Judicial Watch • Judicial Watch Files Suit against Office of Special Counsel over White House Scandal Stonewall

Judicial Watch Files Suit against Office of Special Counsel over White House Scandal Stonewall

Judicial Watch Files Suit against Office of Special Counsel over White House Scandal Stonewall

MAY 22, 2014

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that on April 25, 2014, it filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the U.S. Office of Special Counsel (OSC) to obtain government records related to a June 15, 2010, request for an investigation into possible Hatch Act violations by then-White House staff members Rahm Emanuel and Jim Messina (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Office of Special Counsel (Case 1:14-cv-00724)).

The FOIA lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch in accordance with a June 27, 2013, FOIA request, seeks the following:

Any and all records concerning, regarding, or related to the request for investigation filed by Judicial Watch with the Hatch Act Unit on June 15, 2010 concerning federal employees Jim Messina and Rahm Emanuel.

Judicial Watch alleges that in 2009 then-White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and then-deputy Chief of Staff Jim Messina, on behalf of the Obama administration, both used their position and influence as highly placed federal employees to affect the outcome of federal elections – in direct violation of the Hatch Act, which states that an employee may not “use his official authority or influence for the purpose of interfering with or affecting the result of an election.”  Emanuel is now mayor of Chicago and Messina now runs the Obama White House-allied Organizing for America (OFA) and is a political consultant.

On May 27, 2009, Pennsylvania Congressman Joe Sestak said in an interview with CNN that he intended to challenge Senator Arlen Specter in the 2010 Democratic Primary. According to a White House memoauthored by White House Counsel Robert Bauer, “efforts were made in June and July of 2009 to determine whether Congressman Sestak would be interested in service on a Presidential or other Senior Executive Branch Advisory Board, which would avoid a divisive Senate primary.” The memo further notes that Emanuel enlisted the help of former President Bill Clinton to raise the executive branch positions with Congressman Sestak. Sestak rebuffed the Obama White House offers and defeated Specter in the primary.

The Colorado Independent reported on August 29, 2009, that Andrew Romanoff planned to challenge Colorado Democratic Senator Michael Bennet in the 2010 Democratic Primary. According to the Associated Press in June 2010, Messina allegedly called Romanoff on September 11, 2009, and suggested that Romanoff’s time might be better spent working for the U.S. Agency for International Development instead of running for the Senate. Romanoff released an email from Messina that same day listing three jobs that “would be available” if Romanoff were not running for the Senate against Bennet. Two of them were with USAID, the other was the position of director of the U.S. Trade and Development Agency. Bennet defeated Romanoff in the primary.

On May 30, 2013, OSC Special Counsel Carolyn Lerner informed Judicial Watch that because Emanuel and Messina had left government employment, “the complaints against Mr. Emanuel and Mr. Messina have been closed without further action.” In a June 28 letter to Lerner Judicial Watch responded that the OSC had failed to take any action throughout the period they had remained federal employees – Emanuel for three months and Messina for seven months, which was a sufficient amount of time after the original complaint had been filed for OSC to have taken action. Judicial Watch also questioned the “rule” under which OSC claimed they do not investigate wrongdoing after employees leave government employment.

Ironically, the Office of Special Counsel against which Judicial Watch has now filed a FOIA lawsuit is charged with investigating charges against federal agencies that have allegedly violated FOIA regulations. According to 5 U.S. Code § 552, “the Special Counsel shall … conduct an investigation of any allegation concerning …arbitrary or capricious withholding of information prohibited under [FOIA] …”

“It is shameful that the Office of Special Counsel, which is supposed to enforce corruption and transparency laws, is covering up this Obama bribery scandal,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “It is corrupt and illegal to offer federal jobs to help political campaigns as the Obama White House did (with the help of the ethically-challenged Bill Clinton).”

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  • dcp5674

    I don’t think any rational person can deny ALL parts of Obama’s administration are liars, cheaters, dishonest, conservative hating, race baiting, anti-American criminals who should be in jail for life, following in their Dear Leader’s footsteps. We’ll soon see if all Americans are as gullible as the far left, those obvious believers in their superiority over everyone else, who are f***ing up our country more than at any other time in our history. May they rot in hades. And they will.

