aide Huma Abedin Is a Lightning Rod for Attacks

From The Wall Street Journal: Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s longest-serving aide, has received an unusual amount of public attention for a behind-the-scenes staffer. Over the years, she has graduated from intern to omnipresent personal assistant to vice chairwoman of Mrs. Clinton’s Democratic presidential campaign and one of her closest advisers.


Video: Opinion Journal: Comey’s Clinton Immunity Deals

From The Wall Street Journal: Judicial Watch Attorney Michael Bekesha on the FBI’s kid-glove treatment of Hillary Clinton and her closest aides. Photo credit: Getty Images.


Judicial Watch to State Department: ‘Stop Sitting on New Clinton Emails’

From CNS News: “The public deserves to know what is in those emails, well before November 8 [Election Day], and the State Department admitted in court today [Sept. 23] it pulled staff off of Clinton email Freedom of Information Act requests,” said Fitton. “The American People need to pressure State…


Soundbites from Three Top Judicial Watch Attorneys on Key Issues to be Discussed at September 29 Clinton Scandal Panel

Panel to be Shot Live In-Studio – Three-Camera, Broadcast Quality Live Feed to be Available at and Facebook Live Media Can Access Fiber Link from Ventana Studio Dear Editor/Broadcaster, On Thursday, September 29 – from 11:00 to 12:30 AM – Judicial Watch will bring together a panel of top…


Deal nears to speed release of Hillary Clinton emails

From Politico: Last week, a judge ordered the processing under the Freedom of Information Act of a relatively meager 1,050 pages of the FBI-found emails before Election Day. Government lawyers say the FBI turned over about 5,600 work-related Clinton emails to the State Department beginning in July, although some are…


One America News Network to Provide Live Coverage of Judicial Watch September 29 Clinton Scandal Panel

‘Just about everything that we know about the Clintons, we would not have known, if not for Judicial Watch.  That’s why One America News is pleased to be providing select live coverage’ – OAN CEO Robert Herring Bestselling Author Jerome Corsi Joins Panel of Experts for Historic Panel Event Panel…


Here’s A List Of Obama Admin Officials Who Used Alternate E-Mails To Conduct Government Business

From The Daily Caller: The idea of using a fake name to communicate through e-mail is not an unusual one to Obama administration appointees. Clinton and even her daughter Chelsea obscured their names when communicating with one another. Chelsea went by the alias “Diane Reynolds” when talking to her mother…


Judicial Watch Statement on New Clinton Email Court Developments

State Says 5600 of 15,100 Emails Recovered by FBI Were Government Records, Not Personal as Claimed by Clinton  As Many As 350 Pages of Documents are Due to Judicial Watch by October 7, and As Many As 1,050 pages by November 4 (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton made the…

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