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As elites switch to texting, watchdogs fear loss of transparency

In a bygone analog era, lawmakers and corporate chiefs traveled great distances to swap secrets, to the smoke-filled back rooms of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, or the watering holes at the annual Allen & Company conference in Sun Valley, Idaho. But these days, entering the corridors of…


The Media’s Investigative Sins of Omission

Then there was the June 19 disclosure by Judicial Watch that materials regarding the “unmasking” of American citizens in surveillance reports (read: Michael Flynn) by former national security adviser Susan Rice or others have been moved to the Obama presidential library, where evidence of possible crimes could theoretically remain shielded from public…


Judicial Watch: ‘Special Counsel Mueller’s Investigation is Out of Control,’ DOJ ‘Should Shut It Down’

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s alleged collusion with the Trump 2016 campaign and the firing of FBI Director James Comey is “out of control” and should be “shut down” by the Department of Justice, said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. On Twitter, July 2, Fitton said,  “Special Counsel Muller’s investigation…


Veterans Affairs Sued After Police Cuffed Protesting Veteran

Judicial Watch is suing the Department of Veterans Affairs after police officers allegedly violated a veteran’s constitutional rights by cuffing and stuffing him into a police car. In a statement issued Wednesday, Judicial Watch announced it filed a suit against VA police officers and officials over the arrest of Robert L. Rosebrock, who…


Video: Tom Fitton on Fox Business Discussing the Mueller Investigation

July 5, 2017 – 5:27 – Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton on “Lou Dobbs Tonight” on the Fox Business Network to discuss the latest on the Mueller investigation.


Judicial Watch Sues Veterans Affairs Police, Other VA Officials for Violating Protester’s Constitutional Rights

75-year-old veteran was handcuffed and forcefully pushed into patrol car (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that it sued several Veterans Affairs police officers and VA officials in connection with violations of the constitutional rights of Robert L. Rosebrock, a 75-year old Vietnam era veteran, who for nearly a decade…


VA didn’t let 75-year-old vet display ‘distress’ flags; now comes lawsuit

It all started with two American flags upside down on a fence. A conservative-rights foundation has sued several Veterans Affairs police officers and officials for allegedly violating the constitutional rights of a 75-year-old military veteran who has protested at a VA facility in West Los Angeles for almost a decade, according to…


States Refuse to Hand Over Voter Data Regularly Used by Campaigns

In April, Judicial Watch sent letters to 11 states threatening to sue them for failing to maintain their rolls as required by the National Voter Registration Act (the “Motor Voter Act”) and the Help America Vote Act. In the letters, Judicial Watch cited as “strong circumstantial evidence” that the number of…


Fitton: Mueller’s Russia Probe Out of Control, Should Be Shut Down

Fitton joined “America’s News HQ” to question what’s going on after Mueller’s latest hire of Andrew Goldstein, a former prosecutor who worked under Obama’s US Attorney Preet Bharara in New York. He also noted that several other lawyers hired by Mueller donated to Democrats and it seems that the team is “searching…


Immigration agency won’t commit to giving noncitizen data to voter fraud commission

The polling estimate for illegal immigrants living in the U.S. is another 11 million, approximately, with most of voting age. “I think DHS needs to make it available,” said Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch president. “They’ve made it difficult, if not impossible, for states to use that information. And if they…

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