  • Dan13

    Invest in companies that manufacture paper shredders.

  • Chuckiechan

    Don’t worry. In Republican hands, the IRS will be a force for good.

  • http://www.heritage.org/ TVEXECUTIVE

    Obama hates America. He hates everything it stands for. He will do everything in his power to destroy every and anything that is in America’s interest. A dual citizen could have been a great president. It’s just that Obama NEVER should have been president in the first place. His entire life was spent HATING America and being with people who hate America. I think the next president should LOVE America and be qualified for the job.

  • Rick Clapp

    The improper early election results before the country has finished voting does far more damage. The media improper influence is far worst than anything the white house could hope to do. The early reporting needs to be outlawed.

  • dlhvac

    Thats because they are cowards and love big government

  • jobie2

    You people nee to get out of your bubble and join the real wrld.

  • tarotcardman

    Pumping money not earned just printed into the economy cheapens the value of my hard earned money , so in my mind ,I am being robed of value when I spend, and when get my pay.

  • Infidel51

    It doesnt matter what party they claim none of them serve the people. The only party is the DC party and we aint in it.

  • Happybidr

    It’s the Executive branch’s duty to secure the borders. Congress can only authorize the activity and fund it, which they have done. Now if the Dems would just give us a damn fence, we’d begin to have a workable border.

  • Rickvt

    It occurred to me just a few dàys ago how the wave of mass shooting has ceased. I can’t help but wonder just how involved the government was with these horrific events carried out on innocent Americans. It’s no secrete that Obama a Marxist and is attempting to overthrow of government. He even said himself on September 8,2008 that our Constitution has become an out date document that is a hindrance to government. (Search YouTube for that speech), what an irony that the president calls to grasp the reason we have that out dated document. And thank God we do. Is very proud was to ginger government, with its checks and balances by sharing power instead of giving it all to one man. Our founding Fathers beloved in God,(many argue otherwise) but its clear they understood that maykind has the capacity for evil and that evil side needed to be reined in. The constitution itself bears witness to t their before I God, and the right He gave us. Americans we must return to a self discipline moral society. We must vote out those who have inflated our government and our seeing to over their it right before our eyes. I can’t for the life of me see how our Constitution left us with no options to impeach a president who has committed high crimes against America. This IDS scandal alone should be all the evidence we need to impeach him… I realize that they have yet found the link to the white house,, but I have no doubt the president didn’t know what was going on. Time after time has has gone before the American people and said that he didn’t know about the seascape he in, that he didn’t know about it to he read the morning paper. Good Lord this man is running our country and he doesn’t have a clue what his staff is up to.. I apologize for the rambling, but I’m so angry and feeling so helps because we as Americans can’t come together and take back everything that’s been stolen from us. We need to stop allowing departments within or governmentally who get caught breaking the law to investigate themselves and decide their own punishment. What to h#ll is up with that. I’d love to be able to print up a few hundred thousand dollars and if I get caught for counterfeiting decide my own punishment.

  • Scott Gulliford

    They said that all of the 5 portions of Philadelphia voted for “O”. They all can’t be that stupid. O is trying to kill “IN GOD WE TRUST”. Whatever the cost. He is a true SOCIALIST. I am a Veteran. ALL get out and vote this November.

  • http://Www.cakecircus.com RayOne

    You don’t say, it is a bit more than ‘whiff’.

  • Terry Rushing

    That may be so, but so long as “Chucky” Shumer, Harry Reid and Dianne Frankenstine, etal are sitting on their perches the wishes of their constituents carry little weight.

  • Terry Rushing

    Santa Claus wins every time.

  • Terry Rushing

    Ground Air Force One? Good heavens, what ever would Mooshell do, not to mention the golf addict. As for restricting travel, don’t forget “Lurch” Kerry. Every time he flies off to “speak for the US” he seemingly makes another enemy.

