Judicial Watch • JW Decries Appeals Court “Craven” Ruling Supporting DOD, CIA Refusal to Release bin Laden Raid and Burial Images

JW Decries Appeals Court “Craven” Ruling Supporting DOD, CIA Refusal to Release bin Laden Raid and Burial Images

JW Decries Appeals Court “Craven” Ruling Supporting DOD, CIA Refusal to Release bin Laden Raid and Burial Images

MAY 21, 2013

Judicial Watch: “The opinion is craven, absurd, and undermines the rule of law.

The court’s interpretation would allow terrorists to dictate our laws.”

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, today criticized a ruling by the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia affirming a U.S. District Court decision allowing the Department of Defense (DOD) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to withhold 59 images from the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound and the terrorist mastermind’s burial at sea (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Dept. of Defense and Central Intelligence Agency (No. 12-5137)).  Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton issued the following statement reacting to today’s ruling:

“The opinion is craven, absurd, and undermines the rule of law.  The court seems to acknowledge that the images were improperly classified but gives the Obama administration a pass. The court’s interpretation would allow terrorists to dictate our laws. Americans’ fundamental right to access government information and, frankly, the First Amendment are implicated in this ruling.  As one of the judges on this panel suggested that the Benghazi attack was caused by an Internet video, this decision is perhaps unsurprising.  The courts need to stop rubberstamping this administration’s improper secrecy.  There is no provision of the Freedom of Information Act that allows documents to be kept secret because their release might offend our terrorist enemies.  Our lawyers are considering our next legal steps.”

The Appeals Court decision upheld an April 26, 2012, ruling by the District Court denying a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by Judicial Watch seeking “all photographs and/or video recordings of Osama (Usama) bin Laden taken during and/or after the U.S. Military operation in Pakistan on or about May 1, 2011.”

While ruling against Judicial Watch, U.S. District Court Judge James Boasberg had conceded, “Indeed, it makes sense that the more significant an event is to our nation – and the end of bin Laden’s reign of terror certainly ranks high – the more need the public has for full disclosure.”

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  • mdy616

    lionelyes, you certainly back up just what JW said,, you and the courts would rather bow down to the terrorists because you are afraid of them!! OOOO, don’t sj\how the pictures because the terrorists might get mad!! Good grief, I am so sick and tired of your kind (Obama et al) that will do and say anything s not to upset those murdering radical muslims! You sound like our “leaders” in the late 1700 and early 1800s who paid of muslims to quit attacking our ships and killing Americans. our nation formed its first national Navy and united beyond individual States to a national force, due to muslim terrorist attacks at the foundational years of our nation. The founders of our nation believed that we needed to be united against the threat of islamic terrorism or we would fall as divided States. Muslims were terrorizing Americans by forcefully boarding American ships and beheading our men and enslaving our women and children. Americans were being sold in the open muslim market. We are once again seeing our nation so afraid of Muslims we will not even release pictures of one of the most evil men in history because we may offend muslims!! Time to revert back to people like Thomas Jefferson who would not stand for muslims murdering us and used the Marines to kick the butts of those Muslims. I say “thank you” to Judicial Watch for being Thomas Jefferson like and going after the muslims. JW will not let Muslims push them around and THAT is exactly what we need now!!

  • Kluxton

    What do expect from a court in the most corrupt location in America. Washington DC is the center of Obama’s terrorist regime. You will get no adverse ruling against anything the great dictator supports in this home of corruption. Washington DC.

  • lionelyes

    I am sorry, but your lawsuit against the DOD and CIA was completely irresponsible and selfish. If any photos or videos of Bin Laden’s dead body were released that would no doubt have the impact of galvanizing extremist Islamic groups to commit more terrorist acts against American interests or individuals. Did 9/11 not teach you anything? I understand we have a First Amendment here in the United States, but it is not an absolute right as no right is absolute. If the government has a compelling or strong interest, which I think it does here, it can keep the information secret. And besides, I am not so sure that the First Amendment was implicated here because the government is not suppressing any speech by a private party. In any event, it is very irresponsible for your organization to continue this lawsuit. You should stop. I think the public interest for Americans is better served by not releasing the Bid Laden photos or any videos. It will only incite Islamic extremists to do more acts of violence against American interests.

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