Judicial Watch • JW Releases Confidential USDA Videos Revealing “Cultural Sensitivity Training” Program

JW Releases Confidential USDA Videos Revealing “Cultural Sensitivity Training” Program

JW Releases Confidential USDA Videos Revealing “Cultural Sensitivity Training” Program

FEBRUARY 14, 2013

Whistleblower Reveals Indoctrination Program Requiring USDA Staffers to Bang on Tables, Chant, “The pilgrims were illegal aliens”

(Washington, DC) Judicial Watch today released previously unseen USDA videos revealing a compulsory “Cultural Sensitivity Training” program. A whistleblower reported to Judicial Watch that employees were required to bang on tables, chanting in unison “The pilgrims were illegal aliens” while being instructed to no longer use the word “minorities,” but to replace it with “emerging majorities.” Judicial Watch received the videos pursuant to a May 18, 2012, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

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The sensitivity training sessions, described as “a huge expense” by diversity awareness trainer and self-described “citizen of the world” Samuel Betances, were held on USDA premises. The diversity event is apparently part of what USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack described in a memo sent to all agency employees as a “new era of Civil Rights” and “a broader effort towards cultural transformation at USDA.”  In 2011 and 2012, the USDA paid Betances and his firm nearly $200,000 for their part in the “cultural transformation” program.

USDA Training Administrator, Vincent Loran, in an October 10, 2011, email previously revealed by Judicial Watch, asked Betances for a copy of a training video vowing to keep it secret. “It will not be used for or show [sic] in any way shape or form,” Loran promised.  Nevertheless, Judicial Watch was able to obtain the video.  Highlights from the video of the taxpayer-financed diversity training include:

  • USDA Sensitivity Training Video Excerpt 1“If you take a look at all of you here and you think about your salaries and your benefits and what you have left undone – plus my fee – plus the expense of the team that putting the video together, this is a huge expense.”


  • USDA Sensitivity Training Video Excerpt 2 – “I want you to say that American was founded by outsiders – say that – who are today’s insiders, who are very nervous about today’s outsiders. I want you to say, ‘The pilgrims were illegal aliens.’ Say, ‘The pilgrims never gave their passports to the Indians.’” Betances also asked the audience, “Give me a bam,” after these statements, to which the audience replied in unison.

  • USDA Sensitivity Training Video Excerpt 3By the way, I don’t like the word ‘minorities.’ How about ‘emerging majorities?’”

 Watch the entire “Cultural Sensitivity Training” here:

“This USDA diversity training video depicts out-of-control political correctness,” said Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch. “Can someone please explain how any of this helps USDA employees to better serve the American taxpayer? This video further confirms that politically-correct diversity training programs are both offensive and a waste of taxpayer money.  No wonder it took over half a year to obtain this video from the Obama administration.”

As reported by Fox News in October, 2012, Judicial Watch first broke the news of the USDA compulsory sensitivity training program based upon information it obtained in response to a FOIA request. That request was prompted by a tip provided to the organization by a USDA whistleblower.

Judicial Watch also previously uncovered information revealing that in April 2011, the USDA had treated 300 of its employees to a taxpayer-funded ‘tasty celebration’ of dishes from around the world, salsa dancing lessons from Vincent Loran, and a rap performance by a USDA employee who shared his feelings on human differences.

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  • mn8

    This is Marxist Ideological Subversion, it is treason.

  • gatekeeper96740

    Call him and tell him how you feel.

    The facts are Europeans ARE the First Americans.The Europeans were here before the Indians. PBS has done stories,Discovery has done stories the videos are on you tube under the first Americans. So no Mr. Horsesarse the pilgrims were not illegals.Google it the U.K. has done stories about it so shut the piehole.


  • JBSPuddintane

    Absolutely not acceptable.
    Who are the people who sit still for this kind of indoctrination?
    I don’t know any.
    Not that I’d want to.

  • mikemike

    Ummm, I hope this is all an early April Fools joke, or something…

    This guy is making the point that, no more are “illegal” emigrants actually illegal than were our forefathers (the “pilgrims”).

    He is also stating that members of ethnic minority groups are not innately mentally inferior.

    He is also stating that it is not right to label members of an ethnic minority as such, and I agree. They are simply people, just like you and me.

    Don’t fall for this fascist propaganda. This website is a bullshit special interest group, and Glenn Beck owes no allegiance to you or your family. Don’t listen to his bullshit. You should have known that Glenn was full of shit from the time he first mocked Ron Paul on his radio program.

  • rh123

    How can this company remove the video – I would assume that if you work for the government, and your work is gotten by way of a FOIA request, then all bets are off. I wouldn’t think they had rights to that work anymore.

  • chukker

    Enough! Enough of this march (which is quickly becoming a sprint) toward tyranny! We Americans (with a “c” not a “k”) and our Constitution are suffering under a full-blown assault by Statists who have no love for this land. We need to find our courage and start exercising it. People should have been streaming out of this session by the droves. I’m sure many here were offended, but they compliantly sat there because they were afraid of losing their cushy government jobs. Evil prospers when good men do nothing. They usually do nothing because it’s too inconvenient for them. Eventually, “collective cowardice” will lead to our collective enslavement.

  • texhorns65

    This guy does a similar speech at the AF SNCOA, chants and all.

  • Publisher Get off the BS

    The publishers of Get off the BS never cease to be amazed at how much money the Obama administration pays out of our hard earned tax dollars to morons like Dr. Betances and his associates to teach our Federal employees how to be more culturally sensitive to the criminals entering our country illegally today. Government paid morons and most of their employees, especially politicians are testiments to the fact that only in America can you get paid a boat load of tax dollars to be incompetent and racial bigots. President Obama and Dr. Betances, Get off the BS!

    The publishers of Get off the BS love the folks over at Judicial Watch. Way to go Mr. Fitton.

  • Ernie Kaputnik

    If the Pilgrims were illegal aliens, then so were the “native Americans”. According to the history being taught today, it is believed that Asian nomadic people migrated to the western hemisphere across the Bering Straight during the last ice age. Who gave them permission to do that? Furthermore, the native Americans were not the enlightened and benevolent tree-hugging people that is being touted. Rather, they were savage and cruel to other tribes. They were always killing each other for resources and better hunting grounds for thousands of years before the white man arrived. And when they fought each other, they were just as vicious and cruel as any Roman army or marauding Hun. They wiped out entire villages, too. Men, women, and children. Those that weren’t killed were taken prisoner as slaves or indentured servants. That is the history of the noble native American. And the native Mexicans (Aztecs and Incas) were even more vicious, barbaric and cruel. Human sacrifice was a major cornerstone of their societies, religion, culture and economy.

    So these friggin’ bigoted hispanics can go pound sand. This is nothing more that bigotry and hatred of white people and white culture. I’d be interested in knowing exactly what the positive impact of massive, unregulated illegal immigration has done for this nation. Because aside from good Mexican food, cheap labor, welfare dependency, failing schools, violent crime, drug-trafficking and inner-city gangs, I can’t honestly see anything positive.

  • robeiae

    I believe I have some new info on this topic, with regard to other government agencies and the background of Dr. Betances’ company:


  • OutInTheColdInMN

    “E pluribus unum” now “E unum pluribus.”

  • jrbrouse

    has this story and video been covered by any of the other networks or mainstream media?

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