  • http://www.heritage.org/ TVEXECUTIVE

    Obama and his fellow Communists have so corrupted the U.S. election system that in reality American’s no longer live in a free society. Once that stole your vote… you have nothing. These corrupt, criminal Marxists will continue to destroy out country EVERY way they can. Look around you… everything Obama does is to destroy America and America’s interests. FACT

  • Andrew from MI

    The only way to fumigate the white house is to impeach the vermin that are currently infesting it. I HAVE LOST FAITH IN MY OWN COUNTRY.

  • David in MA

    I bet-cha there are a significant number of democrats fed up with the illegal one the will vote to impeach and sentence…they see his kind of Islamic Marxism and it does not jive with their idea of utopia.

  • David in MA

    WAAA WAAA WAAA typical liberal bullchit!

  • David in MA

    The good news is the media will be the first to go after they are no longer useful to the slime-bags.

  • David in MA

    Do it anyhow, push the puppet…let the senate be the body to balk so the sheeple can see what they are advocating in the democratic socialist movement…

  • David in MA

    To little, to late and a stupid question at that……of course they interfered, that’s what these Islamic socialists do…but rahm emanual is somewhat of a surprise, he being a dual citizen of America and Israel…could this scumbag be a spy for el quada?
    Dual citizens must be barred from political office in America.

  • javelina

    A better question is. Has the Obama administration done anything that isn’t illegal or unethical?

  • Sparkitus_Maximus

    Not only that the then so called first occupiers of the land were migrant Asians escaping the likes of the Kahn dynasty. They knew of no governing practices except to invade and loot neighboring villages. When civilization showed up they tried the same practice on them only to be met with much more advanced technology. Only whineyassed liberalism wants to blame advanced civilation for bringing a nation of peace into fruition. Peace through superior firepower.

  • Sparkitus_Maximus

    The demoncrap party entirety has acted in concert to corrupt with the intent to overthrow the government for their own outright greed and
    selfishness. All should be removed from any office to face charges.

  • monacall

    They are so good at creating crisis. Emanuel said “never let a good crisis go to waste!” They create them to move you from one crisis after another.
    I say forget any new ones. “Tell them when we are done with this one than we will move to that one!” “And until that time frame mr president you receive no money for any of your travels!” “We do not want you leaving town until this investigation is over with!”
    “No campaigning on the tax papers dime!”

  • bull57

    They hold enough seats to impeach, but they don’t have enough to convict!

  • MsTheresaKelly1

    We had best start praying for our country! God is our only hope! All other doors are shut!

  • MsTheresaKelly1

    Repubs don’t hold enough seats to impeach granted even if they did, they still wouldn’t do their job! They are not doing their job now, with securing our border!

  • MsTheresaKelly1

    Agreed! I believe the entire election of 2012 was fraudulent! The evidence is overwhelming

  • freedotz

    The problem with this administration is that they conduct so many scandals, that each new one completely blindsides the public from the last… Kind of genius — rob every bank at once, and steal the country with her pants down

  • Yoelarry

    The Muslim Brotherhood have been busy subverting and buying influence in the media, government, and educational institutions

  • xBeth

    From whom did those who occupied the land acquire it? The title goes to those who best document their claim. And the folks you allege to have been in possession do not appear to have kept any records regarding title to the lands. Likewise, there is no evidence that they did not agree to the transfer of the land to the Europeans in exchange for valuable consideration.

    You were not a witness to the transaction. What happened is not knowable.

  • Surly Curmudgen

    Counting only honest votes in 2012 Obama did not win. The progressive socialists learned a lesson in 2010 and the 2012 elections and that is resulting in their vote fraud machine being turned out for the up coming mid term election. They very much want to retain the senate and take back the house and will use fraudulent votes to do so.

  • Surly Curmudgen

    The third and forth in line are no better, Boehner and Reid.

  • Mark

    Harry Reid and media propaganda are the only things standing between Obama and impeachment. But look who’s next in line- another idiot!

  • ArmedAmerican

    the only reason Obama hasn’t been impeached is because of his black father, any white president would have been impeached for far less

  • http://trucklicense.net/get-cdl Freedom Jackson

    The land they “discovered” and colonized was already occupied karma is a bitch

  • dltaylor51

    The only way to fumigate the white house is to impeach the vermin that are currently infesting it.

  • jlbusm

    Its one scandal after another with this administration something has got to stick with this poor excuse of a president

  • backrow

    you cannot shame the media into doing anything, they have their own agenda, and to whom they answer, is a mystery to me. It seems unlikely to me that the socialists have taken over every aspect of the media, but that is the only answer that makes any sense. and without a free and unfettered press, this country is lost.

  • backrow

    He will stonewall everyone no matter how long it takes, he rests on the fact that no one has the power to make him do anything, and if they did, they do not have the guns to cause it to happen, face it folks we have a dictator.

  • Jack_Kennedy

    Awarded election thru Election fraud

  • FunkSavage

    When did the founders steal land? From whom? King George? Or did they travel back in time a couple hundred years to “steal” the land and then time travel to the late 1700’s to revolt against st the king?

  • http://trucklicense.net/get-cdl Freedom Jackson

    Honest? stole land and people.

  • freepetta

    God Bless JW. Please see if you can shame the mainstream media into covering the internal revenue scandal. Been watching and contributing for years to your organization. Keep bringing the info to the people!

  • cliftonbritt

    At least one other thing to consider is that this republic was designed by God fearing and honest people.

  • cliftonbritt

    Yes most of us know about serious crimes that have taken place in the U.S. Government and these crimes all have roots right to B.O. & Co. What is bothering me is, who is going to set these wrongs right? For going six years, I’ve seen very little effort put forth to correct these crimes by the very people whose sworn duty is to bring outlaws to justice. B.O. is a serious felon.

  • thebearded1

    The citizen is that mechanism. It’s also the greatest weakness.

  • Benebeth

    The legacy: Unqualified minority elected so Americans could feel good about themselves. Reelected because he gave more money and food stamps than ever before thus assuring his reelection. That’s it. Class dismissed.

  • http://trucklicense.net/get-cdl Freedom Jackson

    Its is shameful to backup Tom Fitton’s quote but the truth is it’s telling.

    One weakness this country has in it’s founding is there is no mechanism to remove corruption from within the system it seems obvious that the way this country was designed is to enable illegal activities and criminalize dissenting voices.

  • Caniac Steve Henderson

    same “stuff’ different players as all they are doing is dragging it all out and the mass pardons are all ready signed and waiting for all to be handed out at the appropriate times from Eric Holder all the way down to the former attorneys that bungled Fast & Furious ..so why should anyone here be “shocked”

  • WerewolfVm

    The entire adminstration and the president are corrupt. I do not trust any of them! Treason is running rampant throughout Washington DC! Remove and put them all in prison or execute most of them for acts of treason and subversion!

  • ClownCarProphet

    Folks, the regime could care less about violating laws, they have eric holder, the regime does not care about breaking laws when their model is the alinksy model. it is their missive. I am a registered and lifelong democrat and a veteran. this regime is not for the people. Even the kittens that were once for Obama have even turned. Dogs were never for him and preferred the roof of Mitt’s car than on the plate of the king.

  • granddad1

    Has this administration ever done anything that was not against the law?

  • francis

    Impeachment and High Treason

  • BGills

    This is how Chicago politics have operated for decades, and the very reason so many Illinois politicians now inhabit prison cells. It’s no surprise these people brought it with them to the White House, as they simply consider it business as usual.
    The real surprise is that so many on the federal level have enabled this behavior, by looking the other way, and allowed it to not only continue, but flourish at such a high level. A total absence of accountability that has become systemic, and is at the root of nearly every scandal now plaguing Washington.

  • confederated3

    Simple question: Why are these people still walking around and BREATHING???

  • linda barnett

    Anne marie buerkle would have run against dan maffei, possibly, in new york state, but the O admin. Offered buerkle a job in consumer protection. I always thought this was a way to make sure she never beat a democrat, since maffei has all the appeal of a dustball.

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